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Germany's second-biggest ticket distributor optimized their CMS for usability by using AWS services

After a record sale of 7.5M tickets in 2018, Reservix decided to rework their popular platform’s event creation engine with The Software House’s developers.

About Reservix

Reservix is a leading online ticket provider in Germany that sells an average of 20M tickets per year. The company diversifies sales operations with purchases also available through event organizers’ web stores, booking offices, a mobile app, a 24/7 ticket hotline, and in-house sales.






11.2019 - Ongoing

Reservix is a leading online ticket provider in Germany that sells an average of 20M tickets per year. The company diversifies sales operations with purchases also available through event organizers’ web stores, booking offices, a mobile app, a 24/7 ticket hotline, and in-house sales.


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Registered events at any time

The challenge

For 2019, Reservix predicted a 20% increase in ticket sales. With a new technology budget for the year, the product team sourced user feedback to plan investment in development work.

They learned event organizers struggled to produce their own landing page that was required by the platform. At the same time, Reservix’s management planned to upsell their ticket sale service to other online ticket distributors.

Expanding Reservix’s CMS seemed like a viable solution to both challenges. The company needed a software partner specialized in such systems that could lead their development team on that mission.

Partnership goal To upgrade Reservix's ticket platform with a CMS that can process hundred of thousands of events in real time


The company’s customers were getting bottlenecked by the need of producing a landing page for their venue without the necessary know-how


In just 4 months, Reservix acquired an upgraded CMS with the option of generating landing pages, which aided business growth


The Software House formed a full scrum team who led the development process for Reservix

We worked on

Team formation

Reservix’s plan of developing a custom system with full scalability required full-stack developers under a dedicated project manager.

The Software House filled the talent and knowledge gap in weeks where the company would have needed months to do so. The line-up included a System Architect, a Lead Developer, 2 Full-stack Developers, a QA Engineer, and a Project Manager.

They joined Reservix’s ranks under their PO’s leadership.


We achieved what we hoped for with this project. We can sleep well at night because everything just works.

Martin Woywod

Solution Architect at Reservix

Our partnership

For four months, our joint team was developing a system that performed well under traffic, had infinite scalability potential, and was easy to operate for Reservix’s editors and customers.

Technology choice

React (frontend), Node, Typescript, Elasticsearch (backend), Headless CMS, GraphQL, AWS, Docker, Lerna, Terraform.

What Reservix achieved

The client’s team came prepared with a new pivot model for the platform and UI designs ready to go.

Talent provided by The Software House did most of the agile development, never missing a single deadline. The reworked CMS had two key components.

The first one was a content editor for Reservix’s employees and customers who wanted to create a landing page for a concert, a football match, or a meet-up.

The second one was a tagging service that suggests events relevant to the one browsed by the user so that the platform could upsell.

The next step

A sudden outburst of the pandemic changed Reservix’s priorities for months after the delivery. Once German businesses adapted to the circumstance, The Software House was brought back in to offer ongoing implementation support.

We continue the partnership with a new mission of developing an all-in-one streaming system event organizers can connect to. While they cover the filming, Reservix processes the show, manages ticket sales, and secures video feed availability to make their work lighter.

How Reservix used AWS

Amazon SQS

Collected information on shows and events later used by Reservix’s CMS.

AWS Lambda

Processed information from SQS and saved them to a local database used by the product — used for better scalability.

Amazon ElasticSearch

Stored the data used by the CMS’ search engine.

Amazon ECS

Ran our Docker containers. First, Reservix used EC2 instances but switched to Fargate, making managing and scaling the infrastructure way easier.

Amazon RDS

Held and managed the PorstreSQL database which stored the product’s relational data.

Amazon S3 + CloudFront

Both used to deliver Reservix’s frontend SPA.

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