Make your software architecture adapt to changing business goals

Technology moves faster than ever, and you need to catch up. Reach measurably higher scalability, performance, and cost optimization thanks to resilient software architecture development.

A well-designed software architecture saves thousands of development hours

We’ve seen it happen many times in our software engineering work for 200+ projects. Last client dropped server maintenance and operation costs by 300 times. Time to see what performance you can achieve.

Our software architects will help you establish a secure, flexible, and efficient software development process that meets your needs.


Reach high-level project responsiveness and availability by using low-resource cloud components


Add new features easier — be it a different front end or a process rule — with a software architecture that creates a clear separation of concerns

Cost optimization

Expand without overspending with pay-for-use technology that minimizes infrastructure operation costs


Yes, experts agree it can be secure. Your new architecture will comply with best practices in user security and monitoring, information security, and application-level security


Minimize application failures thanks to automated scalability that responds to fluctuating traffic

Rely on solutions that will work in the future

Planning a new architecture project? Feeling stuck with your current one? Over 140 companies got through technology challenges with our guidance. Find the main solution that will help you move on.



Cloud migration



Why use microservices?

Software architecture developers now use several “micro” service software components that help evolve the application’s stack without rebuilding the entire code. Our development teams are well-versed with this kind of software architecture services.

Because of this, microservices enable a rapid, frequent, and reliable delivery of complex software systems. Used by Uber, Netflix, Amazon, or Capital One.

Key benefits of microservices

  • Deploy features independently
  • Easy to maintain and test
  • Loose coupling supports CI/CD
  • Many components to match your goals


Why use serverless?

Cloud computing services based on the serverless framework free departments from server management and optimization which are done by the provider. Leaders pay only for service runtime.

Serverless can dramatically cut down costs and empower developers to focus solely on business logic, engineering, or coding instead of environment control. Used by industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, BBC Online, Nordstorm, or Figma.

Key benefits of serverless

  • Speed up delivery time
  • Automate computing scalability
  • Save more in your IT budget
  • One tool for different cloud vendors

Cloud migration

Why migrate services to the cloud?

Software industry leaders gain incomparable software scalability and availability by using reliable, on-demand cloud technologies that easily adjust to their business.

With hundreds of premade services for each part of the software development life cycle, rapid development under optimized costs is now possible, making the cloud the new engine for digital transformation. Used by the development team at Apple, Instagram, Netflix, and Etsy.

Key benefits of cloud migration

  • Eliminate wasteful spending
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Level-up your technology
  • Modernize data operations


Why re-architect software?

When work staggers because technology change and documenting software architectures is too complex and, application re-architecting unblocks the future scalability of traffic and development.

Key areas CTOs depend on become actionable again, allowing them to build up user acquisition solutions, boost deployment, or introduce microservices under smaller teams. Used by those who tried working effectively with legacy code.

Key benefits of re-architecting

  • Replace legacy systems with smart components
  • Refocus on innovation
  • Make software scalable
  • Gain business agility

Ready to drive business results with a resilient architecture powered by the cloud?

Move ahead with a full-stack team offering 9 years of know-how

Move ahead with a full-stack team offering 9 years of know-how

Considering both business and architecture goals, we set the development plan and three main factors that guide the design towards maximum compatibility: the stack; what the architecture solves; and operation and technology limiters. Cloud architects and developers can tweak the system components with ease as they’re described in a standardized C4 notation.

And the definition of done? Delivering future-proof software architecture that works.

Adam Polak

Solution Architect & Head of Node.js at The Software House






DevOps Engineers

Work with an official AWS Select Consulting Partner

Access developers, DevOps engineers, and project managers who implemented dozens of custom-made cloud systems.

software architecture development
software architecture development
24x AWS Accredited Individuals
21x AWS Certified Individuals

From the U.S. to Kuwait, 98% of CTOs recommend our talent for custom software projects

Virtual Graduation Platform

  • Two weeks for software architecture development for a video platform now serving 200.000+ unique users
  • Managing the project in Kanban rather than Scrum with our PM as the client’s Product Owner

We reduced maintenance and operational costs
from $30.000 to $100!

97.7% saved

Two weeks of coding can have a big impact

Architecture based on React (front end) and Node.js (back end) performs fast enough to serve thousands of users

Thanks to rigorous QA stress tests, the platform has processed over 225.000 hours of video since launch

Over 800 universities from around the world now rely on the solution

Is software delivery critical for you?

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