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You can boost performance, speed up deployments, reduce costs, and improve business metrics while maintaining full operational capacity throughout the process. How? The answer is our app modernization expertise, which we used to cut one of our client’s monthly cloud bill by 93%.

Put your present in order so you can focus on scaling up for new users

Popular apps often fall victim to their own success. They grow fast to satisfy business requirements, patched up ad-hoc by different teams. Eventually, they become sluggish and difficult to maintain, let alone extend and improve. App modernization can turn it all around.

The Software House’s development teams have been called to the rescue of many legacy projects. In their course, our developers carried out tech stack migrations and consolidations, refactored codebases, designed and redesigned architectures, moved from a monolith to microservices, and performed architecture audits.

Use their experience, which allowed one of our client’s infrastructures to handle 13,3 orders per second during record traffic spikes, and tap into all the application modernization benefits, including:

Improved productivity

Quicker developer onboarding, no exhausting workarounds, easier bug fixing.

Reduced costs

Fewer hours spent on maintenance and the ability to scale up and down in real-time with the cloud.

Better security

Fewer vulnerabilities generated by old and disorderly legacy code (threat identified by OWASP).

Improved CX

Enhanced performance and easier 3rd party integrations lead to improved customer experience (CX).

Better business performance

Higher sales through improved CX (IBM reports that app modernization leads to a 14% revenue increase.)

New growth possibilities

New business possibilities for a modernized app, including AI, machine learning, big data, and the public cloud.

Get your app back on track for growth with our practice-driven app modernization skills

Full-scope app modernization services you can start using quickly (even in weeks!) to fix, boost, and revamp your systems with teams that have worked for over 160 companies.

Tech stack migration & consolidation

Application refactoring

Platform re-architecting

Software architecture design

Migrating to microservices

Architecture solutions audit

Tech stack migration & consolidation

Pick technologies that boost performance & unlock new business opportunities

A client’s app suffered from poor performance and bugs because it was created ad-hoc by separating its code from a bigger app. TSH team rewrote it as a React-based SPA with REST API and CQRS patterns. Now it’s more powerful and scalable.

And when you go lift and shift and choose to migrate to the cloud such as AWS, you stand to unlock new performance, scalability, and cost opportunities with cloud optimization tools.

Key benefits of tech stack migration & consolidation

  • Improved performance
  • Access to powerful 3rd party software, including cloud tools
  • Access to new talents from trending languages & frameworks
  • New tech (e.g. microservices) makes it easier to grow in some business areas

Application refactoring

Make your code scalable and extendable

Code refactoring is one of the most underestimated and misunderstood legacy modernization tactics.

Under the hood, your codebase becomes easier to read, expand, and fix as our skilled code refactoring team rewrites it to be more organized, consistent, and concise. As a result, the app works faster, while maintenance, further development, and onboarding of new devs take less time.

Key benefits of code refactoring

  • Faster product performance
  • Improved maintenance & development efficiency
  • Finding & fixing bugs gets easier
  • Better code makes developer onboarding hassle-free

Platform re-architecting

Revamp your architecture so that it can support your business goals

Code refactoring is not enough to help your system reach its full potential. The architecture of the legacy system itself might need a radical update to achieve satisfactory scalability, agility, and resilience. Re-architecting improves your system’s performance and scalability and enables new opportunities such as adopting cloud-native technologies. 

Our skilled developers will analyze all of your requirements and reorganize your code and the way it supports your company in achieving both short- and long-term goals.

Key benefits of platform re-architecting

  • Upgraded performance, scalability & stability
  • Quicker deployment & time-to-market thanks to cloud tools
  • Greater technology flexibility
  • Improved system observability

Software architecture design

Build an efficient & scalable architecture from scratch

Experienced software architects will consider your business processes and come up with a new blueprint for your digital presence – a software architecture that reflects the current and actual reality of your products and services.

You will benefit from our knowledge of the latest architectural trends such as microservices, backend for frontend, cloud-native, serverless, or data lakes, which we honed over the course of many projects.

Key benefits of software architecture design

  • Chance to reorganize your code for new business realities
  • Improved performance & scalability
  • Opportunity to use the latest architecture trends
  • Enhanced compatibility with modern cloud-native solutions

Migrating to microservices

Improve efficiency & scalability by moving your monolith app to microservices

As part of migrating to microservices, our teams will recommend new languages, frameworks, and libraries. Not only are some technologies (e.g. Node.js) especially suitable for developing microservices, but this architecture also allows you to use different technologies for specific services

Breaking down your architecture into services will give you advantages in efficiency, scalability, and performance. Uber, Netflix, and Amazon have been benefiting from them for years.

Key benefits of microservices architecture

  • Easier maintenance & deployment as you focus on each service individually
  • Efficient development as you build small teams around specific services
  • Improved scalability as services can be independently scaled horizontally
  • Improved performance as you optimize underperforming services separately

Architecture solutions audit

Figure out the best long-term architecture strategy

Is your software architecture optimal given the business goals and circumstances of your organization? What architectural patterns does it use and why? Was its high-level growth organic or thoroughly designed from the start? Are the technologies it uses fit for its goal? What new directions are worth considering?

These are just some of the questions an experienced software engineer will answer in a software architecture solutions audit. Once it is done, you will know how to go about any of the other specific app modernization tactics such as tech stack migration, refactoring, or re-architecting.

Key benefits of software architecture solutions audit

  • Insights on how to go about modernizing your apps
  • Easily transferable knowledge about the organization’s digital assets
  • Updated software architecture documentation
  • Increased awareness of the latest software architecture trends

Ask our experts how to reduce costs and improve efficiency through app modernization

Work with an experienced app modernization team

Work with an experienced app modernization team

Business is all about efficiency. That’s why we want productive systems and capable teams working on them. We often achieve initial delivery efficiency by incurring technological debt, intentionally or not. As a result, service costs increase every year, while the system’s adaptability to new features gradually worsens.

This is when the development team should immediately begin app modernization. The process improves app and team efficiency through systematic reduction of service costs and security risks.

Our team has the skills to support you in achieving that on many levels, such as improving code reliability, redesigning application architecture, or migrating services to more effective and easier-to-scale cloud solutions.

With our support, you will get your efficiency back and build competitive advantages around it.

Michał Żądło

Head of PHP at The Software House






DevOps Engineers

Work with an official AWS Select Consulting Partner

Access developers, DevOps engineers, and project managers who delivered highly efficient and scalable cloud-first systems

software architecture development
24 AWS Accredited Individuals
36 AWS Certified Individuals

A suite of apps for fiber-optic communication management used by 25,000+ people gets a major overhaul


  • Refactoring and speeding up an existing fiber-optic application purchased by the client
  • Integrating the app with GOconnectIT’s extensive suite of applications

As a result of our code refactoring effort, the import time for the app’s data decreased from 156 to just 7 minutes!

95.5% data import time reduction

App modernization can have a great impact on your business

A Symfony-based app had a good profile but was not integrated with the client’s system. Now they can be offered as a unified solution

The work of our PHP developers and QA engineers made the app faster and easier to maintain, easing the burden on internal teams.

The client’s new and improved suit of apps is ready to maintain its position as number 1 in the field of cables and pipelines

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