Deliver AWS-powered solutions without getting lost

Only 8% of 1000 technologists have sufficient experience with cloud tools (2022, Pluralsight). But soon, you will be certain what to do. Choose the most suitable AWS services and build well-performing solutions optimized for the lowest monthly cost.

AWS Lambda performance vas money

AWS Lambda

Cut back on infrastructure management and reinvest the time saved.

Lambda is the most implemented cloud service we use to build data and request heavy systems for clients such as streaming platforms or CMS’.

Run a server-free product

Process volumes of data in real-time

Launch trigger-based actions

Scale resources automatically

Amazon API Gateway

Automate API creation, publishing, and monitoring with a service that lets you reach the lowest request latency and processing costs.

Clients use API Gateways we implement to validate input for a chat component or to connect the backend to a serverless website.

See API operations in one place

Control access to Amazon services

Give access to internal data

Boost security of lower-level APIs

Amazon Cloudfront

Speed up software and content delivery to end-users across the world using one of the 300+ of AWS’ local servers to reach unmatched speed.

It’s our service of choice for mass-request products such as ticketing platforms or video-streaming solutions.

Reach lowest website latency

Stabilize content distribution

Reach A-grade video performance

Authenticate consumer APIs

Amazon EKS

Ease the management of large groups of containerized services and cut update times from weeks to days.

A popular choice of AWS users who want to limit Kubernetes handiwork, EKS ensures automatic updates to containers with no operational downtime and integrates with other AWS services.

Let Amazon manage scalability

Automate container ops

Enable faster stack adjustments

Keep critical services always on

Amazon OpenSearch Service

Collect raw logs, metrics, or messages into OpenSearch to visualize the relationship between them and uncover strategic insights.

With access to aggregated data that indexes better, companies using the service launch content editors with integrated search engines or internal tools for capturing and analyzing logs.

Process more data cheaper

Create accurate search engines

Capture data into only one bucket

Transform logs into insights


Eliminate days wasted on manual security adjustments based on log reviews and IP blocking.

We suggest AWS WAF to clients as a scalable and automated solution for HTTP flooding or DDoS attacks that offer quick implementation thanks to its pre-configured protocols.

Centralize cloud security policy

Block malware and exploits

Secure transactions

Control access to local infrastructure

"It is a pleasure to work with TSH"

This comes from a ★5 review from Micha Roon, the CTO of Energy Web, for whom we developed a blockchain platform in just 6 weeks. What are your product growth plans?

Meet your certified cloud advisors

Imagine having a veteran engineering team that guides you


Head of DevOps


AWS Certified Engineer


DevOps Engineer


DevOps Engineer


DevOps Engineer


DevOps Engineer


AWS Community Builder


AWS Community Builder

See how much progress you can make with a team of veteran cloud engineers

Snappit's upgraded ordering app was used at events for up to 15K people

Norway's trusted order management platform used to serve 400 restaurants. After we upgraded the backend and cloud infrastructure, it became a no. 1 food and drink ordering service for mass-venues in the country.


B2B clients


orders per second

Organizers streamed 200+ shows on Reservix's new video platform

Reservix transformed an MVP into a profitable video streaming platform for some of the 7000+ organizers from its client base who couldn’t host events during the pandemic.




tickets sold per year


events available

Image showcasing Libre case study

A traditional bank built a cloud-native payment system and reached 36+ new countries

The institution replaced a commission-based third party paygate with their own AWS build that had to follow intense finance regulations.


max number of our experts in the team


years in partnership

Image showcasing Brickvest case study

BrickVest reached a technology buyout thanks to smart AWS use

The founders needed an MVP app for real-estate financing. 22+ of our employees scaled the product and made it attractive to investors.


project rating


loans listed on the platform

"The quality of their work was incredible"

From a US engineer’s ★5/5 review. Together, we built an AWS-powered energy management platform. What’s your plan?

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