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software architecture development

Together, we will establish an optimal cloud computing workflow that helps you cut down cloud spending, automate infrastructure monitoring, and increase architectural flexibility.

Cloud development done right expands your software and team capabilities

Using cloud based development resources to build and scale your app requires a rare skill set and an even more rare mentality.

You need the sharpest knowledge from the worlds of cloud software development and infrastructure. That’s a lot to handle.

Your DevOps and other cloud developers can learn by experimenting with cloud environment if there’s time and money. Or you can jump-start your cloud development in weeks (not months) with our team rich in cross-industry cloud development experience.

The Software House’s cloud native development team offers just that.

Full scalability

Your application will automatically increase or decrease cloud computing resources in response to usage.

New business speed

Reducing time-to-market under a perfected continuous deployment model

Faster delivery

Cut cloud development time with hundreds of services from cloud providers

Never overspend

Under the pay-per-use model, you avoid idle server time charges

Development flexibility

Swap, modify, or replace components on the go without refactoring

Outstanding security

The cloud offers first-class security services, so you won't have to build from scratch

Reach incomparable cloud-based scalability that works for thousands of users

Starting a new cloud computing project? Feeling your current cloud based development is underperforming? Over 140 companies got through technology challenges with our guidance. Let our certified DevOps engineers and cloud developers ensure your cloud applications follows all the best practices of cloud based development.

Cloud architecture

Cloud maintenance

Cloud migration

Cloud tool development

Team augmentation

Cloud architecture

Why build for the cloud?

Fact — any app supposed to earn decent money needs the power of cloud environment. That’s because cloud architecture is ready to transform within days to support a reliable and rapid market delivery.

Build any software with any technology and language with scalability, speed, and minimal costs that are unachievable with on-premise servers. Cloud based software development is used by eBay, HotelTonight, Fitbit, or General Electric.

Key benefits of cloud-native architecture

  • Deploy frequently and roll back easily
  • Build faster using hundreds of production-ready services
  • Auto-scale software based on demand
  • Access and utilize global infrastructure at an affordable price

Cloud maintenance

Why invest in cloud maintenance?

Cloud platforms can have an uptime close to 99,9%+. That’s if the team keeps the system updated and monitored, which is why maintenance is still as critical as it was in your pre-cloud era.

Ensure the infrastructure of your web applications stays resilient with regular patching, updates, fixes, and error prevention that it needs. Done by Honda, Aldo, Siemens, Deliveroo, or T-Mobile –only a few of the many companies that have achieved incredile digital transformation thanks to cloud development.

Key benefits of cloud maintenance

  • Keep cost and resource usage down
  • Reduce or eliminate production failures
  • Act immediately when downtime strikes
  • Implement successful system updates

Cloud migration

Why migrate to the cloud?

Only cloud computing lets you scale your the infrastructure of your web applications under a fraction of a cost as compared to upgrading an on-premise system. And it’s done easier with cloud infrastructure. Spend time delivering business value instead of working on servers thanks to a rich selection of pay-per-use cloud services.

The cloud services enable you to build microservices under minimized costs where business value and not the code is a priority. Done by Spotify, GitLab, Shopify, Evernote, or Etsy.

Key benefits of cloud migration

  • Introduce the next level of rapid development
  • Reduce operational effort through automation
  • Reach beyond on-premise performance limits
  • Upgrade your infrastructure with reliable cloud services

Cloud tool development

Why develop cloud tools?

Your organization might have no-compromise requirements that call for a cloud-native extension to Kubernetes or Docker. Data handling, security assurance, and custom operators can be designed around how you work with the market.

By investing in custom cloud tools, you’ll get ahead of the competition and create something that no one else has. Done by Atlassian, Salesforce, Dropbox, McDonalds, or Uber.

Key benefits of cloud tool development

  • Gain more control over cloud security and administration
  • Combine functions from different systems
  • Adjust cloud software to unbending business processes
  • Bypass the limitations of the tools your using

Team augmentation

Why expand your team?

Shortage of talent. Do you need more hands on deck? Upskilling your DevOps team can take months or even years, during which the backlog will only grow and you can lose a lot of business opportunities. Leveraging outsourced developers can cost less to get that project done.

Onboard the people you need now without worrying about the challenges that come with recruitment. Done by Alibaba, Slack, Skype, Opera, or GitHub.

Key benefits of team augmentation

  • Access highly skilled professionals in weeks
  • Your team learns successful cloud development
  • Focus on cloud-first software development
  • Scale up or downsize your team on demand

Ask our experts how to optimize Cloud & DevOps operations to reach greater results

Work with one of the biggest DevOps teams in Poland

Work with one of the biggest DevOps teams in Poland

Reliable. Scalable. Cost-effective. That’s what your cloud should be. It provides you with almost endless possibilities,  but it operates under a very different set of rules compared to old-school infrastructure. As our partner, you’ll benefit from my team’s holistic approach to the cloud. We’re able to design and build infrastructure, develop code, migrate your systems, maintain them, and then also grow them as needed.

We provide our clients the flexibility of choice by building agnostic infrastructures following the principles of Infrastructure as a Code. 

Soon enough, you might own a cloud system that gives your business an advantage the competitor doesn’t have.

Wojciech Wójcik

Head of DevOps at The Software House






DevOps Engineers

Work with an official AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Access developers, DevOps engineers and project managers who implemented dozens of custom-made cloud systems.

software architecture development
24 AWS Accredited Individuals
36 AWS Certified Individuals

From the U.S. to Kuwait, 98% of CTOs recommend our talent for cloud development projects

Virtual Graduation Platform

  • Two weeks for software architecture development for a video platform serving 200.000+ unique users
  • Managing the project in Kanban rather than Scrum with our PM as the client’s Product Owner

We reduced maintenance and operational costs
from $30.000 to $2.000!

97.7% saved

Two weeks of coding can have a big impact

Architecture based on React (front end) and Node.js (back end) performs fast enough to serve thousands of users

Thanks to rigorous QA stress tests, the platform has processed over 225.000 hours of video since launch

Over 800 universities from around the world now rely on the solution

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