Introduction to cryptography & encryption: Learn the basics of cryptography in one go

Cryptography protects us every day, but the knowledge of what it actually means is not nearly as ubiquitous. Whether you are a developer yet to delve into the world of... Read more

Time of transition: What are the Google Maps API alternatives?

Recently, Google brought some modifications to one of their most popular products. The Californian company introduced a significant change in Maps API pricing. It still starts with a free plan... Read more

Your first Kickstarter campaign: How the greatest products are funded

Before I launched my first Kickstarter campaign, I didn’t read any guides or tutorials. Somehow, I was under the impression that the greatness of my product alone would be enough... Read more

How can a SaaS company benefit from working with a software house?

You’ve read the title above and you probably thought: “well, outsourcing”. That’s true – software companies focused on maintenance of their SaaS products can outsource some of their work to... Read more

Mid-year review of the 2018 tech trends: Is the 4th industrial revolution here?

We’ve just reached the middle of the year. That’s the right time to revise some predictions about 2018 tech trends. Is it “the year of transition” indeed? Will blockchain, artificial... Read more

Here’s your next gadget: The best of Kickstarter Tech in June 2018

Kickstarter expert, Marek Cieśla, recalls: “We organized our first Kickstarter campaign to show that there’s a demand for our product. We wanted to use the platform to attract investment funds... Read more

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