Dig up strategic insights even from millions of data points

Give your stakeholders the facts they need. Set up an AWS system that catches data from your databases, API, Excels, or SaaS tools in real-time. We’ve already helped European banks or e-commerce platforms, delivering 160+ projects to date.

Making data-based decisions pays off

Imagine predicting when sales spike or what content makes users act. What would you like to know?

One client with several pet marketplaces bumped their revenue by 400% in two years — in part by using big data.

Our engineering team can show you how to catch and turn data into game-changing insights. You’ll be able to analyze many sources by using the cloud — at an optimized cost.

We use — but aren’t limited to — AWS Glue, AWS EMR, AWS QuickSight, Step Functions, and Kinensis. GDPR and data security compliance is our golden standard.

Aggregate data

Collect, filter, and sort information from your backend, any database, file, or SaaS.

Predict trends

Know what customers will do and find ways to boost your revenue

Speed up or automate data analysis

Update your data study methods and re-use the time employees save

Scale up operations

Set more accurate goals, increase customer loyalty, and find ways to build up the product

Track and measure

Prepare your data to be used as business intelligence on a dashboard for your teams

Migrate data

From on-prem to the cloud or between cloud providers — while the service remains live and well

Reach full readiness for big data analytics

Want to analyze and visualize data at a speed? Move it? Or integrate a new data source with your pipeline? You need an engineering team that has done all of that — sometimes for products servicing 1M users per month.


Data migration

Data lake / warehouse

Stream processing


Map, clean, and transform data

Before data works for you, you need to pull it from multiple sources and make it usable.  Both ETL (extract-trasform-load) and ELT (extract-load-transform) processes turn data from SQLs, files, PDFs, and CRMs into information that can be assigned clear value.

Depending on what information is needed and who reads it, your engineers need to set up either ETL or ELT before data lands in one bucket. Used by TUI, Slack, or Cisco.

Key benefits

  • Store any type of information
  • Increase data readability
  • Adjust data format
  • Rise or lower data processing resources on demand

Data migration

Transfer data without errors or downtime

Move web services with their content untouched from server to server or between cloud providers. Or prepare an automated and flexible migration system you can reuse. Yes, we’ll keep the product live.

By centralizing your data, swapping technologies or doing deep analysis becomes efficient. Done by Spotify, Waze, Dropbox, or GitLab.

Key benefits

  • Expand your cloud capabilities
  • Create a manageable ecosystem of services
  • Enable deeper data analytics
  • Make compliance achievable

Data lake / warehouse

Prepare your data for deep analytics

For fast and unrestricted access to all data, you need to build a lake. If only critical and error-free data matters, better build a warehouse. Rest easy —  our engineers can recommend a way forward.

A data lake lets your analysts dig into raw facts with little overhead. Then, your board would appreciate accurate and structured intel from a warehouse. Both solutions are used by Coca-Cola, ING Bank, or Lenovo.

Key benefits

  • Store relational and non-relational data
  • Increase business insight accuracy
  • Enable machine learning, predictive analysis, etc.
  • Set up one source of true data (data warehouse)

Stream processing

Know what's happening with a data point in milliseconds

Set up active monitoring for intel that comes from end-users, Marketing, or Sales. Or expand your product’s abilities by processing public data or signals from smart devices.

If you need to catch what’s happening with data now, expand your stack with stream processing technology. Used by Pinterest, Netflix, or Yahoo.

Key benefits

  • Get real-time overview of data or metrics
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Get notified or warned about events
  • Provide new functions for your product

Know how to deliver qualified & readable data

Connect with a veteran engineering team that CTOs keep around for months

Connect with a veteran engineering team that CTOs keep around for months

Working with data makes sense only if you use it to power up business decisions. As early as possible, let’s show your team value in collecting data and extracting insights.

Then, we’ll consider what solution suits your processes — also by looking at how companies across the industries we’ve worked with handled their engineering.

Rest assured, you won’t get stuck with a custom solution. Your data pipeline will scale by design by using AWS services, and it will comply with changing information processing regulations.

Adam Polak

VP of Technology & Head of Node.js at The Software House






DevOps Engineers

Let your team learn from an official AWS Partner

Connect them with cloud engineers who built dozens of AWS systems. They can show you how Amazon’s services can increase your product’s processing power.

software architecture development
software architecture development
24 AWS Accredited Individuals
51 AWS Certified Individuals

Set up your DataOps and see your team outperform

A UK loan platform for SMEs

  • To build an ELT pipeline for several data sources including databases, spreadsheets, and documents
  • To architect an AWS-based data lake ready for machine learning in the future

The clients engineers saved up to 2 hours daily on data operations

25% time saved

Manual data mining turned into smooth automation

The new cloud pipeline loads a database of several gigabytes onto Amazon S3 in just 3-10 minutes

The product team can now extract data from AWS RDS, Excel and CSV files

The client’s Data Scientists received ready data-models they can write queries for

“Each person we dealt with was extremely smart and skilled.

Said by an engineer of a US energy company in a ★5 review. Give your data a job with us.

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