Case study of Reservix
Powerful and intuitive ticket sales CMS
for content editors
Germany flag Events
01 Challenge
Being one of the biggest ticket sales services by volume in Germany, Reservix works with countless businesses on a day-to-day basis, helping them promote and sell tickets to their events, and providing infrastructure and manpower for live events.

To make it all happen, they’re constantly improving their large web platform, which includes dozens of dozens categories of content, including events, artists, genres, or localizations.

As the platform grew, Reservix realized that a more powerful content management system capable of relating all these categories in an easy and intuitive manner is necessary both for the internal team of content editors at Reservix and for the clients.
Scope of work
Web development Quality Assurance
Reservix ticket sales service case study
02 Solution
Knowing their business needs best, the team at Reservix has come up with the new UI designs and business model for the new platform. What they needed were a top team of developers to implement it and enrich it with their own ideas from a technical standpoint.

Three full stack developers and a QA expert formed a team that implemented the entire scope of the project within 4 months, taking an Agile approach and meeting all the deadlines.

The team at Reservix provided DevOps support, while TSH developers finalized the project with React on the frontend as well as Node.js on the backend.
Reservix ticket sales service
Used technologies
Node logo React logo Amazon Web Services PostgreSQL
03 Effect
From Reservix’s perspective, there were two main expectations regarding the cooperation with TSH developers. First, the need to implement the entire web platform swiftly without compromising the quality. Second, it was to test the viability of working with external developers in the long-term.

The project was delivered within the expected timeframe, meeting all the technical objectives. At the same time, the cooperation allowed the team at Reservix to even further improve their concept, thanks to the active approach of our devs.The solution is now tested by the internal team of the company and it is expected that we will see the results live in the near future, making it possible for Reservix to create more useful content and provide more help to their clients than ever before.
Reservix ticket sales service case study
no. of events
c. 30,000

events in the system at any time

tickets sold
+ 20 million

tickets sold each year


capacity to scale up even further in the future

Every improvement we suggested in terms of collaboration, was picked up quickly and open communication helped to keep impediments to a minimum.

Tihomir Sablic

Product Manager Digital

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