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Whether you go for a cloud or cross-platform app, use our experience shaped by delivering +30 cloud-based projects a year.

Be faster

Capable of just-in-time compilation (JIT), Java Virtual Machine (JVM) offers a near-native efficiency. It supports multithreading to give superior performance in CPU-intensive tasks.

Be versatile

It supports multiple platforms. Develop one app and run it on any cloud environment, on the web, desktop, or mobile devices. Make Java a center of your multichannel strategy.

Be stable

Java has been around since 1995 and is one of the top 3 programming languages according to Tiobe. Supported by Oracle, it has a rich history and a bright future ahead.

Be secure

Java, valued for its security, is a top choice in the banking sector. It owes it to a great number of security APIs (e.g. for cryptography, or public key infrastructure), the JVM, and memory management.

Be equipped

Nearly three decades of growth brought tons of tools, libraries, and frameworks that make coding, testing, or debugging so much easier, boosting productivity and Developer Experience.

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Be supported

According to Developer Nation, +17 million developers work with Java, making it one of the largest development communities. Their activity ensures that you will always find a use case similar to yours.

Just how versatile is Java?

Cloud applications

According to Precedence Research, the global cloud computing market is already valued at over $500 billion. As it grows, Java remains one of the most popular programming languages. Cloud and Java are just a match made in heaven.

Java is often referred to as WORA – Write Once and Run Anywhere. You run the same Java app on any device or platform supporting the Java Virtual Machine, making it great for distributed systems. Its multithreading nature improves the scalability and resilience of cloud apps. There is also no shortage of tools, SDKs, and APIs that support Java on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Azure.

Enterprise applications

Amazon, Airbnb, IBM, Netflix, Microsoft, PayPal, and Salesforce – these are only some of the major organizations using Java in their popular applications. Then there are banks and financial institutions using Java that are far too many to count! What makes it such a popular choice for all of them?

Enterprises are drawn to stable and trustworthy technologies that will provide them with peace of mind over many years of growth. Backed by Oracle, and supported by a big community, secure, and backward compatibility with previous versions are all highly prized by large businesses.

Big data applications

Big data is all about the three Vs – volume, velocity, and variety. A great amount of data, the rate at which it is received, and the sheer diversity of it are an everyday reality not only for enterprises such as Amazon or IBM but also for a host of successful startups. Java, yet again, is at the forefront of it all.

In fact, popular data storage and processing platforms such as Hadoop HDFS were written in Java. The language also supports various data sciences techniques, while being much more versatile than other big data languages such as R.

Internet of Things applications

In today’s interconnected world every device and platform is yet another channel for a business to explore. The Internet of Things market is worth more than $500 billion and will grow in the coming years. Want a piece of that pie? Then, you might need some Java developers.

When it comes to IoT apps, Java is widely used in embedded development due to its portability which stems from the WORA principle. Its multithreading provides excellent performance and scalability, and it also goes a long way to address one of the main challenges of IoT technologies – security.

Artificial Intelligence applications

Some people have only woken up to the power of AI when the latest version of ChatGPT hits the shelves. Others had already been at the forefront of this innovation for a while by then. And this interest is often associated with Java – developers at Amazon or Microsoft could tell you a thing or two about it.

Java supports concurrent programming, making it a sound choice for apps that require parallel processing. This includes various data analytics apps, among others. Java is also equipped with all kinds of machine learning libraries such as Apache Jena for building the semantic web, the Eye reasoning engine, or Neuroph for neural network creation.

Stream processing applications

Both AI and big data apps often process large volumes of incoming data. To handle the intensity, they often turn to stream processing. This technique allows for the continuous processing of large streams of data in real-time instead of collecting it firstly, as is the case with batch processing.

Some use cases for stream processing include stock market analysis, geospatial data processing, or production line monitoring. They are likely to use Java because, other than its support for data science techniques, it is also supported by top data streaming platforms such as Apache Kafka.

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How we're going to build your Java development team

The Software House sets high recruitment standards – we only offer a job to approximately 5% of applicants.


Most importantly, we take care of our developers. We believe that they work efficiently together as a team when they are well taken care of individually in terms of growth and motivation.

  • Lead developers – you will work with one. They are selected from the most experienced developers. They are responsible for the implementation of tried-and-true development processes.

  • Interdisciplinary skills –  it allows our clients to fill the gap between frontend and backend software development in a project.

  • Delivery mindset – each project starts with business requirements and goals. That way, you can start generating value from technology faster. Boosting your time-to-market is one of our priorities.

  • Effective communication – our goal is to make you and your in-house developers feel like we are part of your company. Our process is transparent and we are proud of our English proficiency.

The Software House delivers 30 cloud-based projects a year, offering an ever-increasing choice of trending technologies


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They are people who are not only following the tasks, but can work as a team. Together.

Matthijs Piëst

COO at WieBetaaltWat

I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask the questions which go beyond solving problems.

Nick Gold

Managing Director at Speakers Corner

The team has excellent intuition about how to positively impact users and make our app user-friendly.

Simon Lemonnier

IT Project Manager at Weenect

We felt like we had a true partner throughout the process. They were clearly interested in our long-term success

Miłosz Baluś

CTO at Synerise

Their ability to scale easily without sacrificing performance or product quality stands out to us

Rafał Okniński

CTO at BrickVest

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