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The road to a 100-million-pound valuation: BrickVest success story

Tomasz Kulig

Tomasz Kulig

Marketing Specialist

“In the next few years, we’re aiming to create a number of different platforms that will create the ecosystem to provide liquidity to the property based investment” – says Rafal Okninski, the CTO of BrickVest Limited, the global real estate liquidity platform. Recently, you had a chance to read a couple of our clients’ success stories (WieBetaaltWat and Speakers Corner). Below, you will find yet another recording of the interview with one of our partners, Rafal, along with a transcript.

Please introduce yourself. Who are you and what’s your role in the company?

My name is Rafal Okninski. I am the Chief Technology Officer of BrickVest Limited. We are the group of funds and also we provide B2B/B2C services as a SaaS model and management services to the financial industry – banks and other institutions.

What impact has BrickVest made on the financial market in the UK?

At the moment, we are more perceived as a disruptor in financial services. Especially in the property investment area where we provide a liquidity platform for individual and corporate investors that are actually interested in investing in the property market. 

So, regarding the hard numbers – during the recent funding, the valuation of the company exceeded 100 million pounds which is probably the only hard number I can provide at the moment. It should be respected as an incredible growth in the last 2-3 years. It was multiplication of the value of the company by five. 

In the next few years, we’re aiming to create a number of different platforms that will create the ecosystem to provide liquidity to the property-based investment.

What is the role of The Software House in achieving these goals?

The biggest challenge at the moment is actually finding and managing talent in the tech area. The Software House is providing exceptional developers and technical knowledge that allowed us to build the next generation platform. Something that, especially in the industry we are operating, was unseen.

Currently, we’re working with about twenty people within The Software House. Among them are developers (which is the majority of that group), project managers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists and designers. In fact, we currently have a number of project teams within The Software House. 

We have a team which is building a new high-level framework which will be a base for all the upcoming products. 

We also have people that are working on individual products, among them teams which develop B2B solutions, white label solutions.

How would you describe The Software House’s performance?

We started working with The Software House four years ago. 

The fact that we are still cooperating with them is the best proof of how happy we are with this collaboration. 

We enlarged our team, starting from 2 people a few years ago, and now we grew it up to 20 people which is also a significant rise regarding our development investment within The Software House. I think it’s the best example of how we value the collaboration with them.

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