Application Modernization Roadmap Sprint

When an app gains traction, most companies shift into fifth gear and add extra features fast to gain market share. This is understandable. But that makes the app too complex and costly to maintain. The solution isn’t to stop developing your product but to create an app modernization roadmap for it.

In just five days, we’ll identify any accumulating technical debt and create an action plan to reduce it.

App Modernization Roadmap

Create an action plan that addresses the most critical technology and business challenges your product faces — without stopping development.

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5 days


Functional and non-functional app analysis

Identifies areas that require technical and design-related improvements

PoC with planned roadmap and work time/effort estimations

Demonstrates modernization priorities along with their business impact

Recommendations for tech solutions

List of tools for the modernization program

Metrics to improve

App loading time, Mean Time to Recovery, Deployment frequency, Time to market, User engagement

Improve app performance and business metrics without sacrificing operational efficiency

Five days is all it takes for your company to make your product efficient again. See how you can identify new growth opportunities, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance security with your future Application Modernization Roadmap

Designed for

Companies that recognize the need for modernization but don’t know how to handle it

Organizations where IT spends most of their time fixing issues instead of implementing new features

Technology teams that need a strong business case to convince the C-suite to approve app modernization

Sprint outcomes

  1. 01

    A list of modernization ideas for testing, including their business impact, complexity, time/effort estimations, and recommendations for tech solutions

  2. 02

    A high-level backlog of suggested changes with priorities assigned

  3. 03

    A map of specific roles and tasks for your employees

  4. 04

    High-level architecture diagrams

How does the App Modernization Roadmap Sprint work?

01 Business analysis 1 day


1 day


Business Analyst


A completed questionnaire sent to TSH’s team at least two days before the start of the Modernization Roadmap Sprint


A review of the nature and structure of the business (3-4 hours)
02 Code analysis 1 day


1 day


Product Researcher


Discussion about the current and desired state of the product, including the risk matrix and bottlenecks
03 Technical requirements 1 day


1 day


Solution Architects


  • A detailed analysis of the infrastructure, architecture, tools, solutions, and 3rd party integrations
  • A list of tech challenges and areas that need changing
04 Workshop review 1 day


1 day


Project Manager, Solution Architects, Your company’s stakeholders


  • A review of the workshop outcomes and goals
  • Your feedback on the workshop
  • Budget overview and next steps
05 Roadmap 1 day


1 day


Business Consultant, Your company’s stakeholders


  • App Modernization Roadmap
  • Roadmap presentation for stakeholderst by the TSH team along with tech recommendations

Sprint's Creator

Adam Polak

Adam Polak

VP of Technology

VP of Technology at The Software House and a big advocate for cloud solutions. He began his IT journey by creating games, then moved on to web development, and eventually ended up designing solutions for hundreds of clients worldwide.


In just two months, Snappit went from a simple food and drink ordering app to a solution used at events with 15K+ participants.

The company signed a contract with DnB to service their events but couldn’t process high-volume orders with its outdated tech stack

We refactored 75% of the legacy code, after which the app could process 13.3 orders per second and serve big events

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What drives companies to modernize their legacy software?
There are several reasons why businesses decide to modernize their legacy software:
  • Data of outdated software can be hacked, and it’s harder to anonymize entries under GDPR.
  • Legacy code, inefficient workflows, and the lack of automation make product operations expensive.
  • An unoptimized product run by a small team is often unscalable
  • Products with outstanding performance, great UX, and no system instabilities get rated higher, enabling innovation
02 Which metrics will improve thanks to the App Modernization Roadmap Sprint?
The Application Modernization Roadmap Sprint by The Software House will help you improve both business and tech metrics. The former include time to market and user engagement, while the latter include app loading time, Mean Time to Recovery, and deployment frequency.
03 What benefits can I reach with an application modernization roadmap?
One market report shows that 87% of organizations plan to introduce a legacy system modernization program in the next 1-2 years. No wonder, since it enables them to:
  • Onboard developers faster, avoid time-consuming workarounds, and spot and fix bugs more easily
  • Lower costs as tech stack modernization reduces time spent on maintenance and fixing errors and makes it easier to quickly scale up or down in the cloud
  • Boost security by auditing and identifying vulnerabilities in legacy code
  • Improve customer experience thanks to better app performance and easier 3rd-party integration
  • Increase revenue by even 14% (according to IBM) as better customer experience leads to higher sales
  • Offer new growth possibilities by enabling the introduction of AI, machine learning, big data, and the public cloud
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