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A masterclass from our VP of Technology at the HQ in Gliwice


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Finding highly-trained cloud engineers

Know which AWS services can help you deliver and keep the service operational without overspending. One client automated verification for loan application. Another built a cloud-based paygate form 34+ countries.

Seting up a scalable cloud infrastructure

Keep the product live, fast, and well-maintained by redesigning your infrastructure to serve millions of end users. We use Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and certified cybersecurity tools.

Using the full potential of AWS services

Learn how to pair technologies like Serverless, AWS Lambda, or S3 with your stack to launch a market-ready MVP in half the time — or to upgrade your product while keeping its performance great.

Cutting down cloud costs and resource use

Optimize your architecture and services and see your cloud infrastructure costs drop. A client with 1000 Wordpress websites cut his cloud costs by 93% after nesting them in 1 Next.js app.

See how other companies became cloud pioneers with the aid of a guide to AWS

Organizers streamed 200+ shows on Reservix's new video platform

Reservix transformed an MVP into a profitable video streaming platform for some of the 7000+ organizers from its client base who couldn’t host events during the pandemic.


AWS services used

1.5 years

partnership time

Image showcasing StageClip case study

StageClip saves $28,000 on their cloud bill monthly by reworking their architecture

At a point, 1000 WordPress sites used their cloud. Our engineers nested all of them under 1 Next.js app, cutting out many service instances.


institutional clients worldwide


lower cloud costs

Image showcasing Libre case study

A traditional bank built a cloud-native payment system and reached 36+ new countries

The institution replaced a commission-based third party paygate with their own AWS build that had to follow intense finance regulations.


max number of our experts in the team

2 years

partnership time

Pet Media Group's revenue jumped by 400% by creating one system for 4 marketplaces

To control the information flow and ease management, the company migrated millions of data points into one master management system.


project rating


marketplaces made into 1

Image showcasing Brickvest case study

BrickVest reached a buyout after it expanded their product suite and powered it with AWS

The founders needed an MVP app for real-estate financing. 22+ of our employees scaled the product and made it attractive to investors.


project rating


loans listed on the platform


verified lenders

Image showcasing eSky case study

A remade backend supported Esky’s global expansion

A wave of new users overloaded eSky’s system. After 3 years of our refactoring, the company could enter new markets 22% faster.


project rating


registered airlines


registered airlines

Image showcasing Smartum case study

Smartum's work benefit app reached a 96% approval rate

Smartum's coupon-based benefit system became unmanageable. The new app with native iOS/Android support brought even more users in.


quality rating


end users

What's your no. 1 issue with AWS? Costs? Predictability? Delivery time?

Over 160+ software teams consulted with our Seniors. Take a minute to tell us about your project.

The stack we power up cloud products with


Start with a cloud audit that will reveal quick improvement areas

Compare your operations to those of dozens of businesses using AWS that we’ve supported. And reveal how to make your cloud flexible and predictable soon enough. We have the tools and frameworks needed to start right away.


Introduce tested practices for CloudOps that unlock rapid delivery

Like creating use cases for business with defined costs and benefits, automating routine tasks, or introducing accurate cloud monitoring and management. At the end of the day, your team will feel empowered to build more workloads in the cloud with confidence — and to deploy faster.


Perfect your cloud strategy with a veteran AWS engineering team

Get guidance on how to design flexible architecture using microservices. How to save resources or avoid over-provisioning.We cover smart budgeting, too. You can do it yourself, sure — or ask certified AWS engineers who delivered scalable applications to even 7 million end-users.


Together, we'll support your cloud goals from the 1st sprint

You have your obligations. We’ll align on the work method, the vision, and goals carefully to meet your expectations and drive your cloud delivery.

Let certified cloud engineers guide you

With engineers recognized by AWS, you’ll power up the product with cloud services without losing stability. As an AWS Advanced Partner, we give you access to 110 certified or accredited talents.

Upgrade your software architecture

Adapt microservices, serverless, S3, and other AWS solutions with success by working with architects and developers who completed projects in 7+ industries.

Team up with people recognized by the tech community

CTO Roundable webinars hosting top leaders

The Roundtable community connects 1000+ IT executives who watch us to refine their quality, process, and management standards.

"Uszanowanko Programowanko" learning meetups

We're leading Poland's biggest tech meetup with a loyal community of 2500+ members. Nearly 400 people watch one Uszanowanko event.

State of industry reports that present thousands of voices

We provide fellow executives and developers with unbiased and detailed insight from over 4500+ technology professionals.

An education blog read by 70,000 professionals monthly

We share coding tutorials, advice on scalability, and development standards backed by the practical experience of our talents.

"Every candidate we interviewed passed with excellent results."

Said the Founder of Pet Media Group in a ★5 review. In two years, he grew the revenue by 400% in part thanks to smarter AWS adoption.

This is why 98% of clients recommend our teams

Every partner is the most important one. To form bonds lasting years, we offer technology solutions proven to work across industries while keeping projects well-managed and fun.

Most clients stay over 3 years. Here's what they like.

4.8 /5.0

Based on 61 clients reviews

Rick ter Laak

CEO of Travelia

Thanks to the Software House, we reduced maintenance costs by 40% for the mobile app and by 25% for the production environment with the use of newer technologies.

Eyass Shakrah

Co-Founder of Pet Media Group

We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. In 12 months alone, we grew from 6 to 49 people, while our revenues and profits grew multiple times.

Micha Roon

CTO at the Energy Web Foundation

We got the feeling that our goals are shared and that we're all working towards a common objective. I like their drive for innovation and the company spirit. They are responsive and helpful and willing to listen.

Martin Woywod

Software Strategist at Reservix

It’s very rewarding to see that other people actually understand your requirements. We achieved what we hoped for with this project. We can sleep well at night because everything just works.

Krystian Chlebek

CEO of Blue Coin

The team at TSH impressed us with a highly personalized approach to our project and lots of interesting suggestions, as well as the ability to handle almost all aspects of the projects.

Start small and scale up as you go

You can ask for a team of 2 developers and add or dismiss members later. That's how our partner Reservix started 3 years ago. They now have a durable team of 6.
Martin Woywood sitting on the couch

Want to level up your CloudOps?

Let our Senior cloud engineers review your case and start thinking about your options. Most clients get started in 1-2 months.

4.8 /5.0

Based on 61 clients reviews

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    We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

    Eyass Shakrah

    Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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