Our Mission

We support people and organizations to become technology leaders and do great things with joy and satisfaction.
To achieve this, we focus on their success, rich experience, our unique organizational culture, and technological excellence.

Our employees empower us to do better!

“To offer the best workplace to our people” was a dream that came true!

Since 2022, TSH has been a Great Place to Work. We’d like to believe it always was. We earned a stamp of approval thanks to the effort of our all-star team. We listen, mature, and give mentorship to keep on improving every day for our community.

Our values

We come from different places and backgrounds, but we all want our workplace to be an example of reason, dignity, and mutual respect.

See what is most important to us. If you share similar values, you will have no problem finding your way in The Software House.


We want TSH to be your home for years, so we honestly communicate what’s happening and in what direction we are going. We prefer to seek solutions rather than create obstacles.


We put a lot of work and heart into not only improving business problem-solving but also establishing close relationships with clients.


Leave no person behind! Life is so unpredictable, so we do everything to effectively support our people and provide them with a sense of security and stability.


Technology doesn’t stand still and we move forward with it. After all, to create products at the highest level, you need to know what's going on.


Our people are simply the best! We make sure that everyone feels seen, satisfied, appreciated, listened to, and fulfilled.


Several heads are better than one – in teams, we get to know different perspectives, exchange experiences, and motivate each other. You can do far more with a loyal squad.

A partnership approach

Everyone's voice in the company is equally important. When you feel that you have a real influence on the company, you enrich your creativity, confidence, and motivation.

From people
to people

Nothing’s more important than physical or mental wellbeing so we ALWAYS put the health and comfort of our people first. Anybody might get sick at any point, so we offer full support, including an extensive Lux Med package for you, your partner, or the whole family.

Without trust, there is no development, so we play open cards and simply trust our employees and clients. We always communicate clearly and provide space for discussion and expression. Ground-breaking, right?

Beginnings in a new place can be stressful, but we've devised a clever plan to break the ice. From day one you will get the support of mentors who will teach you everything you need to know about the company, clients, and your role. Thanks to this, you will surely find new friends quickly.

Bored with your current occupation? Have an eye on a specific technology and you think you’ll do great in it? Change something! We’ll help you pivot and redirect your career elsewhere.

If you are a mom or dad, you don't have to worry about anything. We want your kiddos to have a happy childhood! Maybe you plan to expand your family? Voila! We have the option of combining parental leave with part-time work. Parenting is hard and humbling, that’s why we guarantee stable employment and flexible working hours.

If pajamas are your designated work clothes, you can roll 100% remotely. Prefer to show up in the office? We invite you to our locations in Gliwice and Krakow. Whatever makes you comfortable.

Each department has clearly defined promotion paths. When you start to feel comfortable in the company, your supervisor will help you plan specific steps, training, and tasks that will help you achieve your goals.

We realize that working in IT is a great privilege. People at TSH are very involved in charitable activities, mostly in the privacy of the company – we don't like bragging about it too much. If you are an NGO volunteer, you will certainly find people with big hearts.

Home or office? You work where you want

We are only interested in your skills and attitude. We already have our methods for effective cooperation, communication and integration.

Read about remote work

Work’s work
but there’s a limit

Check out how we have fun together:


Uszanowanko Programowanko

Translated as Howdy Coding, it's a free meetup, combining business with pleasure. In BC times (before covid), we invited local developers for a few presentations and socializing over a beer and pizza. We had no choice but to move it online. With 50+ editions who knows what the future will bring.



Who wants to play video games? We've already had retro games days, board games evenings, and all-night sessions with specific titles. So far, all friendships have somehow survived. There’s even a gaming library, and you can borrow anything from the company’s collection.


Coding challenges

After a hard day of coding, we sit down to coding. Maybe to program the coffee machine in the kitchen to launch at specific times, or to make the company's Endomondo after the original died. Imagine there are such fanatics.


Sporting challenge

Do you walk, run, ride a bike?* Respect! You can join our sports lovers. It’s not only an opportunity to win individual prizes for tough people, but also a charity event where our common efforts raise money for good causes.
* No, we won’t introduce the binge-watching marathon category, but we are happy to participate.


Children's Day

A special party for small and so-called “grown-up” children with bouncy castles, balloons and gifts. Sometimes it's hard to tell who’s having more fun, tbh.


End-of-year party

We meet together in Gliwice to listen to the legendary CEO’s Speech. Then it’s dancing and frolicking with immortal hits like "L'Amour Toujours".

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