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Node.js development means:

Peak performance.
Optimized costs.

Get that cloud project done with Node js development company which follows fail-safe development Node.js development standards shaped by +200 builds.

Microservice-ready approach

Unblock Node.js development services with mini-teams building multiple components at the same time

Designed to empower

StackOverflow confirms Node js application server side development increases performance of different platforms by 50% and cuts development costs

1st choice for scalable apps

Stay prepared for growth with technology that works seamlessly with microservices and serverless computing

Ready for full-stack coding

With Node app development, developers get a productivity boost, as they can cover frontend and backend work

Real-time data flow

Avoid update lags by building WebSockets based on Node.js that parses information in an instant, making your data intensive services faster

web development

Community-made software development solutions

With +310.000 repositories on GitHub, Node services have the benefit of hundreds smart add-ons for faster deployment

What can you build with Node js?

Real-time dashboards

Node.js’s event-driven nature means that the charts and graphs respond to the user’s input instantly and there’s no need to reload the page. Node js development services are the right choice when your project idea and web application relies heavily on user input and output of various data types. Leading providers of such solutions often turn to a Node js development company that can produce efficient API development in Node for web and mobile. Both web applications and mobile applications developed this way prove highly efficient. And there are even more Node js features for backend development with every version.


Real-time applications such as chat apps are usually meant to work in the background, regardless if it’s a part of another bigger app or a third-party add-on. Chat development & Node.js services offer tons of customization rules instantly responding to user input. Combine it with Firebase, and synchronizing data across all clients in real-time will become easy. The result is a web application that is a delight for both users and admins to work with. Find out more from a Node.js video chat app case study.

Streaming services

Leading streaming companies such as Netflix also take advantage of Node.js web development. The improved performance and real-time responses make for wonderful user experience – a significant benefit for any company that markets to individual customers. The company also benefits from having a single programming language on both frontend and backend. There are many companies that choose to go with Node.js development for strategic reasons.


With the serverless technology, you can outsource server management and provisioning, and focus solely on your app itself. Serverless apps are super scalable and can help you reduce web development costs in various ways, as you are charged only for the server space you use, and you can cut some DevOps expenses. The Node.js environment is well supported by providers of serverless solutions. You can learn more about Serverless technology on our blog.


After interactivity, architecture is another aspect of building and scaling successful application development. With microservices, you can deploy various parts of your app as loosely coupled services that can be scaled separately, saving resources, and improving overall performance. The benefits of microservices overlap with those of Node, making it a very powerful duo. Find out when it is a good idea to go for microservices.

Interactive applications

Have an idea for a highly interactive Node.js web application? Whatever it is, as long as it relies on lots of user interactions and real-time flow of data, Node.js development services are the right choice. What about a Node.js quiz app for your next marketing campaign or a little web game? Take a look at TypeRunner.js – a simple game TSH developed with Node.js as the backend technology. Application development with Node.js has limitless possibilities.

Full-stack JavaScript teams

Node.js uses JavaScript, the very same programming language used by most frontend developers. Since many Node.js developers have a frontend background, it makes it much easier to organize efficient cross-functional teams. Your frontend and Node.js developers will communicate easily to develop quality web applications rapidly. They may also be joined by top-notch quality assurance specialists.

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Node.js Developer

How we build Node.js development team for you

You’re guaranteed to work with top Node.js developers only.

First of all, we set high recruitment standards – only 5% of applicants are offered a job. Secondly – we take care of developers’ personal growth and motivation. Finally, our priority is to be effective and well-coordinated.

  • Lead developers – your team will get one. They are most experienced developers who take care of the right software development process and help the team with following it.

  • Interdisciplinary skills – you can easily fill the gap between frontend and backend software development, and take advantage of our cloud experience.

  • Delivery mindset – we emphasize business requirements and goals in the development process, so that you can start generating value from technology fast.

  • Effective communication – you’ll quickly feel like we worked as your in-house team. Our process is fully transparent and cooperative. And obviously, everyone speaks English very well.

The Software House has been recognized as one of the leading Node.js development agencies in the world


41 verified reviews

They are people who are not only following the tasks, but can work as a team. Together.

Matthijs Piëst

COO at WieBetaaltWat

I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask the questions which go beyond solving problems.

Nick Gold

Managing Director at Speakers Corner

The team has excellent intuition about how to positively impact users and make our app user-friendly.

Simon Lemonnier

IT Project Manager at Weenect

We felt like we had a true partner throughout the process. They were clearly interested in our long-term success

Miłosz Baluś

CTO at Synerise

Their ability to scale easily without sacrificing performance or product quality stands out to us

Rafał Okniński

CTO at BrickVest

Why Tech Managers build their Node.js software development teams with us?

High seniority level
and technical skills

Build your technology assets from the very beginning

Ability to scale a team
in days

Start small and scale your team up or down whenever you need it

Cloud and serverless

Your software prepared for scalability, high performance and cost optimization

Microservices – ready

Build modern architectures that support change and fast growth

Ready-to-Run Modules

Save weeks of time on setting up a core of your app

Battle-tested process

Adapt to change and stay on the track at the same time

Save weeks of Node.js development
with our RAD Modules

With reusable components our development teams save hundreds of hours on setting up the most common features in node.js applications.

For now, you can take advantage of components, such as Node Boilerplate, Security & ACL Systems, Mailer Integrations, Task Schedulers, Notifications, PDF Generator, etc.

Work with leading Node.js developers

Hire a dedicated team or let us build your product from scratch

Case studies

Web platform for virtual graduation ceremonies

Scalable web platform for Reservix in 12 weeks


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, StageClip needed to move the real-life university ceremonies to the 'virtual graduations' in just 2 weeks.

Client's output

- Meeting a very aggressive deadline
- The new application used by over 800 universities
- 250 000 unique users in the first few weeks

Client: StageClip


Speed up content management processes both for the internal team of content editors at Reservix and for their clients.

Client's output

- Powerful and intuitive ticket sales CMS for content editors delivered in 12 weeks
- Web platform prepared to scale up further in the future

Client: Reservix

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