Accessiblity Review

Accessibility isn’t purely a regulatory matter; it’s an opportunity to improve your product’s usability and expand market reach. In just 3 weeks, we’ll run an accessibility review of your website to help you meet legal requirements and make your business more inclusive.

Accessibility Review Sprint

Make your website inclusive and fully compliant with the European Accessibility Act before June 2025, and open it for a new market of users.

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3 weeks


Accessibility Review document

A review of your website’s design and frontend performance and WCAG, EAA, EN 301 549, and/or ADA compliance

PWeb accessibility audit backlog

A list of tasks, dependencies, and estimated implementation timeframes

(Optional) a11y accessibility implementation plan

A custom improvement plan based on our 11+ years of software development expertise

Metrics to improve

User retention, Conversion rate, Organic search rank, WCAG compliance, EN 301 549 compliance

Accessibility is a legal obligation and a commitment to great user experience

You only have until June 2025 to comply with the European Accessibility Act (EAA). While many believe that improving the accessibility of digital products can seem costly and have a low business impact, we believe the opposite. It’s a smart investment that pays off thanks to a better UX, SEO boost, and a wider market reach.

Designed for

Businesses that face on-site accessibility issues but don’t know how to approach them

Companies that are launching new products and want to make sure they’re inclusive

Technology teams that don’t have the in-house resources to meet the EAA requirements before the deadline

Sprint outcomes

  1. 01

    Website accessibility audit report that highlights accessibility issues and regulatory gaps in elements like global code, readability, graphics, forms, and other

  2. 02

    A backlog for developers that lists recommended improvements, including tasks, dependencies, and timeframe

  3. 03

    An a11y checklist of your website’s compliance with WCAG standards

How does the Accessibility Review Sprint work?

01 Initiation Stage 1 day


1 day


Business Analyst, Designer, Frontend Developer, Quality Assurance, Your Company’s Stakeholders


Your business case that includes the project’s goals, roles and responsibilities, and the definition of success


  • The choice of the objective for the accessibility audit
  • Division of roles and responsibilities among participants
  • The choice of business and tech success criteria, measured through a11y criteria
02 Accessibility Audit 1-3 weeks


1-3 weeks (depending on audit complexity)


Business Analysts, Designers, Developers, Quality Assurance


  • A discussion about introducing accessibility improvements to the existing project
  • A test that reviews if users with disabilities can use the product comfortably
  • A review of the code base to find improvement areas
  • The creation of a list of best software development practices around code, libraries, and frameworks with their costs and feasibility
  • The introduction of accessibility requirements to task descriptions to ensure transparency
  • The preparation of accessibility testing scenarios to verify alignment with WCAG and other relevant standards


  • Web accessibility audit backlog with tasks, dependencies, and timeframes assigned
  • An overview of your website’s design and frontend performance in terms of WCAG, EAA, EN 301 549, and/or ADA standards.
  • Optionally, we can prepare an a11y accessibility implementation plan based on our 11+ years of software development expertise

Sprint Creator

Adam Polak

Katarzyna Baranowska

Product Design Manager

She can use her experience and knowledge to create solutions. She and her team take care of every project detail. They handle everything, from client needs to accessibility. In short, they make designs that look great and work well.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What metrics can this web accessibility audit help us improve?
If you implement the suggested changes from this accessibility audit service, you can expect to improve your:
  • Customer satisfaction score
  • User retention rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Organic traffic volume
  • Organic search rank
  • Organic reach
02 Does this website accessibility service offer an accessibility audit or a WCAG audit?
It covers both. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) serve as the international standard for web accessibility. Our accessibility review, based on these WCAG guidelines, uses the a11y framework to assess your website. The audit will provide a comprehensive list of improvement suggestions and assign an accessibility score to help you enhance your site’s inclusivity.
03 How will the European Accessibility Act impact my business?
The European Accessibility Act makes accessibility a legal obligation for all companies that sell products and services in Europe. Persons with disabilities can no longer be excluded and must be offered equal access to digital products and services. Businesses have until June 28th, 2025, to become fully compliant.
04 What does The Software House need from me to run the digital accessibility audit?
We need your participation on the first day of the Sprint. During this session, we will discuss the audit’s goals with your company’s stakeholders and assign roles to all participants. You don’t need to provide an accessibility audit tool. We will use our own toolset.
05 What can I expect from this accessibility audit service?
Our web accessibility audit service might be different depending on whether you’re launching a new project or upgrading an existing application. If it’s the former, we handle all accessibility-related issues – from architecture and design to backend/frontend development and testing. If it’s the latter, we provide a comprehensive accessibility review, including an audit service done by our experts. This is part of the Software House Quality Assurance strategy.
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