Acceleration Sprints™

Hands-on product & technology initiatives that enabled teams to
cut down cloud costs reduce time-to-market speed up development increase conversion rates boost app performance improve accessibility
in less than 2 weeks

Built on insights from 250+ CTOs & Product Managers we worked with.

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We reduced maintenance costs by 40% for the mobile app and by 25% for the production environment

Rick ter Laak CEO of Travelia

Guaranteed value in 2 weeks

Learn how one British retailer with 100+ stores used the AWS Cost Cut™ to cut their monthly bill from $68K to $36K in just a week

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Sprints always deliver results

Your OKR and KPIs become ours. Each program starts with discovery and a written agreement on deliverables

Sprints managed
for you in full

Once the light is green, our veteran engineering team takes ownership of the delivery and results

Unblock growth

For too long, roadmaps were centered on features. But today, Boards of companies with strong growth targets demand efficiency. Product teams must focus on value for customers and measurable business outcomes.

Consider our Acceleration Sprints™ as a low-risk method of testing how efficient your operations or next initiative can become

For product-oriented CTOs

Acceleration Sprints™ help when

  • Attempts to overcome technology challenges failed and a restart is needed
  • Initiatives other than user features or client requests get deprioritized and die in the backlog
  • Getting buy-in for a technology initiative feels like sailing against the wind

For versatile Product Managers

Acceleration Sprints™ help when

  • There are opportunities to be explored without interrupting the core team’s focus
  • PMs believe that technology should have bigger impact on key product’s metrics
  • Current operational environment holds PM back from making more data-informed decisions

Over 250 teams upped their game. We're sure it’ll work for you too.

Martin Woywod Software Strategist at Reservix

It’s very rewarding to see that other people actually understand your requirements. We achieved what we hoped for with this project. We can sleep well at night because everything just works.

Eyass Shakrah Co-Founder of Pet Media Group

We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. In 12 months alone, we grew from 6 to 49 people, while our revenues and profits grew multiple times.

Rafal Okniński CTO at Brickvest

We’ve been working with them for four years. They do such an excellent job at keeping projects on the track that I can now focus on the business areas of our products.

Wojciech Kowalski Product Owner @ Carrofina

Cooperation with the project team was extremely well organized. Currently, we are working with TSH on the final version of the app, and we are jointly planning the technical roadmap.

Micha Roon CTO at Energy Web Foundation

We got the feeling that our goals are shared and that we’re all working towards a common objective. I like their drive for innovation and the company spirit.

Daniel Killenberger CTO at FQX

I have nothing but great respect for them and their flawless work.

Imagine the change 2 weeks can bring

Choose a Sprint that addresses your team’s pressing challenge

  • AWS Cost Cut
  • AI Rapid Prototyping
  • React Performance
  • Modernization Roadmap
  • Observability Strategy
  • Accessibility Review
  • Design System Development
  • Cost Optimisation Data visibility

    AWS Cost Cut

    43% of Tech and Data Managers are concerned about cloud spending. What’s your bill? Learn if it can be slashed through code and architecture solutions during a 1 or 2 week sprint with an AWS-certified CloudOps team.


    1-2 weeks


    Recommendation report

    Marks critical costs sources and outlines best cost saving measures to greenlight

    Report presentation

    Before / after cost comparison, cost-saving roadmap, Q&A

    Metrics to improve

    AWS bill cost, Cloud ROI, Total compute cost, Total storage cost, Cloud waste

    Innovation Development efficiency

    AI Rapid Prototyping

    Know instead of guessing. A 2-day workshop will show your company how AI speeds up prototype delivery. And the engineering team will learn how AI fits into their processes.


    2 days


    Proof of Concept Generative AI application

    Tangible proof your company’s product can be co-build with the use of AI

    Recommendation report

    All use cases for AI for your business. Each case states team + cost estimates

    Metrics to improve

    Time-to-market, Release Frequency, Cycle Time

    Digital Experience User Engagement

    React Performance

    A low-performing frontend hurts your conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. Review React’s 48 critical performance areas with our team to identify bottlenecks and get a point-by-point improvement plan.


    2 weeks


    Frontend Optimization Report

    Deep analysis of: third-party scripts, images, fonts, chunks & bundles, styles, GTM, React, JS, and Next.js performance
    Actionable recommendations for frontend development teams

    Metrics to improve

    User Engagement, Conversion Rate, Avg. Order Value, Page Load Time, Infrastructure Cost

    Time to market Development efficiency

    Modernization Roadmap

    87% of organizations plan to have at least one system modernized in the next 12-24 months. In just 5 days, gain the confidence to navigate complex modernization initiatives and achieve strategic goals with expert planning and implementation.


    5 days


    Conclusions from functional and non-functional app analysis
    PoC with planned roadmap and work time/effort estimations
    Recommendations of tech solutions and tools

    Metrics to improve

    App Loading Time, Mean Time to Recovery, Deployment frequency, Time-to-market, User Engagement

    Resilience Cost Optimisation

    Observability Strategy

    Abandon reactive monitoring and start collecting actionable insights. A 2-week sprint will let your team identify must-have observability practices. The company will secure the product’s reliability and enable strategic decision making.


    1-2 weeks


    Health Check Report

    Marks data capabilities, key processes, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement

    Observability Strategy Roadmap

    Aligns tech & business KPIs, suggests key initiatives, and metrics to achieve

    Metrics to improve

    Mean Time to Detect (MTTD), Mean Time to Recover (MTTR), Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Availability (% uptime), Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

    Compliance User Engagement

    Accessibility Review

    This review boosts inclusivity, expands your market reach, and mitigates legal risks. Over three weeks, we will evaluate your user interfaces, report on compliance gaps, and deliver a detailed roadmap for enhancing accessibility.


    2-3 weeks


    Accessibility audit backlog

    with tasks, dependencies, and timeframe
    Point-to-point guidelines for your design, frontend, and QA teams

    Metrics to improve

    Market reach, Google rank, Conversion Rates, User Engagement

    Brand reputation Development Efficiency

    Design System Development

    Ideal for Product Teams looking to accelerate development while ensuring a consistent brand experience across all platforms. Learn how to streamline your design & dev initiatives more efficiently by creating scalable design systems in Figma.


    2-4 weeks


    A unified library of UI components and patterns
    Detailed documentation on design principles and usage guidelines
    Training sessions for teams on leveraging the design system effectively

    Metrics to improve

    Deployment frequency, Market Adaptability, Brand Perception, Development Speed, Code Quality

    How do Acceleration Sprints™ work?


    Pick a problem to solve or job to be done


    Consult the result you expect and hear a personalized plan from our expert


    Walk us through your case and agree on expected results during a Discovery Workshop


    Carry on as usual as your dedicated engineering team handles the Sprint for you


    Review the Sprint’s results & best recommendations and decide about the next step

    See the right metrics go up!

    Sprints led by our Tech Managers

    Work with peers who think like you. Only our seniors join projects. 98% of CTOs recommend them

    Adam Polak

    Adam Polak

    VP of Engineering

    Mariusz Richtscheid

    Mariusz Richtscheid

    Software Architect

    Joanna Zembaczyńska

    Joanna Zembaczyńska

    QA Manager

    Wojciech Wójcik

    Wojciech Wójcik

    Head of DevOps

    Katarzyna Baranowska

    Katarzyna Baranowska

    Product Design Manager

    Andrzej Wysoczański

    Andrzej Wysoczański

    Head of Frontend

    Michał Żądło

    Michał Żądło

    Head of PHP

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      We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

      Eyass Shakrah

      Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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