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Access a high-rated team skilled in information technology software development

The Software House has 220+ software engineers, DevOps, QA’s, and designers rated ★4.8/5 by technology executives. We build, advise, and question to deliver market-fit solutions.

Proven track record in application development

Together, we’ll make your product competitive

44% of IT executives prioritize investing in technology that delivers outstanding customer experience (CIO Survey 2020). We hope you believe in that principle like we do. 

Let’s connect you to a full development team with verified experience in building high-performing and engaging products for several markets like FinTech, events, or transportation.

In 9 years, we’ve built or upgraded over 160 products that needed a competitive edge. Now, our software developers would like to help you succeed with your information technology software.



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A team that understands your field

The IT challenges we deal with

Ready to meet a team that can handle high-stakes projects with you? Our talents’ experience with information technology software development will push work forward. We’ve helped SaaS companies and even industrial manufacturers turn a legacy product into scalable ecosystems.

The answer:

Don’t have a clear development plan?

You will

Best way to deal with a problem? Ask the people who’ve been through it a lot of times. 

You have a vision and we have ways of removing roadblocks you might not see. 9 years of work for 24 countries taught us to create software based on three rock-solid principles: flexibility for developers; scalability for years: usability for millions. The best practices we established will help your team move forward.

Using pre-built cloud components with our original programming, we’ve created CMSes, a lending platform, employee management systems, a streaming service, and other projects for bank and financial organizations. You’ll always know what’s the best decision to make.

The answer:

Want to use the cloud effectively?

Consult certified AWS engineers

Multiple surveys of the IT industry in the past years have kept cloud adoption among the top 5 challenges for executives. There’s too much at stake to do big-scale cloud work without guidance.

Connect your team with our group of 36 cloud engineers who led dozens of migrations to exchange practical knowledge and develop resilient cloud-native solutions. You will see that the future application is budget-optimized, has unshaken service accessibility, and can be scaled without failures from country to country.

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Data privacy and security matter?

Expect no backdoors

Technology companies follow some of the strictest government regulations. We already work under them with a U.S. health tech company and a Dutch bank to secure systems and users with full GDPR compliance.

Our team will adapt to your company’s policy because we offer what’s usually required: security-certified technology; centralized authorization and identity management; “at rest” and “in-transit” data encryption.

To share responsibility for the project’s cybersecurity is always a part of the deal for us.

The answer:

Unsure how many people you need?

Scale the team on the go

Developing information services is unpredictable. Why not start with a one-pizza team? 

Our clients appreciate the option of adding in programming talent on the go. And if you need advice on how to handle financial software development, ask our CTO, Architects, or DevOps for a consultation or an R&D project.

Even for 1-year projects the number of developers our clients need often goes from 4 to 20.

The answer:

Need a culture fit?

We have high standards just like you

60% of The Software Houses’ projects come from referrals because there are no second-hand clients here. 

You have your way of doing things, which we’ll always recognize and respect. Building products across 20+ industries taught us to represent responsibility in management, fairness in cooperation, and initiative in action. 

Who says so? The executives who ranked The Software House as 2020’s Top Software Development Company in Poland.

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What do technology leaders say?

Hear from our partners


It’s very rewarding to see that other people actually understand your requirements. We achieved what we hoped for with this project. We can sleep well at night because everything just works.

Martin Woywood

Software Strategist at Reservix

Partnership rated 5/5

The Software House was proactive and fully engaged with our needs. We felt like we had a true partner throughout the process. The knowledge and processes they shared with us during the collaboration made us better.

Miłosz Baluś

CTO at Synerise

Partnership rated 5/5

Why work with us?

Enjoy full support from an MVP to a buyout

All the talent you could need

Access strategy, design, development, testing, and maintenance professionals from one source. 

Onboard the team or our PM just once — we’ll share the know-how with the rest. Need a software architect to tweak database management systems or want to add two backend developers? Sure. We can also lead your information technology software project.

Years in cloud engineering

Be sure your cloud adoption efforts won’t break your project by relying on 45 certified AWS engineers who led dozens of migrations. 

Move from on-premise to the cloud, build only for the cloud, or create a hybrid setup. Our architects will set up a scalable infrastructure with 99.9% uptime and equal performance across key continents.

C-level security practices

Choose to work with an organization that knows security starts with people. Each contract we offer is in compliance with GDPR and NDAs.

We can collaborate in VPN environments, develop on bastion host architecture, or participate in and offer client-issued security tests. The tools we have in our tech radar must come with security certification.

Rapid-development and integrations

Upgrade the product faster with pre-made software components that save months of development. 

Among them: banking and lending platforms; international payment gateways; and reporting services. Your new team will connect them with the software solutions your company uses like Salesforce or Twilio.

Growth-oriented development

Information technology case studies

Digital transformation efforts have a lot of risks but no room for failure. The time for software development is short, the team might be lacking complete certainty in what to do next, and thousands or even millions of end-users expect the app won’t ever glitch.


Offer your developers the support of a development partner that built or scaled over 160+ products and information systems for various markets. Consider what our clients’ businesses developed with us.

A new event creation engine empowered organizers and artists

I want to learn more

Reservix asked us to rework their CMS to help 7000+ customers with creating landing pages for events on the platform.

Star 5/5 on Clutch logo

A remade backend supported the travel platform’s global expansion

I want to learn more

A wave of new users overloaded eSky’s system. After 3 years of software engineering that replaced the stack, the company could enter new markets at a record pace.

Star 5/5 on Clutch logo

A video streaming MVP done in 2 weeks was adopted by 800 universities

I want to learn more

A pandemic caused a ban of graduation events the company was filming. They pivoted to online event organizing in 2 weeks thanks to our software development partnership.

Star 5/5 on Clutch logo

160+ delivered projects in over 24 countries


01 Build a digital product

Full-cycle development based on user needs. Offering support from an MVP through scaling to maintenance. We code in Node.js, React, Laravel, and Symfony.

Learn more

02 Scale up a team

Add to your ranks JavaScript experts who are top-rated in Europe. Among them — certified AWS cloud developers, DevOps, and Project Managers. 220+ talents available.

Learn more

03 Create a development plan

Tap into our 9 years of best practices tested with companies of 10-250 people. We’ll explain how to set up the architecture and secure the product’s scalability and resilience.

Learn more

04 Use cloud computing

CloudOps grounded in computer science. Migrate a service or system onto AWS. Or build the software in the cloud. Expect cuts to maintenance costs and worldwide high availability.

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“Their team started development with impressive speed

As said by Programafix’s VP of E-Commerce. Let’s have a private chat about the information technology software you’re working on.

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Discover how we think and work

Over 1.2M people visit our blog per year to follow our CTOs and developers’ advice on building business-changing computer programs.

WebRTC Node.js tutorial: Development of a real-time video chat app

Challenges scale-up CTOs face explained by 5 tech executives

How to document software architecture?

Tried & tested

Our core technologies

Next.js Storybook Redux TS
ExpressJS Fastify Serverless Socket.io TypeORM TS
Kubernetes Docker Azure Terraform

A partner to dozens of IT departments

Looking for a partner that will be a match?

You know how difficult is to recruit employees who get accepted by the rest of the team. Just ask us to find them for you.

To offer you talent that can tackle any technology challenge, we lead a culture of openness, where best practices matter, technical skills get sharpened, initiative is welcome, and helpfulness is a standard.

The Software House’s ambition is to understand how and why people work + offer tech solutions proven across industries + keep projects well-managed, fun, and without stress.


Very nice office, good specialist, ambitious projects

Current Contractor


One of the best software houses in Poland

Former Lead Developer


Many smart people you can learn from

Current Contractor, Engineer


Great company to be part of

Current Contractor, Engineer

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    We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

    Eyass Shakrah

    Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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