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Software supports your business growth, and you need more from it. We’ve helped over 160+ companies build scalable products with confidence. Technology executives chose our development teams because of their skills tested in 7+ markets.

One scalable team for start-to-finish development

web development

What does it mean to be reliable? It means your outsourced team works as well as your web developers do. Access web development services trusted by 98% of CTOs that you’ll find understanding with. They made APIs, custom web applications, hybrid mobile app development, provided web design services, updated stacks, and build cloud-native systems.

One place — everyone you need: Business Analysts, Product Designers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, DevOps, and Full-stack developers. Expect our web development team to be proactive throughout the project with an abundance of improvement suggestions that will get business moving even in areas such as search engine optimization.

web development

Complete product teams

Access Business Analysts, Product Designers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, DevOps, or Full-stack developers

Fast iterations & frequent releases

Pre-build components and our own templates let our team deliver more in each sprint – this is the perk of having such experienced web developers on board

Business-tailored architecture

Always designed and develop with your company's growth and the product's scalability in mind

Thorough quality assurance

We do QA before each deploy through manual and automated tests that catch bugs, performance issues, and conversion blockers

Scalable & secure infrastructure

Web development services full of custom solutions optimized for efficiency, flexibility and deployment speed

World-class UX/UI

Designed to help your business with user adoption

Choose battle-tested technologies with community support over hype

Whatever web applications you’re building, we got your back at every stage of web development, including web design. We’ve built a core system for a bank, an MVP marketplace sold for millions, and other 5☆ custom projects for 140+ companies worldwide. All in accordance with the client’s digital marketing strategy.











Node.js development teams

Because of an abundance of requests for Node.js developers, we formed Poland’s biggest team that will help you develop scalable network web applications made for top performance and real-time data analysis.

This team uses Node.js with TypeScript, GraphQL, and AWS. Some of their projects include building a video platform MVP done in 2 weeks for StageClip or Germany’s second biggest ticketing platform for Reservix.

Your new team will

  • Develop microservices
  • Optimized the app for high scalability
  • Enable live data processing
  • Use Node.js for frontend and backend


React.js development teams

Secure maximum interactivity with a team specialized in the 2nd most popular web framework of 2020 that made Facebook a surprisingly fast global platform.

This team uses React.js, TypeScript & Next.js. Some of their projects include building a marketplace for commercial properties in the UK or Synerise’s customer dashboards for an AI-driven data and automation platform.

Your new team will

  • Structure the build for A-grade performance
  • Help you reach better page indexing
  • Develop micro frontends
  • Work with smart components you can reuse


Symfony development teams

Have you heard that Symfony offers record-beating performance under heavy request load. Our Symfony developers will tell you exactly how to set it up for full speed and adaptability for millions.

This team uses AWS, Symfony messenger, REST API, and Docker. Some of their projects include building a backend API for a magazine subscription system called Zinio, or a complete stack update for eSky, a travel platform serving up to 930M users per month.

Your new team will

  • Focus on stability and sustainability in coding
  • Help you reach better page indexing
  • Adopt insightful performance debugging tools
  • Double-secure the app with Symfony's resilient modules


Laravel development teams

Know how to make Laravel work for your business goals. With the support of our PHP talent and one of the largest GiHub tech communities, you’ll see more delivered in one sprint throughout the project.

This team uses Horizon, REST API, Docker, and AWS. Some of their projects include the re-development of a speaker booking service used by Toshiba, BP, and Volvo, or web development and automation for Testaviva, a legal counseling platform operating in Denmark.

Your new team will

  • Provide you with solid PHP code that functions for years
  • Use pre-built components to deliver in no-time
  • Document your application in detail


TypeScript development teams

Static types strengthen collaboration between Frontend and Backend developers. Onboarding becomes way easier since the code is much more understandable. Fewer barriers mean less development time, and lower code complexity allows companies to run big TypeScript projects.

This team uses Node.js, React, and Express.js. Some of their projects include building a CMS for ticket booking that can process 30.000+ events at any time, or a video streaming platform used by over 20+ universities worldwide.

Your new team will

  • Produce a code base that’s easier to maintain and refactor
  • Integrate TypeScript with other technologies smoothly
  • Avoid small and big errors thanks to TypeScript’s compiler
  • Work on scalability faster as static types turn code into documentation


Next.js development teams

They’re focused on the website’s SEO visibility and A-grade performance that Next.js supports by design. Server-side rendering, static site generation, and Automatic Image Optimisation can help you ship a product of outstanding user experience.

This team uses JavaScript, TypeScript, React Query, and Axios. One of their biggest projects includes leading the technology growth of a pet marketplace ecosystem valued at $12M.

Your new team will

  • Develop SEO-driven applications that rank well
  • Use Next.js for the frontend and the backend, if needed
  • Ensure websites have the best achievable loading time and cross-platform compatibility


Go development teams

Businesses adapt Go as the new standard used for multi-cloud backend development — especially microservices — as one well-built app can work with computing services from many providers. Go apps can also offer the fastest response time, and integration with third-party services is effortless.

This team uses Visual Studio Code, AWS Lambdas, and Kubernetes. Their recent project included developing encryption for Kubernetes Secrets using owned keys done for a cloud storage management platform.

Your new team will

  • Build components at a speed using Go's numerous libraries
  • Be able to build cross-platform applications easier
  • Minimize software errors thanks to it being a compiled language
  • Reach better runtime scores than with other languages


DevOps teams for CD/CI

Cloud operations are prone to fail easily if handled by teams with no prior experience. Avoid multi-figure mistakes with our DevOps team with a proven record in cloud-native delivery.

This team uses AWS cloud computing services, Serverless, and Docker. Some of their recent projects included building a network of government platforms for Saudi Arabia’s labor market or Zinio’s backend API for a magazine subscription system that now gets millions of requests.

Your new team will

  • Aide you in successful cloud migration and development
  • Set up cloud autoscaling that prevents money-loss
  • Suggest ways to launch updates faster and smoother
  • Share best DevOps practices with your team


Java development teams

Develop cloud-first and cross-platform applications using Java – the versatile, secure, and stable programming language supported by Oracle and millions of developers globally.

Our team aims to use the capabilities and extensive toolset of Java to build apps across a variety of channels, including embeddable apps or those equipped with stream processing capability.

Your new team will

  • Develop cross-platform apps
  • Ensure high efficiency
  • Implement stream processing
  • Use Java’s environment to its fullest potential

Design, development, DevOps, or Cloud — which team do you need?

Chat with our seniors to see if we have a good match

You need a durable team that can sync with your team. We've been expecting you.

You need a durable team that can sync with your team. We've been expecting you.

Our teams continue to expand their expertise in cross-industry projects month by month. The best practices they learn and refine will allow your company to deliver market-superior solutions your customers are looking for.

The Software House’s talent brings in enthusiasm, focus, and passion that lets them face even the hardest challenges. Since we’re a friendly bunch, some of our development partnerships last beyond 5 years.

With each deliverable, my colleagues aim to offer a tangible contribution to your ongoing project. I help them stay on track and adjust to your businesses growth so that you always have a team that’s trustworthy, reliable, and available for new assignments.

And the definition of done for our partnership? Being your software development partner that always goes beyond your expectations.

Marek Gajda

Chief Technology Officer at The Software House


Product Designers




DevOps Engineers

Work with AWS Certified developers

Access developers, DevOps engineers, and project managers who implemented dozens of custom-made cloud systems.

software architecture development
software architecture development
71x AWS Certified Individuals
48x AWS Accredited Individuals

From Finland to Singapore, 98% of CTOs recommend our talent for custom software projects

Smartum, a Finnish provider of employee benefits

  • Designing and developing a web and mobile ystem for employers and employees
  • Removing conversion blocks for new users of both channels

We designed and developed an employee benefit system
for 1 000 000 users!

96% of users recommend it

Inefficient print coupons started a full digital transformation

Smartum acquired valuable B2B leads thanks to their new admin dashboards for 20,000+ employers, venue owners, or cashiers

Thanks to their technology investment, the company became the biggest employee benefit provider in Finland

Smartum acquired a web platform (Symfony, React) and a native mobile app (iOs, Android) that were optimized for full future scalability

Work with programmers who “develop the best product possible.

As said by a Belgian client of 5 years in a ★5/5 review. Ask about our talent today.

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    We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

    Eyass Shakrah

    Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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