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Junior or veteran – whatever! At TSH, you’ll develop your career in a respectful and open atmosphere.

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Get your career going at TSH

You will be provided with the necessary space, tools, and resources to pursue your own ambitions, develop in the chosen direction and even create a personal expert brand.

We encourage, never force!

Work comfort matters even in terms of technology. The stack is properly balanced and contains popular, trending, and internally developed solutions. Our clients are brainiacs with software development know-how so there’s no need for painfully cringy explanations of what QA specialists do in the project.

Apart from mentoring, you will go through our self-designed bootcamp to learn about standards and good practices in the company and your team. You’ll see how quickly you’ll adapt to our work style and dive into some awesome projects.

As an official Amazon Web Services partner, we have exclusive access to their training and we are not afraid to use them. You’ll learn best practices for cloud migration, data analytics, and much more.

Knowledge at your fingertips! We have loads of creative people willing to share their talents. With presentations, lectures, workshops, online events or viewing parties at our disposal, we learn individually, in project teams, or entire departments.

Show off your knowledge by creating specialized articles for the IT community. We even give you days off from projects to create content! You’re not the best writer? Spoiler: we have helpful copywriters who will magically pimp your article.

Our events will help you train public speaking and fight stage fright. We already created some friendly monsters who used to choke during internal presentations and now are slaying at industry conferences.

You show up on your first day and then what? Worry not! Until you achieve tip-top confidence, you will be under the mentor’s wing. They will induct you to the company, answer your questions, provide technical support, introduce you to colleagues and take care of your development goals.

Your starting point doesn’t matter, we’ll help you plan your personal development and achieve further promotions. You will also receive full support if you decide to pivot your career path or switch technologies.

We work only with certified training companies, such as Bottega, Nobleprog, Pattern Match, and official AWS mentors. If you want to level up, deepen or gain new skills, we gladly oblige.

After years of tapping the keyboard, some people get bored. Do you prefer to pass knowledge on to new generations? At TSH, you can nurture your soft skills in teaching, team, and project management and open the door to a mentor or team leader career.

We will hold your hand when going off the deep end of the internet. In 2020 alone, our content reached half a million readers, and 17,000 people from all over the world took part in the events we organized!
Our people have already been featured in international newsletters, incl. *inhale* Node Weekly, PHP Weekly, JavaScript Weekly, Software Testing Weekly, Responsive Web Desing, Pony Foo Weekly, Node Source, HeyDesigner, WeekendJS, Frontend Focus, Awesome PHP Weekly, LevelUP... *exhale*.

We combine business with pleasure and code for fun! There are a lot of challenges for the programming masters and TSH Kata is our main prize competition. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space here to present all the (in)formal hackathons going on, so you need to join us and see for yourself.

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17 people

Methodology or lifestyle, never a person! Specialists in a safe, stable, and scalable architecture. Infrastructure is their domain with only the best tools – Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.


45 people

The largest Node.js team in Poland. Masters of microservices, real-time, increasing efficiency and scalability. They work in Node.js (duh!), TypeScript, GraphQL & AWS.


49 people

The strong foundation of TSH. The backend may not be a bed of roses, but the PHP department makes sure that it’s efficient and stable. Fans of Symfony and Laravel.

Product Design

18 people

Company experts in usability and beautiful interfaces. Product designers follow our OG 5-step process to improve the design of software products that strongly focuses on user analysis and excellent UX.


72 people

The first line of user interaction. For these TypeScript and React.js shippers, the most important things are intuitive and pleasant interfaces in line with UX principles.


46 people

Ruthless bug busters and guardians of quality. Active from the very beginning of the process, they engage not only in testing but also in business analysis, optimization, and security.

Project Management

22 people

Contrary to popular opinion, PMs aren’t an automated request for an update, but a necessary link between the world of technology and business. We don’t like to think about what would happen without their organizational skills…

Marketing and Sales

15 people

First rule: no boredom! IT isn’t the easiest or most glamorous industry but this department proves that you can attract and keep customers with a bit of swagger. We have the greatest variety of talents here: from charismatic salespeople and meticulous data analysts to creative copywriters.

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A sense of humor and mutual respect are the core of The Software House. We openly communicate what’s going on in the company, and in case of problems, we look for solutions, not obstacles. The families and partners of our employees are also our concern and we do everything to make them feel cared for.

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Being number 1 out of 783 IT companies in Poland by didn’t come out of anywhere.

Each award from the technology industry gives us great joy! We’re even more excited that our approach is appreciated by employees and customers alike.

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