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We think you should feel supported by the people you work with

How we treat each other makes us better as software creators. Our talent remains approachable and ready to lend a hand because it’s the right thing to do.

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Our ongoing “Uszanowanko Programowanko” developer meet-up

Our story

The company’s three founders used to work as frontline software developers.

They started the Software House in 2012, knowing that flexibility and collaboration make Agile great, but only when employees are cared for.

That assumption allowed the company to deliver custom development projects for 24 countries, growing to a number of 220 employees.

Who do we help?

Companies that rely on technology for business growth. Our clients see us as a long-term strategic partner and trusted adviser for product design, development, DevOps, and cloud computing work.

Our philosophy

Do good and the good will come to you. Each software project we select we treat as our own because our client’s success fuels ours.

What we believe in

01 People
02 Growth
03 Responsibility
04 Fulfilment
05 Fair play
06 Openness


They’re the greatest asset that The Software House is built on. We work with them and for them, making sure they feel fulfilled, appreciated, and satisfied.



We aim high, always learning, to understand every novelty from the world of technology. We support our employees’ learning and practicing so that they can deliver top-class solutions in ambitious projects.



To ensure of our clients’ success, we bring in knowledge, technology skills, and high engagement to each project. Our communication remains open for all partners regardless of their continent, culture, or time zone.



Being fulfilled by our work keeps us energized. We create first-class software that’s fast, efficient, and ready to scale because we want us and our clients to be proud of our work.


Fair play

We strive to make decisions that are fair to all sides. Our employees get adequate praise for their efforts and compensation for their skills. Similarly, our clients see prices that are adequate to our involvement and work quality.



We welcome new ideas and challenges that await us. Keeping a broad perspective on the future, we spot potential and real problems ahead of time, with which we deal promptly. The openness to one another drives our client and colleague relations.


How we vibe

A little bit of chit-chat

Should we eat Nutella with or without butter? Who likes pancakes? Being curious about others is welcome here. There’s always a group somewhere, sharing laughs in conversations on news, opinion, memes, or gossip.

Courtesy wins minds

“Thank you” could be among the top phrases here. We send each other kudos notes, award our blog authors and webinar presenters, and praise the most active contributors daily.

Memes, please

When our batteries dry out, there’s still much to do, and we had enough coffee already, there’s one thing that works. We love memes. Like works of art, they get admired on our Slack, where we rank them by the number of collected XD emojis.

The House of hobbies

What do you enjoy after hours? We have several hobby groups that help us all stay happy and active. Here, a hiker can garden, a gardener can game it out, a gamer can cycle, and everybody calls the cook, eventually.

Our patrons — your partners


CEO & Co-Founder


CTO & Co-Founder


Head of HR


VP of Technology


Customer Success Director


Head of Delivery


Head of DevOps


Head of Marketing


Operations Manager


Head of the PHP team


Head of Frontend


Head of Design


Head of Quality Assurance


Commercial Director


Account Director


Head of Node

What we learn from experts we give back
to the community

"Uszanowanko Programowanko" meetups

We’ve created the biggest tech meetup in Poland with a loyal community of 2500+ members. Our developers share their knowledge, motivate, and encourage fellow professionals. The meetup turned into an ongoing series of tech webinars with 50+ editions. Nearly 400 people watch one Uszanowanko event.

Reports on the state of the industry

We provide fellow executives and developers with unbiased and detailed insight that’s hard to find around.

State of Frontend 2022

  • Answers based on a survey of 3703 developers from 125 countries
  • Opinions from expert contributors (NuxtLabs, CSS-Tricks, CodePen, Remix)

State of Microservices 2020

  • Answers based on a survey of 650+ tech leaders
  • Opinion from expert contributors (Vercel, DAZN, Cooperpress)

CTO Roundtable

A series of debates on the most heated topics from a day of a technology professional. The Roundtable community connects 1000+ executives from the field that watch us to refine their quality, process, and management standards. We’ve welcomed CTOs such as:

  • Daniel Gebler – CTO at Picnic
  • Sriram Narayan – author of “Agile IT Org Design”
  • Yan Cui – AWS Serverless Hero
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An education spot for curious minds

On The Software House’s blog, you’ll find realistic answers backed by the practical experience of our developers, the CTO, QAs, or product designers. Coding tutorials, advice on scalability, development standards, and engineering do’s and don’ts are what we share with professionals from 6+ countries.


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What working with The Software House is like

We felt like we connected well with this team. The Software House is also proactive, pointing out when something isn’t right so it can get fixed. That was a pleasant surprise.

Client: Sami Pippuri

​​Former CTO at MaaS Global

Because clients get adequate attention, they like to work with us, and that makes our work feel great. We can take on ambitious projects and inspire colleagues to grow.

Employee: Adam Gola

QA Engineer & Cybersecurity Specialist

You guys really wanted to learn about our systems. I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask the questions which go beyond solving problems – it’s about understanding.

Client: Nick Gold

Managing Director at Speakers Corner

The company’s partners lead super-interesting ventures I’m excited to work with. They trust our experience and let us pursue the ideas we bring in.

Employee: Anna Skawińska

Node.js Team Manager

Working here is rewarding

Meet us in Central Europe



ul. Dolnych Wałów 8
Gliwice, 44-100

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Sales & marketing


ul. Celna 13/12
Kraków, 30-507

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State of Frontend 2024

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    We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

    Eyass Shakrah

    Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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