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Enhance productivity and ROI with custom event management software

Wow your attendees with exciting experiences!  Event organizers rate us ★4.8/5 because our software boosts attendance, engagement, and user satisfaction while saving precious budget. 

event management software development

Proven track record with event management

Scale up your events with data-driven experiences

Event management applications thrive on information. No matter if it’s small intimate gatherings, large-scale stadium events, or even online meetups – our people offer advanced expertise in elevating events by working with big data management.

In just weeks, you will build data-driven user paths that increase engagement and boost business strategies. Make educated decisions based on aggregated data, and see what makes your customers tick. Work with clean numbers and facts to predict trends and sales boosts.


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A team that understands event management

Our expertise in complex event logistics

With 10+ years in creating event management software, we understand the unique industry issues. We’ve covered a range of events, from online graduation ceremonies to music festivals, collectively serving millions of end users

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Registration and ticketing

Develop user-friendly apps & maximize sign-ups

No more struggles with managing registrations and ticket sales efficiently, even with peaks and dips. Custom software automates sales and tracking, collecting valuable insights for targeted marketing and personalized communication.

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Payment service integration

Seamlessly connect everything in one place

Our custom solutions align with your business objectives and integrate with your existing systems, workflows, data flows, and third-party services – especially payment platforms. Ensure secure online transactions for tickets, merchandise, and other event-related purchases.

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Data management

Valuable insights for future planning

Gain full knowledge of event performance, user behavior, and ROI. With full big data analytics and reporting capabilities, you measure success and make data-driven decisions to optimize future events and stakeholders’ strategies.

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Adapt and grow

Optimize resource allocation with a flexible and modular architecture so your event software continues to perform flawlessly throughout its lifecycle. Adapt to the increased demand without compromising performance. Add or remove features without disrupting the overall system.

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Cloud cost optimization

No more wasted resources

If you set it up properly, the cloud can be cheaper. By ensuring efficient resource utilization our DevOps has already cut cloud spending from a few thousand to hundreds of dollars monthly.


“They’re really becoming a part of our organization”

As said by Bart van Muijen, GoConnectIT’s CTO, who’s been with us for 3 years. Connect with the software experts he rates as ★5 collaborators.

What do technology leaders say?

Hear from our partners

You guys really wanted to learn about our systems. I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask questions that go beyond solving problems – it’s about understanding.

Nick Gold

Managing Director at Speakers Corner

Partnership rated 5/5

It’s very rewarding to see that other people actually understand your requirements. We achieved what we hoped for with this project. We can sleep well at night because everything just works.

Martin Woywod

Software Strategist at Reservix

Partnership rated 5/5

Growth-oriented development

Event industry case studies

The entertainment market is challenging. The board has unbending expectations. Your users can buy their tickets elsewhere if it’s too complicated on your platform.

You need a forward-thinking partner who knows how to develop at a scale from local events to international tours. These companies needed some support too — and now they’re thriving!

With 20M tickets yearly, Reservix became the main event streaming provider in Germany

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In just 4 months, we’ve upgraded Reservix’s ticket platform with a CMS processing 30,000+ registered events in real-time, and a landing page generator that aided their business growth.

Star 5/5 on Clutch logo

StageClip virtual graduation ceremonies case study

A video graduation platform cut AWS cloud costs by 93%

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In just 2 months, StageClip cut costs ($30K to $2K monthly) by replacing 1000+ WordPress landing pages with a one-service Next.js application. 455,000+ students from 1400+ educational institutions worldwide were able to graduate online.

Star 5/5 on Clutch logo

Remote food & drink ordering app serving 13.3 orders per second

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Snappit’s ordering solution for events has been turned into VippsGO and become a hit at venues reaching over 15K attendees. The feature has been acquired by at least 18K B2B clients. Our team kept a tight deadline of just under 2 months.

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Market-leading SaaS subscription management for VOD platforms

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To attract new business, Cleeng upgraded the core service with new payment methods. Now, they power 30 million user accounts, service over 1M customer inquiries per year, and support 48 million transactions per day.

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160+ delivered projects in over 24 countries


01 Build a digital product

Fintech software development services — from building an app through scaling to ongoing maintenance. We code in Node.js, React, Laravel, and Symfony.

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02 Scale up a team

Add to your ranks JavaScript experts who are top-rated in Europe. Among them — certified AWS cloud developers, DevOps, and Project Managers. 220+ talents available.

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03 Create data-driven strategy

Give your stakeholders the facts they need. Collect your data and take out game-changing insights on your application and user engagement.

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04 Use cloud computing

Migrate an app, a service, or a system onto AWS. Or build the software in the cloud. Expect cuts to maintenance costs and worldwide high availability.

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"The team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs."

Quote from Cleeng’s Product Manager and Lead Engineer – Michal Rydz. Let’s have a private chat about your product growth plans.

From our blog

Discover how we think and work

Over 1.2M people visit our blog in a year to hear from our CTO and developers you might be working with.

How to reduce cloud costs from $30K to $2K per month by nesting 1k websites in 1 Next.js app

Tight deadline without compromising quality – a case study of the virtual graduation software app

UX design case study. Akademia Librus educational streaming platform trains 92K teachers annually

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Our core technologies

Next.js Storybook Redux TS
ExpressJS Fastify Serverless TypeORM TS
Kubernetes Docker Azure Terraform

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It’s hard to recruit employees that your folks accept. So fin them here! We lead a culture of openness that offers you sociable product teams ready to rock the keyboard.

Here, best practices matter, initiative is welcome, and helpfulness is a standard. The result? Projects are well managed, fun, and without stress.


Very nice office, good specialist, ambitious projects

Current Contractor


One of the best software houses in Poland

Former Lead Developer


Many smart people you can learn from

Current Contractor, Engineer


Great company to be part of

Current Contractor, Engineer

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Frequently asked questions

So far, we’ve created:

  • a single live-streaming product for events to 7,000+ organizers using their ticketing services,
  • technology for food and drink ordering for fail-safe use at big venues in Norway. Thousands of Muse, Justin Timberlake, and Foo Fighters fans used the app at concerts in the Telenor Arena (attendance of over 15,000!),
  • virtual graduation platform that includes self-service modules thanks to which nearly half a million students graduated during COVID,
  • adjustable landing page editors where each business client gets a tested page format to upload their logo, images, and preferred colors,
  • video editor using an After Effects template synced with the cloud to change the order of video clips, the subtitles, or info bar colors,
  • feedback collecting surveys (according to our partner StageClip, 93% of graduates who used their product completed the survey),
  • communication options, e.g. Amazon Chime chat,
  •  …and constantly adding new projects to our portfolio.

That experience plus 10 years of know-how will work for you too. 

And if you need consulting services to failproof your strategy, we’re here to help with that too!

Our process typically involves several stages, incl. discovery, design, development, testing, deployment, support, and maintenance. We operate on know-how and processes enhanced to perfection over the last 10 years of our market presence.  Find out more about how we work.

Everything your application might need:

  • user registration,
  • event registration,
  • ticketing process,
  • payment options,
  • live streaming and virtual events,
  • event planning,
  • venue management,
  • sales management (merchandise, food, drinks, and other event-related purchases),
  • attendee management,
  • communication tools,
  • real-time options,
  • user engagement,
  • push notifications,
  • analytics and reporting,
  • surveys and feedback collection,
  • task management and scheduling,
  • on-site support and assistance,
  • badge printing and check-in,
  • multi-language support,
  • …and whatever else you can think of!

Yes, our custom applications are always scalable to handle events of all sizes without wasting any resources. Whether you are organizing a small conference or an arena concert, our applications adapt to your particular needs and provide the necessary features for successful event management relevant to you. We have cooperated with companies organizing local events, massive stadium tours, and even online streaming. Check out our Portfolio website and filter the “Events” projects on the Industry panel on the left side.

Yes, we integrate various third-party services into applications – payment gateways, social media platforms, email marketing tools, CRM systems, ticketing systems, and much more.

The quality and security of the solutions we create are our top priority! Especially, when dealing with payments and customer data. 

We employ tools like SonarQube, which adheres to the best OWASP practices for static code analysis. Moreover, in each project, we enforce minimum required access levels for all team members. To achieve this, we utilize tools such as 1Password and Azure Active Directory. These serve as gateways to all services accessible by team members.

We maintain restricted access to our infrastructure, allowing specific and essential tool access. As an AWS Advanced Partner and Well-Architected Partner, our dedication revolves around crafting solutions that emphasize both security and scalability.

AWS Security Foundations we follow

AWS Well-Architected

Our developers undergo security training and have AWS Certified Security – Speciality certification in this area.

  • Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS)
  • Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)

The AWS certifications in the TSH team (they grow monthly!):

  • 53 x AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • 2 x AWS Certified Database – Specialty
  • 3 x AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional 
  • 10 x AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • 1 x AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality
  • 4 x AWS Certified Security – Specialty
  • 15 x AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • 5 x AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 
  • 3 x AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate 

Let’s face it. You could use a technology partner that lifts you throughout years, and that’s why we’re ready to offer you a product team of 2 to dozens of experts.

One client that stayed with us for 6 years grew the team to 20 professionals. 

You’ll also have the freedom to scale up or down depending on workload, and to delegate a project in full by adding one of our very convincing PMs to the group.

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    We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

    Eyass Shakrah

    Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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