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Mobile development with React Native requires a unique blend of experienced JavaScript/TypeScript developers, domain knowledge and design prowess. The Software House emphasises the quality of mobile app developers and best practices of client-vendor cooperation. Our product team follows guidelines tested in 7 markets in 140+ delivered projects

Start-to-finish mobile development services

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Mobile development services used to be quite straightforward – you had native iOS and Android platforms and that’s just about it. Today, you can approach mobile app development from various angles.

You can use classic web technologies such as CSS or JS to make hybrid apps. These are quite fast to develop and work the same everywhere, but they may be lacking compared to native apps in terms of performance. React Native mobile apps have most of their pros.

You will achieve the best results by employing all of these experts together. They will all contribute to your success with React Native mobile development.

web development

Complete product teams

Enjoy access to our Product Designers, Project Managers, QA Engineers, Business Analysts, DevOps, or Full-stack developers

Fast iterations & reliable CD

Our experience allowed our team to develop ready-made templates that make it much easier to get a project off the ground. No time wasted. That's part of our mobile app development process

Business-tailored architecture

Software architecture have to follow business logic and provide scalability for future growth. Our team knows it instinctively

World-class UX/UI

Frontend Developers and Product Designers provide you with User Interfaces that vow your users and convert them into clients

Comprehensive QA

Each deploy is accompanied by QA engineer and includes both manual and automated tests. They helps find bugs, improve performance and discover blockers

Scalable & secure infrastructure

Custom web development solutions help you deploy your improvements more frequently and achieve better performance

React Native is the optimal technology to build various types of mobile apps

Our mobile development services revolve around React Native due to our specialization in JavaScript. That’s where we feel most at home. We combine it with our frontend development, Node.js-based backend development, Product Design or QA, to develop React Native-based apps.

What apps are most suitable for React Native development? The decision to use it needs to be made on a case-by-case basic. That’s why we’d love you to consult the project with our mobile app development company. However, some clear React Native winners include:

Cross-platform development


Streamlined UI

Native APIs

Cross-platform development

Cross-platform applications

Cross-platform development allows you to produce an application for various different platforms in a single project. Typically, your project will only require one codebase. This type of development has great advantages in terms of cost and speed and does not require compromising the quality.

React Native is a perfect choice for mobile cross-platform development. Our mobile app developers will make sure that your application is ready to be published on both iOS and Android.

Your new team will

  • build Android and iOS apps simultaneously
  • maintain the same style and behaviour everywhere
  • will do all that at the cost of one app


MVPs, PoCs & working prototypes

It is very common for businesses to develop a basic mobile application with limited functionality in order to test just the most basic assumptions about their product idea. Naturally, cost and time in such projects are of utmost importance.

React Native is a great choice for building streamlined, semi-static mobile apps. In a single project, you will have a working app ready to be tested on various platforms.

Your new team will

  • turn your ideas into a working app rapidly
  • allow you to test all of your ideas
  • provide excellent time-to-market

Streamlined UI

Apps with simplified UI

A lot of highly successful mobile applications do not rely heavily on complex animations and include limited interactions, focusing only on the most important features.

Such applications are a great fit for React Native development. That’s because there’s a limit to how much of the complexity of native apps you can replicate in React Native without compromising performance. It all requires careful consideration in the early stages of your project and expert mobile app development services.


Your new team will

  • design intuitive and pretty user interfaces
  • adhere to best practices of user experience
  • optimize the app for smooth performance

Native APIs

Apps with low to moderate dependency on native APIs

Even React Native mobile applications need to rely on native APIs for some functionalities, such as camera or GPS. Some apps requires a lot more than that. The more they do, the more implications it has on performance.

Skilled developers will know when they have to use native APIs, and when they can turn to other options.

Your new team will

  • use native APIs reliably
  • optimize their use for performance and scalability
  • find the most efficient way of implementing every feature

Are you still not sure if it is React Native that you need?

Contact our seniors so that you can get detailed advice on how to proceed with your project

How to transform best practices into development process that delivers what you need?

How to transform best practices into development process that delivers what you need?

At The Software House, we’ve been providing mobile development services for a long time. The technologies changed, but our best practices continued to develop undisturbed. They are just as relevant for React Native as for Java, Objective-C or Flutter.

For us, React Native is the natural choice to support iOS and Android apps with the best quality. With a well-architected solution, we can provide complex apps for web and mobile devices that share the code together. React Native can save you quite a lot of time and money, but it takes experts to decide if it is the right fit for a project and figure out the best way to implement it.

We’re going to provide you with just the right expertise to do that.

Mobile development with React Native requires competences from across many aspects of software development, in particular frontend development with JavaScript. It also requires being a partner that always goes beyond your expectations.


Head of Frontend at The Software House




Product Designers


DevOps Engineers

Work with AWS Certified developers

Access developers, DevOps engineers, and project managers who implemented dozens of custom-made cloud systems.

software architecture development
software architecture development
24x AWS Accredited Individuals
21x AWS Certified Individuals

We helped WieBetaaltWat become one of the top mobile apps in its category

WieBetaaltWat, a bill splitting mobile app

  • Revamping a hybrid mobile application
  • Building native mobile applications ready to compete on both Android and iOS

We developed mobile applications used by
+2,000,000 visitors per month in the Netherlands

100% team scale up upon request

With our technical assistance, the client turned its brand new native mobile apps into successful products with 1,200,000+ verified users.

WieBetaaltWat had a great business idea, but it was with the help of a strong technological partner that they turned it into great native mobile applications visited by millions of users

The development of highly scalable native mobile applications made it possible for WieBetaaltWat to achieve +1,000,000 downloads

Whatever the technology, TSH’s technical prowess will ensure that you can focus entirely on growing your business.

Work with developers who have the “quality, seniority and cultural fit” you need.

As said by WieBetaaltWat’s COO Matthijs Piëst in a 5☆ review

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