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How do we develop CRMs?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems emerged the very moment software has become a thing for companies of various sizes and industries. Why? It’s because they make it way easier to use data in order to acquire and retain customers. When well-used, they can constantly improve the efficiency of various crucial processes within company.

The Software House relies on quality software developers who define themselves through languages and frameworks rather than specific types of software. This allows them the flexibility and skill to quickly adapt to any type of software development challenge. Let’s both find the best way to address your CRM needs.

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Gather insights from interactions with clients

Develop CRM analytics in order to better understand your clients

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Improve processes and cooperation across departments

Iterate and optimize your internal processes based on data and feedback

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Provide consistent omnichannel experience

Monitor brand activity across different sales and communication channels

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Improve the performance of your system

Improve efficiency and decrease hardware requirements of your system

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Avoid security threats

Follow IT security best practices to protect your company’s core systems

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Future-proof your CRM

Develop a modern, scalable and extensible solution

From business point of view, there are many types of CRM systems. They include operational, analytical and collaborative CRM systems. Each of them stresses different benefit of a quality CRM system, such as the ability to manage and categorize customers, use data to optimize processes or improve collaboration of employees across the board.

From the perspective of software development, we can talk about developing new CRMs, or maintaining and extending various ready-made SME and enterprise-level software solutions. Best CRM developers have good all-around development experience as well as the ability to translate real business processes into quality software solutions.

Over the years, CRM development has become a very important area of expertise. There are CRM developers specialized in developing and maintaining code for various ready-made CRM solutions. There are also those who develop completely new CRM systems from scratch.


Meet our CRM experts

Head of CRM development

Marek Gajda

Chief Technology Officer

Marek has been an integral part of The Software House since the very beginning. During this time, he has used his extensive experience as a software developer and IT specialist to advise our clients at all stages of the software development process.Marek’s primary role is to find the best business-technology match that provides the client with an efficient, scalable and future-proof solution. He is the person that often has our clients say: “Eureka!” and completely change their viewpoint on what should be done and how. He is also here to make sure that the actual development process, regardless of the cooperation model, goes smoothly and efficiently, and all project stakeholders are satisfied with their role.

Head of Frontend Development


Head of Frontend Development

Witold’s experience as a dev and PM not only gave him a unique perspective on technologies, but especially on people that make them work. He will pick just the right ones to help you achieve your goals.

Head of PHP


Head of PHP

Do you need PHP development? Szymon’s deep and practical knowledge of PHP as well as the latest PHP-related trends make him the go-to person to talk such projects.

Head of Node.js


Head of Node.js

Adam’s goal at TSH is to create the best Node.js team in Silesia. That’s why he follows all the latest Node.js trends & best practices and searches for equally passionate people to join his band.


When working with us,
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TSH Advantages

01. Process

Our development process is based on agile methodologies like Scrum. With regular project updates, live demos and the best communication tools, we make sure that you’re up-to-date with everything.

02. Technology

We’re proud of our technology stack. Instead of covering every framework possible, we excel in technologies which are truly battle-tested: Symfony, Laravel, Node.js, React, Angular, Vue.js, iOS and Android.

03. Infrastructure

Every software house can provide you with frontend and backend development. But we do more than that! Our independent DevOps unit takes care of server architecture – making it stable, secure and scalable.

04. Quality assurance

We know that quality assurance is an important part of the development process. This is why, apart from manual tests, we perform automated ones – using our custom E2E testing framework Kakunin.

05. People

Our office is full of brilliant people. Among them are tech evangelists giving lectures at the biggest meetups in Poland and the creators of open-source tools loved by developers around the globe.


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Speakers Corner

Events, Human resources

Smartum logo

A leading platform for booking speakers

PHP Symfony

Speakers Corner emerged as a leading platform for booking speakers. However, as it grew in popularity, administration was getting increasingly difficult and complicated due to the limitations of its original custom-made web platform.The Speakers Corner team turned to The Software House to solve their technological problems. Together, we created a concept of a new, more user-friendly platform. It’s slick, intuitive, performs well thanks to strong Symfony-based foundation, and provides CRM features for efficient administration and analysis of all present and potential clients.

Open-source tools

Sharing our knowledge with others


Open-source framework for end-to-end test automation


Free translation management system based on Google Docs


GDPR-friendly tool for masking sensitive data


Our people write about the best CRM practices

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    We regard the TSH team as co-founders in our business. The entire team from The Software House has invested an incredible amount of time to truly understand our business, our users and their needs.

    Eyass Shakrah

    Co-Founder of Pet Media Group


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