How to prepare for a penetration test in 9 simple steps

Internet is a useful source of information. Unfortunately, it also stores plenty of our personal data, making us a tasty morsel for potential e-thieves. I decided to write an article... Read more

How to make 50% more profit with A/B testing

When you’re developing a product or service, you want it to appeal to as many users as possible. But not everyone has the same values and taste as you do.... Read more

Test automation: Free video tutorial

Automated software tests are the hottest trend of this season. But before you jump on the hype train, take a minute and ask yourself: do you really need test automation... Read more

Software documentation 101: Introducing a technical writer

No one can deny the importance of software documentation in your app’s development. It helps the team stay organized and keep track of everything you’ve achieved. But, the question is:... Read more

Five simple tips to increase application accessibility

When you’re planning to develop a beautiful, user-friendly app with an intuitive interface, you need to consider a lot of factors. Its design, components, functions. Even if you think that... Read more

QAA DIY: How to introduce automated tests and not lose your mind during the process

In the recent years, test automation have become sort of a big thing. All software houses suddenly want their QA (Quality Assurance) specialists to turn into QAA (Quality Assurance Automation)... Read more

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