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We have the ambition to build the best Node.js team in Silesia. And it looks like we're already very close to the goal! Node.js programmers who work in TSH are genuine Full-Stack JS Developers who receive the best tools and the most interesting projects. TypeScript, express, gRPC, WebSockets, Microservices... Need anything else? Consider it done.


At The Software House, we know how important the intuitive interface is and that's why we treat the work of JS programmers with the greatest respect. We befriended three frameworks: React, Angular and Vue.js. However, we do not take sides in the everlasting conflict of their supporters, because we all have one thing in common: the beauty of JavaScript. And of course the best technologies, like WebStorm or ECMAScript 8.


One of the largest PHP teams in Poland and the foundation of The Software House. Experienced programmers who cut their teeth on enterprise-grade projects, but also younger, ambitious backend developers who want to learn from the best. At TSH, PHP programmers will never run out of interesting things to do – they develop works of art in Symfony and Laravel on a daily basis.


TSH is more than just programmers. In the design department, we turn business ideas into up-and-running applications. We believe in a reasonable and modern approach: from thorough research, Interaction Design and Visual Design, to complete Product Design. We work closely with our BFFs – copywriters and developers. Everything using the best equipment and graphics software available.


This team is our real-deal special task force. We work with clients who know how important secure, stable and scalable architecture is. That's why we can – and know how to – implement DevOps solutions on a large scale: from Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes, to Google Cloud Storage and Amazon Web Services. Infrastructure is fundamental!

Quality Assurance

Some believe that testers are the necessary evil. Meanwhile, our QA department grows into one of the most important in the company! Testers are active members of development teams and work in every project from the very beginning. We place particular emphasis on automation, hence our own beloved end-to-end test framework – Kakunin.

TSH team
TSH team

Job offers for (not only!) programmers

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About us

What do you need to know about TSH?

TSH office Comfortable work in TSH Experience and TSH brand
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Our office is the best place to work for programmers
TSH’s new office at the Old Post Office in Gliwice is a real local attraction. No wonder: the combination of nineteenth-century red bricks and modern technologies is quite impressive. It was awarded in the Office Superstar competition as the best working space in the entire Polish technology industry! So if you belong to those who expect only top working conditions, feel invited to the Old Post in Gliwice.
We provide conditions for comfortable work
We know that different people work in different ways. That is why we designed the TSH office in Gliwice to meet all possible needs. Instead of a cold and impersonal open space, we have cosy and comfortable rooms here. In the centre of the building, we’ve designed a huge dining room and a beautiful, sunny patio. Also, we share a dozen meeting rooms – from single phone booths to conference halls. In the Old Post, everyone works the way they like. Surrounded by omnipresent green jungle.
We have proven experience and a solid brand
The Software House was recognised on the list of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE. What does it mean? That we are one of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe! In just a few years we have grown from a teeny-tiny team to over 130 people. However, we are not developing in an ill-conceived manner and we certainly don’t want to lose the spirit of a small company – the enthusiastic opinions of our employees confirm that we have succeeded.

Our employees

We grow in numbers



We give more

Stable employment


High salary


Flexible working hours

working hours

Remote work on demand

Remote work
on demand

Clear development path

development path

Mentoring programme


MacBook Pro + monitors

MacBook Pro
+ monitors

Latest software


Trips to conferences

to conferences

Internal training


English lessons


Internal library


Private parking slots

parking slots

Private medical care

medical care

Employee benefits card

benefits card

Sports events


Great workplace atmosphere

workplace atmosphere

300 m2 of a sunny patio

300 m2
of a sunny patio

Have a little sneak-peak at The Software House's backstage.

See how we work
In The Software House we love programming

Last but not least – we love programming!

We carry out really cool projects, which we create mostly from scratch, using technologies chosen by our team – so you can forget about legacy code and repetitive tasks. We work in Scrum, use the best tools and technologies. We’ve also introduced a mentoring program, organize internal workshops and gladly cover the costs of business trips to conferences. And what about code review? That’s our bread and butter.

Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider

Training and conferences

We care about your development

Internal workshops

In The Software House, we have more than a hundred people and everybody has different passions, favourite tools, proven tricks. We love to share this knowledge – that's why, every week, we organize internal workshops on interesting tools or good practices. So if you like to learn new things, you could not find a better place to work.


Working as a programmer requires constant improvement of qualifications. You don’t know how to solve a certain problem? Are you looking for the optimal solution? At TSH we assign a mentor to each new employee and they will be more than happy to help you with anything! So forget about responses like "I do not have time for you" or "find it on Stack Overflow". Only friendly faces here!

Agile programming

We don’t believe that it’s possible to determine the project’s final shape at the very beginning, which is why our work is based on an iterative, agile process – Scrum. Therefore, The Software House is an ideal place for all those who want to develop not only technical skills but also soft ones, like working in a team and efficient task planning, so important in IT industry.

Trips to conferences

We never say “no” to our employees when it comes to personal development. There’s a large conference budget for everyone, which allows participating in important events in Poland and around the world. What's more, we organize a cyclic meetup Uszanowanko Programowanko – the largest one of its kind in the whole Silesia – where our employees share their knowledge with the IT community.

How we work

Is personal development important to you?

Join us!


This is how we do it!

300 m2 of sunshine on the patio

Whoever designed the Old Post Office building in the nineteenth century probably predicted that it would become a workplace for comfort-loving programmers. From almost every corner of the office, you can go out to a beautiful, bathed-in-the-sun patio, surrounded by old, redbrick walls. We use it regularly, denying rumours that IT specialists spend their time mainly in the basement.

Chillout in the dining room

The heart of our beautiful office in the Old Post in Gliwice is a huge dining room. Some come here to eat lunch or chat over coffee, and others to work in an inspiring environment. Open space, comfortable armchairs, an additional mezzanine, beanbags and swings – the dining room is prepared for all scenarios (including the zombie apocalypse).

Office parties

We do not need a special opportunity to stay in the office after work to laugh at dry jokes and pour beers over them for proper hydration. We regularly organise larger company events, such as Children's Day or Christmas Eve, where we invite our significant others and kids. For the latter, we always prepare special games and gifts. Investment in future generations!

Game on!

There’s more to life than work! Do you remember LAN parties? At The Software House, we revive this tradition. We meet regularly for TSH Gaming Nights and show each other no mercy – no matter if it’s the classic Counter-Strike 1.6 or one of the newest production. And the best thing? We can use the nearly two-hundred-inch screen hanging in the dining room.

Sporting rivalry

"Would you finally go outside and not just look at the computer screen all day?" No problemo. At TSH everyone willing receives a MultiSport benefit system card and can join football or volleyball matches. We also take part in charity relay runs, and our bicycle lovers – an exceptionally numerous group – have an ongoing ranking on Endomondo.

uszanowanko programowanko meetup logo

We organize the largest programming meetup in Silesia

The most chill developers from Gliwice, Katowice and all of Silesia – feel invited. We talk about good practices, technological novelties, noteworthy tools, testing and security. Pizza and beer help us to maintain good spirits. Cheers and “uszanowanko”!

See more
Uszanowanko programowanko









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Job offers for (not only!) programmers

We are currently looking for

These aren’t the job offers you’re looking for?

Do you feel like TSH needs someone like you? Get in touch with us – we’re more than happy to meet you!

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Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider
Working at The Software House office slider

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