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01 Challenge
TestaViva is a Danish online platform for people who look for easy and convenient legal consultations regarding important documents – wills, proxies, marriage certificates, contracts, etc. The company’s mission is to spread awareness about the security of life assets. In order to do that, TestaViva not only provides tools and recommends actions to improve users’ documents safety, but it’s also synchronised with the Danish civil IT infrastructure.
Scope of work
Web development
TestaViva platform case study
02 Solution
TestaViva creators noticed that a lot of Danish people don’t care about their pensions or last wills. That results in their property and real estate being passed to the state (instead of their relatives) after their death. The company realised that the legal processes would be more approachable and user-friendly if they were automated and simplified. In order to make TestaViva’s mission a reality, The Software House was chosen to develop the web application, integrate all services, implement logic and algorithms for calculating the “life score figure”.

Our main task was to release a Symfony-based web application backed by a database. According to TestaViva’s requirements, our resources were put into the backend implementation. The deployment process included: importing and processing of personal data, integrating with financial instruments, task queue, introducing computational algorithms for assessing life score, entering data into systems and digital signature for documents.
TestaViva platform case study
Used technologies
PHP application logo Symfony application logo
03 Effect
After we’ve properly adjusted the product to technological and business requirements, the end-user feedback was extremely positive – the platform received 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google and Trustpilot. Clients praise the painless process, ease of use and helpful customer support. Some users pointed out that if it wasn’t for TestaViva’s manageable service, they would not otherwise have written a will. So far, users have created more than 30,000 legal documents, including 10,000 wills – that's more than 25% of the total market in Denmark! Thanks to the platform, the Danish customers received professional and convenient way to create important documents and control state-processed personal data.
TestaViva platform case study
12,000 number of active users

documents created by active users

 1.2 million Danes have easy access to legal advice via TestaViva
1.2 million

Danes with easy access to legal advice via TestaViva

 15 minutes  - time to create and finalise a document
15 minutes

time to create and finalise a document

In general, we were impressed all the way [by] very skilled, professional and forthcoming staff – all the way from the managers to the developers. The skill level of the developers is very high, and during the project, I learned a lot of new stuff.

TestaViva testimonial
Kristian Kaa


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