Case study of Energy Web
Unleashing the Power of Technology For Sustainable Energy Systems
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01 Challenge
Energy Web is a global organization involved in a range of activities aimed at unleashing the potential of open-source decentralized technologies, including blockchain, for creating innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Originally, the EW team needed help with DevOps work on their suite of technologies. During this time, our developers managed to hold their own in a very complex and demanding environment. As a result, EW decided to involve them from the start in an entirely new project.

The project is called EasyBat. It facilities the management of used solar batteries. The project is blockchain-based and involves both frontend and backend development. It’s still ongoing.
Scope of work
Web Development DevOps
Energy Web case study
02 Solution
The TSH team consists of a number of developers, including 2 Node developers, a full-stack developer as well as DevOps engineers. Aside from Node, some of the technologies used include AWS, Blockscout, Nexus Sonatype, Ethereum and Kubernetes.

Much of the complexity of the project is due to its blockchain-based nature. As a result, a lot of basic web development tasks such as designing and developing forms require a lot more consideration than it is usually the case. It features a constant two-way communication between the buyer and seller, both of which need to confirm each transaction for the form to be sent. This has to be included in the UI in a way that does not affect the user experience.
Energy Web web portal design case study
Used technologies
Node logo JavaScript logo Kubernetes logo AWS logo
03 Effect
The EW team has been very satisfied with the quality and pace of the development provided by TSH. A clickable prototype was ready in under 3 weeks. As we still refine the prototype, it has already matured enough to be shown to a number of existing and potential clients of EW.

In addition to that, the Easy Bat project, developed in cooperation with Bebat, an environment organization, became especially successful in Belgium. The local government selected it as the main solution for solar battery asset management.
Energy Web designs case study

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