Every day at TSH
is a crossover episode

Strength in numbers! Each person brings a new perspective to the project, so we always listen to all parties involved and choose the best options together. Besides, who would rather be stuck sulking in one department when there are so many cool people in the company!

How do we work?

Intensive care from day one

The company survey found out that our employees are very impressed with both the recruitment process and onboarding organization. From day one, everyone is properly looked after by mentors, leaders, and superiors. You will receive a specific plan for implementation, training, and career paths. We schedule regular 1-on-1 meetings with detailed feedback. No stress or confusion – snap your fingers and you’ll feel at home.

F Customer-centric focus

Following the principle that the customer of the customer is our customer, the satisfaction of the end-users always comes first. We approach each project individually, using our favorite Scrum methodology. Technological empathy helps us walking in the shoes of our clients, that’s why we spend a lot of time understanding the business goals through workshops and research for the optimal solution.

Real influence on projects

We work for various industries so we’re constantly trying to improve our processes. We have huge and smaller projects under our belt for transport, events, fintech, HR, marketplace, SaaS and much more. If you want to engage in direct contact with the client or work with specific technologies and tools, you will definitely find something to suit you.

Comfortable work with realistic deadlines

All people involved in the project are an indispensable part of the customer's team. At the same time, teams are just the right size so that no one feels overwhelmed and can present their ideas. Flexible working time not only helps us meet deadlines but also improves productivity. When you need time off or an AFK break during the day, it can always be arranged.

A unique blend of development and integration

Our research & development is one-of-a-kind. Not only do we train each other or organize watch parties for webinar screenings, but we also check whether the current hype for a given solution is hot or not. The company has several tech research clubs that x-ray new solutions for our customers. Have an idea what to dissect next? You must gather your party before venturing forth, and off we go!

0 No dodgy deals or corp-etiquette

In the annual TSH survey, the upbeat atmosphere is always crowned as the coolest feature of the company. We regularly publish news and organize honest presentations that are properly memed and openly inform about what’s happening now and where we are headed. We want everyone at TSH to enjoy what they do, develop a positive approach to the world (which we wholeheartedly promote!), and stay with us for years to come, recommending us to others.

Sooo much inspiration!

Show off your knowledge and talents to the IT community.
There are several ways to do this, for example...

Official AWS partner

We are experts in cloud solutions and we have papers to prove it. 20 employees (and counting) have already received their AWS certificates

Working with us means for you:

Your own AWS certificate confirming your skills.

Mentoring by already-certified specialists who know AWS inside out.
Exclusive cloud training organized by people from AWS.
Unlimited access to current and official cloud development resources.

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We have nothing to hide and everything to show.

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