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8,000 speakers and 5,600 inquiries every year: Speakers Corner success story

Tomasz Kulig

Tomasz Kulig

Senior Marketing Specialist

“We have about 8,000 speakers, 25,000 different clients and about 5,600 inquiries coming in every year. It’s a lot of data”, says Nick Gold, the managing director of London-based speaker bureau called Speakers Corner. Recently, we’ve introduced on our blog a series of business success stories.

Below, you can find another recording of the interview with one of our partners, Nick, along with a transcript.

Please introduce yourself. Who are you and what’s your role in the company?

Hi. My name is Nick Gold. I’m the managing director of the company called Speakers Corner, based in London. We’re a speaker bureau – providing after speakers, keynote speakers, motivational speakers, comedians, awards hosts or facilitators and many other people for corporate events throughout the world.

How did Speakers Corner beginnings look like and how did it evolve through the years?

We’ve been running a system for the number of years. It was developed organically by myself and the friend of mine. We noticed that the company grew and the system worked in terms of processes but we knew that there are some processes which need to be improved. We needed to make it more robust and scalable, we wanted to add some features. And because it was developed by myself and the friend of mine,

We wanted to get some people who understood how to develop the system properly, get them involved, get them to be our partners – to make sure that as we grow, they will grow with us so we can develop some amazing ideas together.

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How did you find The Software House and what made you work with us?

We’ve been through a tendering process again. I took some advice and I heard that Poland was the hotbed for some amazing people. I think we approached three or four different companies.

We went through a tendering process, sent them our documents and got them to pitch to us about themselves but also about how they’ll take the process, what they’ll do with our system – to take it all and give us the feel of the whole thing.

You sent the proposal, the other companies sent proposals, we came and visited you, we had a lovely half day in your own offices, chatting through what you plan to do and… we made the decision, based on what we’ve talked about and your expertise. We understood that actually it will be about being back to the family thing and you have to grow with us as much as we have to grow ourselves.

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How does your cooperation with The Software House look like now?

Underlying everything is the fact that you guys really wanted to learn about our systems – in terms of the business systems. The software is secondary in comparison to the fact that you needed to understand our business process. I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask the questions which go beyond solving problems – it’s about understanding.

I embrace the fact that the more you understand us, the more you challenge me and the team about our ideas which actually is the real value.

To be honest, there are a lot of people who are able to develop code but the real value is an understanding of the business process.

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Could you share some numbers standing for Speakers Corner success?

We have about 8,000 speakers on our database and a hundred new speakers approaching us every week. We have about 25,000 different clients on our database. We have about 5,600 inquiries coming in every year and we have about 1,500 jobs. It’s a lot of data.

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Will you recommend The Software House to the others?

So, here’s the thing about my thoughts on The Software House. If you are looking for someone to develop a system for you and you don’t have a clear idea of your business – then maybe The Software House is almost too good for you. They are here to help you along the way.

They will not give you the answers but rather make you get the answers for yourself, so you can get the system that you need.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cooperation with them. We invested time to come and spend some time in here. We enjoyed the conversations we had, we enjoyed that they were pushing back and pushing us so we can reach our full potential.

I think that’s what The Software House is delivering. They are more than just a software company. They are the partner who will help you achieve what you want to achieve.

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