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Fintech and banking

In the disciplined world of new finance, we supported our clients in launching their first product (Brickvest), moving it to the cloud (Arantio), and expanding operations across Europe.

Our developers can work with legacy databases or high-use systems with no option to pause for deployment. We understand the need for result-based development where software must comply with several regulations.

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A project we are proud of

Full development from MVP to buyout for Brickvest, a real-asset fintech platform.

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Information technology

Digitalizing business processes is a large part of what we do. We’ve built MVP’s of employee platforms (Smartum) or blockchain-management applications (Energy Web), and we also redesigned B2B marketplaces to lift off conversions (Bahr).

Knowing that high usability leads to wide adoption, our clients often enroll our UX/UI designers and business analysts to form products users can rely on daily. Often, that perspective from outside the development team helped bringing thousands of people onboard.

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A project we are proud of

Web and mobile development of Smartum, a Finnish employee benefit application.

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Technology in this field should maximize sign ups and stop website or mobile performance issues that could block users or organizers. One client needed a minimal cost, cloud MVP (StageClip), and another one accelerated user base growth by reworking the backend logic (Ticketpark).

Looking to reduce infrastructure costs during downtime? Our DevOps team certified in AWS service use advises our partners on optimizing their budget and ensuring high availability across countries.

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A project we are proud of

The development of a custom CMS for Reservix, Germany’s 2nd online ticket retailer.

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Development focused on supporting system performance, scalability, and regional expansion. We can offer our experience in building booking engines and transaction services that serve millions of travelers.

Some clients expect the team to work on a live product, which we’re prepared to do, ensuring a no-downtime transition from old to new services.

A project we are proud of

Backend technology switch done for eSky, a global airline and hotel platform.

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Real estate

Reducing time-to-purchase through technology is in the center here. Our developers led complete product design and development projects (Brickvest) and DevOps assignments focused on refactoring and feature development (Property Finder).

We also support our clients in changing the technology, programming language, or the database to offer buyers and investors fast and responsive purchasing experience.

A project we are proud of

Full development from MVP to buyout for Brickvest, a real-asset investment platform.

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The projects we handled required shaping mass-data processing software under GDPR and government regulations. We prepared B2C and B2B solutions for registration, sharing, and processing used by hundreds to thousands of employees of government regulatory agencies (Quarrah), public schools, and universities (StageClip).

A project we are proud of

Rapid development of an MVP for StageClip, a UK video-streaming platform for virtual graduations.

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Customers expect marketing software to have pleasing design and reliable functions that don’t require lots of digging around. Our partners and we call it a standard. We built elements of an enterprise OKR management software (Workpath), new front end for a real-time automation platform (Synerise), and a personal data management application (WeAreDavid).

Clients often work with our developers to develop web and mobile solutions that integrate with third-party communication apps, to-do solutions, and customer service applications. We also architect custom campaign generators for email, push, and RTB communication.

A project we are proud of

Feature development for Synerise, a suite of marketing automation solutions.

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