CTO Roundtables

CTO Roundtable #16

The mindset that takes you from cloud-hosted to cloud-native

  • 21.06.2023
  • 15:00

Find out with us if you can:

  • restructure your organization to maximize cloud efficiency,
  • teach your developers & non-tech folks to think cloud,
  • use the full potential of cloud tools & services,
  • compose a team of full-stack devs with a high-level perspective,
  • explain cloud spending to your CEO & CFO.


What’s in it for me?

Here’s an honest truth – not every cloud user is a satisfied user. But why is that? Chances are that they moved to the cloud only physically, but the heart and soul of their organization is not there.

This is never good. However, in 2023 you face worldwide economic troubles and explosive growth of innovative cloud-based solutions such as AI. That greatly increases the risk of being unable to keep up with the needs of your clients.

To prevent this from happening, we will provide you with ready-made solutions, tools, and workflows that would take you ages to collect organically.

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Marek Gajda

Host and CTO at The Software House

Sami Pippuri

CTO in Residence at Baloise Mobility

Ursula Koski

Nordics Partner CTO at AWS 

Topics to be covered

  1. 01
    What does being cloud-native really mean in practice?
  2. 02
    How can you deliver products more efficiently with the cloud mindset?
  3. 03
    Why has cloud development resurrected the true full-stack dev?
  4. 04
    Why are 100s of innovative products dependent on cloud technologies?
  5. 05
    How to report cloud spending to your CEO & CFO?
  6. 06
    How to lead non-tech teammates through cloud transformation?

Who are the speakers?

Marek Gajda

Host and CTO at The Software House

He leads dozens of product development teams and trains technology managers on how to scale up their IT departments effectively. Real-life proof that IT is anything but boring. If there’s a subject everybody avoids, Marek wants to talk about it. If there’s chaos, there comes Marek with his lively problem-solving skills.

Sami Pippuri

CTO in Residence at Baloise Mobility

A leader in an ecosystem that fosters the development of innovative cloud-first ventures across the mobility sector. In his work, he combines technical knowledge with a big-picture overview of all aspects that can drive an organization’s growth. Winner of multiple design and innovation awards, including Webbys.

Ursula Koski

Nordics Partner CTO at AWS 

AWS CTO for the Nordic countries catering the Partners as a technology business development leader. A veteran of the industry, she is the chairwoman of Tivia and the first woman at the helm in its seven-decade history. She is looking over programs such as Infuture, Mimmit Koodaa, and Future Creators.

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