AWS Cost Cut Sprint

Most cloud bills can be optimized. Since 94% of surveyed leaders see higher cloud costs than expected (2022, Veritas), it might be smart to review your bill. See how it can be slashed during a 2-week sprint with our AWS-certified CloudOps team.

110+ Certified and Accredited engineers

AWS Cost Cut Sprint

Reduce your cloud waste by implementing quick‑wins and identifying key areas for future cloud & architecture optimization

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1-2 weeks


Recommendation report

Marks critical costs sources and outlines best cost saving measures to greenlight

Report presentation

Before / after cost comparison, cost-saving roadmap, Q&A

Metrics to improve

AWS bill cost, Cloud ROI, Total compute cost, Total storage cost, Cloud waste

One AWS cost optimization
project can fix your cloud bill

Gain full visibility into your cloud spend and identify key costs sources. In just 2 weeks. Help your engineering use existing instances more efficiently and find low-effort fixes. We’ll walk you through our tested AWS cost cloud optimization tactics and build your actionable roadmap for managing your bill.

Note: This Sprint is led by AWS Certified Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers.

Designed for

Technology teams that tried cost optimization on an AWS service level but saw little improvement

Startups and SMBs that spend a lot on AWS but don’t know exactly where these costs come from

Sprint outcomes

  1. 01

    Top cost areas of your cloud mapped out

  2. 02

    A roadmap of cost savings initiatives with a before / after cost comparison

  3. 03

    A library of easy-to-use tools to stop overspending and control costs

  4. 04

    Architecture review based on AWS Well-Architected methodology

  5. 05

    The option to apply for a $5k grant from AWS for app improvements

How does it work?

01 Kick-off meeting 1 day


1 day


DevOps Engineers, Solutions Architects, Your company’s Stakeholders


A completed questionnaire send to TSH’s team at least two days before the workshop kicks off


  • Cloud use review, goal and area of work selection
  • An analysis of your company’s business model and roadmap
  • A review of product and business documentation
  • Q&A session
02 CloudOps Sprint 1-2 weeks


1-2 weeks


  • Both sides review the product and business documentation
  • A presentation of roadblocks and potential ‘quick-wins’
  • A checklist assessment (for both the cloud and architecture)
  • Performance tests, code analysis
  • TSH starts to write the final report
03 Report presentation 2 h


2 h


DevOps Engineers, Solutions Architects, Your company’s Stakeholders


  • A collaborative review of our findings
  • A discussion about the most promising solutions to introduce
  • Q&A session


Sent within days of the meeting

Recommendation report

Marks critical costs sources and outlines best cost saving measures to greenlight

Report presentation

Before / after cost comparison, cost-saving roadmap, Q&A

Sprint Creator

Wojciech Wójcik

Wojciech Wójcik

Head of DevOps

Clients ask him to plan and build systems that stay scalable and cost-effective. Often answers questions to the point and with a smile, making discussions really easy.

2 weeks can have a big impact

British retailer NDA project thumbnail

One British retailer cut their monthly bill from $68K to $36K in just a week

EC2 Compute costs dropped by 50% by limiting the number of Jenkins workers and required instances

The implementations of a cleaning mechanism for EBS-backed storage (snapshots) led to 70% more savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the AWS cost optimization solutions that you consider?
Our CloudOps engineers suggest a fitting solution after a 1-2 week audit that can examine the product’s architecture, storage use, and workload processes. Some of our partners managed to cut costs by reducing EC2 instances, re-architecting the system to limit the number of required servers, or by introducing “cleaning” processes to remove unneeded data.
02 Will I have to use a third-party AWS cost optimization service?
To complete the AWS Cost Cut Sprint, we’ll work with the tech stack you business uses or the tools our CloudOps team has with no additional investment.
03 What kind of cloud cost management projects have you completed?
Some of our recent cost optimization projects projects include:We release around 30 AWS projects per year. Discover the fulls scope of what we solve with AWS here.
04 Could you help us reduce cloud storage costs?
Yes. For each AWS Cost Cut Sprint, our engineers review if workloads really require the amount of storage used. Many times, they find there is no process for cleaning “waste”, such as machine image snapshots, after they’re not required anymore.

After the Sprint, your company could receive a report that includes a breakdown of the cloud storage and what can be optimized.
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