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The Software House – top software developers in Poland according to Clutch

Aleksandra Dąbrowska

Aleksandra Dąbrowska

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Every year, an independent research platform Clutch releases their rankings of top software development companies around the world. Based on objective and verified reviews from customers and their businesses. We’d love to announce with great joy that according to the 2020 shortlist, The Software House is the best software development company in Poland.

What is Clutch and how it works offers in-depth reviews and stats that aim to maximize your chance to choose the right software development company for whatever venture you go for – mobile and web applications, quality product design, custom software engineering in any technology, etc.

Based on all the information they are able to collect, Clutch prepares Leader Matrixes where the highest-rated software development outsourcing companies are listed based on focus score (level of specialization in a given technology) and their ability to deliver (overall expertise based on a variety of criteria such as client reviews, awards and past projects). 

The selected companies from Poland, The Software House included, not only had a proven track record of delivering the highest quality tech products but were also assessed based on offered software development services, industry awards, positive customer reviews, and more.

You can find the whole list of top software companies in Poland on the official release

Clutch awards received by The Software House

The recent honours are not the first ones received by The Software House from Clutch.

Back in 2018, Clutch named us top B2B software developers in Poland. That same year, we were also hand-selected as one of the top web development companies in Poland on The Manifest – Clutch’s sister website that guides buyers through the buying journey.

Later that year, we also reached for the international title. It came sooner than we expected. The Software House has been included on a list of IT outsourcing companies from all over the world – the Clutch 1000 ranking. Even a mention would be great, but our position exceeded our wildest dreams!

We were named the world’s 150th best software development company – not that bad, right?

To put all of that into perspective, let’s take a look at how Clutch makes their picks.

Clutch methodology

The biggest value Clutch can give to a company looking for top web development, mobile app development and professional software developers lies in its methodology and the trustworthiness of the provided data.

In practice, Clutch does it by constantly following strict review processing rules:

  • They collect most of the data personally
  • They collect data in a structured way, so it’s always comparable
  • Reviews can be added only by the clients of reviewed companies
  • Reviews are carefully verified by the Clutch team to make sure that they are genuine
  • Clutch puts reviewed companies through a thorough verification process, in which they verify information such as legal status, credit report, but also market presence and reputation in an industry

Most importantly, Clutch has every reason to make sure that their data-driven content best reflects reality. After all, the integrity of the data they provide is at the core of Clutch’s business.

Why look for your custom software development in Poland anyway? 

Nowadays, Central and Eastern Europe is a very popular region to outsource software development. Especially, Poland is an active software development hub, offering very high-quality solutions for competitive prices in comparison to steep budgets of American or Western European top custom software development companies. Software developers in Poland are already a brand of their own, being universally praised for undeniable software engineering skills, hard work and proficient English.

Quoting Alexa Goodrow (Clutch Customer Experience Analyst):

“The IT industry is one of the strongest sectors in Poland, drawing demand and investment domestically and internationally. The highlighted companies have emerged as leaders based on their skilled technical expertise and customer service. We’re proud to finally recognize them as the best in their field”.

We have already covered the topic of why top international businesses decide on outsourcing web development and mobile app development to software development companies in Poland in previous articles.

If you’re interested further in the subject of software development in Poland, make sure to give them a read:

For now, let’s go back to celebrating our “The best software development company in Poland” award! 🎉

What makes us the best custom software developers in Poland? Customers reviews, of course!

Every software company claims to be the best at one technology or another but sometimes it’s not easy to separate the truth from marketing. If everybody is at the top, then who really is?

We don’t intend to immodestly praise ourselves, so we give the floor to our clients. All quotes come from our past or present customers. You can check out the full business reviews on our official profile.

developers poland software solutions and mobile app development company and development projects including full-service: quality assurance, product design, product development

Custom Software Development for Information Services in Education, Poland 

“We are impressed by how quickly The Software House understood our business. Unique was the quick adaptation of the team to the needs of the project”.

Custom Software Development for Swim Academy, Ireland:

“The Software House is a very reliable partner, focused on the details. Their consulting and business-oriented approach was very impressive. They are willing to solve real business problems. They even flew to our office in Dublin to do the workshop in person.”

Custom Web Development for Business Solutions Company in Labour Sector, Saudi Arabia:

“Thanks to their work, we’ve increased traffic and our users praise the excellent usability of our platforms. They’re flexible, well-organized in terms of assigning resources, estimating tasks, and asking the right questions to ensure full clarity.”

Custom Software Development Services for Financial Services Start-up, United Kingdom:

“They’re client-driven and reduced our AWS bills through clever DevOps work. Their team’s deliveries are smooth and efficient. The Software House reads a ticket, estimates it, and asks questions upfront. Their development team then implements the solution, making the product work. That may sound boring, but I’ve worked with many software agencies that don’t do that.”

Full Stack Custom Software Development for Ticket Sales CMS, Germany:

“TSH was extremely well-prepared from the very beginning. Their technical expertise became very evident throughout the process and instead of only doing just enough to reach our goals, TSH proactively gave input for improvements on the product.”

DevOps Services for SaaS company, the Netherlands:

“The Software House is all about attention to detail, proactive attitude and quality of the developers. But most of all the passion to deliver a high-quality result. on time, agreeing to reasonable deadlines only.”

Full Stack Custom Software Development and Product Design Support for B2B Company, United Kingdom:

“The quality of work we were able to deliver to our client couldn’t have been achieved without The Software House. The solution is reliable and functional, and our client is extremely pleased with it. They are far more diligent and conscientious than other agencies we’ve worked with. They often come up with potential issues and solutions for those issues before they even arise, which is incredibly helpful. They’re very enjoyable to work with.”

Do you want to receive glowing reviews from your customers too? ✨

We can make your app look and work awesome. Or at least advise you how to dazzle your end-users with a perfectly polished product (pun intended!).

Mobile Application Development for Guitar Learning Platform for a Music Company, Germany:

“Both mobile application and backend are running smoothly with tens of thousands of users. They know what they are doing, they do their best (which is very good), and they are all super friendly, reliable, communicative people.”

Extend Internal IT Team for Local Moving Company, The United States:

“The quality of service is excellent. They focus on providing not only what we ask for but also what we really want. The team has a great understanding of our requirements, being able to push our ideas to the next level and ensure that the quality is good. Everyone is well-educated, communicates effectively, and has strong problem-solving capabilities overall.”

Custom Web Development for Real Estate Company, Saudi Arabia:

“TSH are the company we choose to get things done with the quality needed. Their integrity, quality of work, and adaptation to change of requirements impressed us the most. Also what we love about TSH is that they give consultation on the general directions they don’t just say yes. If they think something is not needed they tell us that.”

Staff Augmentation Services for Energy Web Nonprofit, Switzerland:

“The nice thing about working with TSH is that it is not about Us and Them but about creating software together. We got the feeling that our goals are shared and that we’re all working towards a common objective. What we encounter too often in software development is that people try to be right. The fact that TSH is not adversarial but collaborative is a refreshing change.”

Software Development Staff Augmentation for Transport App Business, Finland:

“They produce quality code and are effective in their use of time. The Software House is also proactive, pointing out when something isn’t right so it can get fixed. That was a pleasant surprise. They also engage well with their customer to build long-term relationships.”

UI/UX Design for SaaS Platform, Germany:

“The Software House is a very reliable software development partner. We appreciate their Product Design and development skills, straightforward communication and flexibility. Whenever challenges arose, the Software House were open and fast to address these to our full satisfaction.”

TL;DR. Why do customers like our custom software development company?

Overall, our clients appreciate us as a software development partner because of our customer-centric approach, technological knowledge built over years of experience and highly skilled developers, attention to business needs, proactive attitude towards projects, anticipating potential problems (with effective solutions) to prevent them from happening in the future and, last but not least, open and honest communication.


What is more, every single of our customers declared that they would or have already recommended us to other businesses in need of custom web development, custom software development or technological transformation. 

developers poland mobile app development company
Our customers like us so much that they celebrate our success too! ❤️

How did we become the top software developers in Poland?

Becoming one of the top Polish software development company took years of experience in technology and business cooperation with our clients. Marek Gajda, the CTO of The Software House, believes that the main reason for The Software House’s success is the individual approach to every customer:

We maintain a partnership in our customer relations and believe that neither party should impose their will, but create high-quality software together. Us – by providing the best user experience, technological knowledge and skills. The customer – by bringing the domain knowledge about their industry, business and inside practices.

When asked about the recognition, Mateusz Kubiczek, the CTO of The Software House, admits that the aforementioned approach works and the first place in the Clutch ranking (and other awards that we constantly receive) is the result of high specialization of software development in Poland.

We create really advanced web applications focused on excellent user experience. We work in JavaScript (React, Node.js, microservices), PHP and Cloud (AWS, serverless, dockerisation). As a result, we are appreciated by demanding customers from the United States, Western Europe and the Middle East

The best developers creating custom software development products for clients worldwide

However, customer service would not be possible without our skilled developers. Our management is very employer-focused and makes every effort to ensure that every software developer grows according to their interests and work only in projects in which they fulfil their professional ambitions.

“We take care of individual predispositions and the constant education of every software developer on board. We want everybody to show off their skills and strengths. That’s why we place great emphasis on mentoring programs that have already helped us to build some of the most competent development teams in Poland” – points out Marek Gajda.    

„For this purpose, we care about local recognition in Poland to attract incredibly talented native specialists to The Software House and allow them to spread their wings here.” – Mateusz Kubiczek adds. “We can already see this approach works and pays off. The happy and experienced software development team translates into strategic cooperation (often lasting several years) with existing clients and a rapid increase in the number of new projects” – he concludes.

Eager to check out the TSH experience yourself? Give us a shout

There are plenty of custom software development companies in Poland, so why not start by consulting the best one? The initial software consultations are always free of charge!

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