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Next.js is a framework that extends the capabilities of our favorite technologies – Node.js and React. You can use it alongside other tools, such as Express or GraphQL, to make your apps even more powerful and user-friendly.

Describe the project

Next.js development means:

Improved UX.
Enhanced SEO.
Peak performance.

Next.js's primary feature is server-side rendering – the ability to render the JavaScript code entirely on the server and provide the user and bots with easy-to-read HTML. SSR and other Next.js features provide tons of benefits for your project. What kind of benefits exactly?

Improved search engine visibility

Thanks to server-side rendering and static site generation, you can have all the interactivity provided by React without losing any SEO traffic.

Better UX

High-performing and interactive web applications developed with Next.js esnure excellent user experience.

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Enhanced accessibility

More indexable web pages are also significantly more readable for screen readers, which in turn makes them accessible for users with disabilities.

Improved productivity

Ease of upgrading, Automatic Image Optimisation and built-in support for CSS allow Next.js devs to work more efficiently and focus on providing value to business.

Enahnced performance

Automatic code splitting reduces the amount of data needed to be downloaded in order to make the application interactive.

fintech software fintech software development

Developer experience

Next.js requires proficiency in Node and React and is primarily and best used by experienced devs. While working with The Software House, you will benefit from the vast experience of Next.js experts.

What can you use Next.js development services for?

Interactive applications

Modern day users love interactive web apps. They want the app to change in real-time to reflect their actions and quickly provide them what they want. Next.js development improves performance and has a range of features that allow developers to provide interactivity without compromising anything else.

Text-heavy web applications

Server-side rendering (SSR) is the ability to fully render React components on the server, sending to the user simple HTML files, rather than having the browser itself render the components. This wasn’t entirely impossible before Next.js emerged, but it required a lot of additional tweaking. Static site generation (SSG) makes it possible to generate a HTML page for the user during build time. A pre-made HTML like this is extremely fast, but its interactivity is limited as it has to be rebuilt every time it receives input. With Next.js, devs can provide SSR and SSG easily and are able to focus on the business logic instead.

Both SSR and SSG make the app far easier to index for search engines, greatly aiding SEO efforts, which are especially important for text-heavy pages and applications.

Enterprise-scale applications

The bigger your application is, the more apparent the pros of Next.js become. Improved performance, shorter development time, enhanced UX or more organic traffic can all make a great difference for a large-scale application. However, in order to fully benefit from these features, you need experienced Next.js developers.

E-commerce projects

It’s easy to understand why e-commerce enterprises really appreciate Next.js. All of its promises, including better performance, UX and SEO, can greatly improve conversion rates and sales. If you already use React and want to polish your e-commerce project with the objective of actually improving your bottom line, Next.js is a natural choice.

Meet our Next.js developers

Smart. Proactive. And you can count on them.

Andrzej Wysoczański

Andrzej Wysoczański

Head of Frontend



Full-stack developer



Fullstack JS Developer



Frontend Developer



Frontend Developer



Frontend Developer



Frontend Developer



Frontend Developer



Node.js Developer

Our team building process provides you with frequent deliverables and high value added to your business

Being a framework built on top of other technologies such as Node.js, Next.js development requires considerable skill and experience from developers.


You can be sure that all the Next.js developers at The Software House will be ready to meet your requirements. To begin with, we set extremely high standards – only about 5% of applicants get the job.


In addition to that, Node.js is our core technology. In fact, we have the biggest Node.js team in Poland! React is yet another of our favourite technologies. Among these developers, you will find developers who have worked with Next.js for quite a few years.

  • Lead developers – some of our most skilled Node and React developers with Next.js. They are responsible for the entire software development process. They advise the rest of the team and maintain a high-level overview of the project.

  • Interdisciplinary skills – efficient use of Next.js for frontend and backend development requires the skills of a full-stack developer. At The Software House, you will find plenty of them.

  • Delivery mindset – our development process is all about business requirements, and generating real business value for the client fast.

  • Effective communication – we adapt to the needs of our clients very quickly thanks to tons of experience in Agile, transparent development process and proficiency in English.

We made Next.js one of our priorities due to our commitment to Node.js, React and JavaScript. Ever since, it has become a mainstay in our projects.


41 verified reviews

We felt like we had a true partner throughout the process. They were clearly interested in our long-term success

Miłosz Baluś

CTO at Synerise

The team has excellent intuition about how to positively impact users and make our app user-friendly.

Simon Lemonnier

IT Project Manager at Weenect

Their ability to scale easily without sacrificing performance or product quality stands out to us

Rafał Okniński

CTO at BrickVest

They are people who are not only following the tasks, but can work as a team. Together.

Matthijs Piëst

COO at WieBetaaltWat

I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask the questions which go beyond solving problems.

Nick Gold

Managing Director at Speakers Corner

Why should Tech Managers choose Next.js development services from The Software House?

High seniority level
& technical skills

Benefit from the high technical skills of our Next.js devs

Ability to scale a team
in days

Scale your team up or down as you see fit

Cloud & serverless

Use our cloud experience to improve scalability, performance & cost optimization

Vast portfolio of Next.js projects

Having worked with Node and React on a daily basis, we use Next.js regularly

JavaScript specialization

With Node on the backend and React/Vue on the frontend, you get full-stack JS/TS team

Battle-tested process

Designed to be consistent and flexible at the same time

Learn from top experts like Tim Neutkens, Head of Next.js at Vercel

The State of Frontend 2020 is TSH's research of trends and best practices in frontend development. It features data from 4,500 developers and experts from all over the world.

Tim Neutkens, lead developer of the project that led to the release of Next.js, talks about the latest Next.js trends, including the popularity of Jamstack.

Work with top-rated Next.js teams

Get a dedicated team or let us build your product from scratch

Case studies

Modern React interfaces with Next.js
for B2B business analytics system


The development of new dashboards and features for a major B2B provider of machine learning-driven sales and marketing tools. Our frontend developers used React with Next.js and the Storybook tool to build interactive and visually consistent user interfaces.

Client's output

- 300% growth in client base in 2018
- Microsoft Global Retail Award in 2018
- 5/5 project rating on

Client: Synerise

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