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Our process

Better IT services

We want your application to have the best quality possible and in order to do that, we have to know your business inside out. This is why we always do more than just code.

Business analysis
We carefully analyse your business ideas and discuss how to turn them into software. Then we help you visualise the end result, so everyone involved in the project knows what exactly we want to achieve.
Graphic design
A friendly interface is necessary for your app to succeed. We build UI (user interface) prototypes on an early stage and once they are approved, we turn them into slick and eye-pleasing designs.
Software development
We know how to develop apps. We have already built quite a few! But we also know that coding is not everything, so we keep in constant touch with you – just to be sure that the software has business value.
Agile approach
We stick to the principles of agile software development (Scrum). Our teams are self-organising which makes people more devoted to their project and the process is divided into short sprints, so we can present you with a new version of the app every two weeks.
Launch & maintenance
We are always there to assist you during the launch of your brand new application. All in all, at this stage we already think of this software as of our own child and want eveything to run smoothly and whithout any glitches.
Further development
Every app needs improvements and new features – especially the successful ones! We help you gather feedback from users and turn new ideas into reality, so you can take your business even further.

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Our projects

Business-changing experience

We believe that for every business question there is a software answer. Read the success stories of our clients and find out about the great projects which we have done together.

trommsdorff + drüner
Effective marketing thanks to big data
trommsdorff + drüner is an international agency offering innovative data-driven services. Their portfolio includes brands like The Coca-Cola Company, Volkswagen and Lufthansa. The most important product offered by TD is called Smart Data Platforms. It collects data from social media, press, TV, expert blogs etc., forming a huge dataset. The data is then processed and presented to clients via bespoke and intuitive dashboards which were developed by The Software House. Every panel is tailored to the needs of a specific company, with custom-made tools included, and the info is highly useful for C-level marketers, allowing them to control present marketing activities and plan effective future campaigns. TD was pleased with the development of Smart Data Platforms and we have been working together on a few other data-driven platforms since then.
Mobile solutions for an employee benefit system
Smartum is an employee benefit provider for Finland and Sweden, allowing people to participate in cultural events, sport activities and to visit restaurants. For many years, the Smartum system was based on printed coupons, but as the company grew, it proved to be inefficient. The Software House crafted native iOS and Android applications for end users of Smartum (i.e. the employees) with an intuitive search system that enables easy venue browsing. We also implemented digital vouchers which allow users to forget about carrying printed coupons and a mobile payment system which makes the whole process much faster. The app was a success – according to Google Play store data, the Android version itself was downloaded 11 000 times and the retention rate is 90% which far exceeds original expectations. As for now, c. 13 000 employers (and 1 million employees) in Finland use the system. The Software House became the main mobile solutions provider for Smartum.
Complete delivery system with mobile apps
Porter Express is a Kuwaiti company delivering parcels and food. After a while, they started thinking about expanding their business and decided to introduce a new brand, Deliveryy, which would integrate all existing courier services in Kuwait. The Software House developed a whole system for the new brand. Now clients can order a parcel delivery in just a few clicks, using native iOS and Android apps with an eye-catching and intuitive interface. The order is immediately presented to multiple delivery companies and the one which volunteers first, takes the job, which significantly speeds up the whole process. We have also developed a special app for drivers, integrated with the Onfleet route optimisation system. Deliveryy proved to be a big success, so The Software House and Porter Express decided to look for new business opportunities by adding new features – now the app is also a complete food-ordering platform presenting an offer of a few dozen restaurants in Kuwait.
Sharing economy to help seniors and students
Flott! is a Swiss startup based on the idea of sharing economy, with ambitions to help two groups of people at once. Firstly, there are seniors who need a helping hand with everyday household chores. Secondly, there are students who would like to earn some extra money. Flott! was meant to address both needs and The Software House was chosen to develop the whole system. We created a web portal and mobile apps (for iOS and for Android). The web portal is designed for elders, has an intuitive and simple interface and allows the seniors to easily post job offers, while the mobile apps are a handy solution for the students, who can now undertake the job with just a few clicks.

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