We’re 100% remote-friendly, without preservatives

Company’s from Silesia but we work from everywhere. We have employees from Kraków, human-bisons from Podlasie, Warsaw mermaids, Poznań-baked potatoes, and inhabitants of Novigra… Gdańsk, we mean Gdańsk! Some even connect from Thailand or Luxembourg.

What's it like to work remotely, okay?

Thanks to a remote system, we have gained many talented employees and we do what we can to make everyone feel part of the team.

~ Company equipment

You won’t work on your own computer. We will send you a laptop, screen and all necessary accessories.

A Competitions

Feel invited to the TSH Sporting Challenge, hackathons, bootcamps, games, Oscars predictions and blog writing contest. There are plenty of activities and we hope you will participate!

$$ Training budget for departments

It doesn’t matter if you want to participate in a conference abroad or need a specific book. If the goal is to raise your and your team's competencies, the price doesn’t matter (okay, maybe a little 😉).


TSH doesn’t live by code alone. We have a whole range of hobby Slack channels where tiny communities hatch. Do you want to organize a HoMM tournament? Maybe a handicraft workshop? 100% there will be people willing to join you.

Base, over!

For those who prefer the office, we have two great locations.

Our offices


The best office in Polish IT according to Office Superstar
Mothership, headquarters, The Software House command center. The Old Post Office is a local tourist attraction and it doesn’t surprise us at all. The combination of 19th-century walls with modern technologies and a green indoor jungle is impressive.

Everyone will find a comfortable nook for themselves in cozy working stations and over a dozen rooms – from soundproofed singles to conference-sized units. The only open space is a gigantic dining room and a sunny patio for integration and relaxation.

Our offices


The Krakow office with a fantastic view of the Wisła River is located right next to the Piłsudski Bridge in the picturesque Podgórze district. Mainly the headquarters of our marketing and sales, but both departments are happy to embrace any stray employee.

Note: an overwhelming multitude of delicious lunch options in the area!

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