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An MVP turned into a full streaming platform became Reservix's new revenue stream

Reservix introduced a live streaming product for events to 7000+ organizers using their ticketing services. It has been used to present over 200 performances since May 2021.

About Reservix

Reservix is a leading online ticket provider in Germany that sells an average of 20M tickets per year. The company diversifies sales operations with purchases also available through event organizers’ web stores, booking offices, a mobile app, a 24/7 ticket hotline, and in-house sales.






11.2019 - Ongoing

Reservix is a leading online ticket provider in Germany that sells an average of 20M tickets per year. The company diversifies sales operations with purchases also available through event organizers’ web stores, booking offices, a mobile app, a 24/7 ticket hotline, and in-house sales.


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The challenge

When COVID started in 2020, many organizers using Reservix’s ticket platform had to cancel in-person events. The company’s engineering team bootstrapped an MVP platform for live streaming made in WordPress to help their clients keep business running.

Only a handful of Reservix’s clients tested the platform. While they welcomed it, the new product wasn’t ready to stream for thousands of users that some events could attract.

Since The Software House had been in a partnership with Reservix for over 1 year, their Software Strategist decided to use our team’s know-how of scaling digital products.

Partnership goal To upgrade Reservix's live streaming platform into a full product that can engage thousands of users


The live streaming platform was unprepared for heavy traffic. Creating one event costed hours of clicking around. Reservix also wanted to provide artists and their audience with a chat.


The platform can now stream an unlimited number of events. A new, automated process creates streamed events in a few clicks. And users enjoy a Facebook-like chat with expressive emojis.

The Software House scaled up Reservix's team and led the development process

We worked on

Team formation

Reservix had been working with The Software House for over a year before this project. We expanded their dedicated team to take over the scaling of the streaming platform.

For this project, The Software House assigned a System Architect, 2 Developers, 3 DevOps, a QA Engineer, a Designer and 2 Project Managers.


It’s very rewarding to see that other people actually understand your requirements. We achieved what we hoped for with this project. We can sleep well at night because everything just works.

Martin Woywod

Solution Architect at Reservix

Our partnership

After 1.5 years of engineering, our team delivered an interactive video platform that Reservix later used for 200+ large-scale live streams. The company has deep insight into the viewer’s reactions to streams thanks to real-time emoji analytics.

Technology choice

Node.js, React, Gatsby, Strapi, AWS, AWS Lambda, Amazon Chime, S3, Cloudfront, CloudWatch, STS, SES, ECS, Terraform, WebSockets, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Redis.

What Reservix achieved

Since the company editors had too many events to set up for dozens of clients, our job was to centralize management and minimize repetitive actions.

New services

Previously, editors juggled several tools to create one event.

We built a React-based frontend panel for Reservix’s video platform where one click triggered a sequence of actions.

From there, an editor could automate:

  • Landing page deployment
  • Status changes

That system also managed the full life cycle of an event so that editors could focus on priority work. For instance, it could delete or archive events after they end.

We implemented Strapi CMS to let users change on-page content after the page is live.

A new service called the Ticket synchronizer pulled in admission information from Reservi’x API for tickets bought through It replaced any manual work on ticket data in .cvs format.

Another service — the Event Authenticator — limited streaming to users with a valid code who could watch on one device only.

The team also made a chat with animated emojis made with Amazon Chime to increase the users’ engagement with the stream.

Stream control

For any stream, Reservix can:

  • See the total number of viewers in real-time
  • See which emojis viewers use by type and how often they use them
  • Moderate the chat by removing messages or banning users
  • Access the stream as a ghost user to test its functions

The next step

Reservix launched the live streaming product in May 2021 and continues to promote it as an end-to-end service for accessible, secure, and engaging event streams.

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