Fear of the unknown: How to avoid the risks of outsourcing?

We’re living in a rapidly changing world where all the markets are evolving every day. It’s caused by a variety of factors, such as tech trends, legal restrictions or money. Software... Read more

Software documentation 101: Introducing a technical writer

No one can deny the importance of software documentation in your app’s development. It helps the team stay organized and keep track of everything you’ve achieved. But, the question is:... Read more

Why are Nordic companies falling in love with IT outsourcing?

In the last few years, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland became true technological powerhouses. However, such success comes with a price: software developer salaries in the Nordics are skyrocketing and... Read more

Your first Kickstarter campaign: How the greatest products are funded

Before I launched my first Kickstarter campaign, I didn’t read any guides or tutorials. Somehow, I was under the impression that the greatness of my product alone would be enough... Read more

How can a SaaS company benefit from working with a software house?

You’ve read the title above and you probably thought: “well, outsourcing”. That’s true – software companies focused on maintenance of their SaaS products can outsource some of their work to... Read more

The Software House named one of the top development companies in Poland by Clutch

Software development market in Central Europe is on the rise. The companies are popping up everywhere and it's getting more and more difficult to identify the best ones. Fortunately, there... Read more

Arctic15: A perfect balance between new technologies and networking

On May 30-31, I had pleasure to take part in the Arctic15 conference – one of the biggest startup events in Finland. I was lucky enough to experience the hottest... Read more

5 things to consider when developing blockchain software for the very first time

The tech community is living and breathing blockchain, so it’s no wonder you want to keep up. The technology’s scope and usability make it a powerful tool for software development.... Read more

Beginner’s guide to making your software GDPR-ready

Your company is developing a new application. You want it to be GDPR-compliant but you’re not sure how exactly to do it? Let’s face it: it’s not only your problem.... Read more

Anatomy of an enquiry: How to write a RFP/RPQ which every software house will understand

You probably know this scenario very well: you prepare an enquiry (inquiry, RFP, RFQ), send it to a few companies, start receiving responses and… Every project quote is totally different!... Read more

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