Case study of Speakers Corner
International booking service
with 7500 keynote speakers
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01 Challenge
Speakers Corner is a leading international speaker consultation and booking service. The company offers a variety of professionals (keynote speakers, motivational speakers, after dinner speakers, awards hosts, conference facilitators and comedians) available for conferences, corporate entertainment, award shows, etc. For the last few years, they have been working using a custom platform but, after a while, the system turned out to be inefficient. In order to grow and attract high-quality customers, Speakers Corner decided to develop a new solution.
Scope of work
Business analysis Web development
Speakers Corner online platform case study
02 Solution
We started the project with a thorough analysis of Speakers Corner workflows, strengths and weaknesses and elements requiring immediate deployment. Thanks to this research, The Software House was able to create a balanced and user-friendly platform.

The new all-in-one system is designed both for customers and employees of Speakers Corner. After the clients place their order by filling in a detailed form, Speakers Corner team is able to prepare an offer, book a hotel for the chosen speaker, calculate costs, etc. The intuitive interface designed by our developers improves stability and allows the company to work more effectively.
Speakers Corner online platform case study
Used technologies
PHP application case study Symfony application case study
03 Effect
The introduced solution allowed Speakers Corner to pursue new business goals and acquire clients from globally recognisable companies. Among them are Volvo, Bentley, BP, Unilever, Waitrose, Toshiba, Vodafone. In total, the new platform helps to organise more than 1000 events a year.
Speakers Corner mockup 3
almost 8000 keynote speakers

keynote speakers

more than 1000 international events every year

international events a year

customer support

customer support availability

If you are looking for someone to develop a system for you and you don’t have a clear idea of your business – then maybe The Software House is almost too good for you. They will not give you the answers but rather make you get the answers for yourself, so you can get the system that you need. They are more than just a software company. They are the partner who will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

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