Supporting an online travel agency in the development of an e-commerce platform
eSky is an online travel agency that offers services of over 500 000 hotels and 650 airlines in the world regularly supporting millions of clients. Developers from The Software House form part of a group responsible for designing and an building entirely new, efficient, and future-proof platform that enables eSky business to grow on multiple international markets. Before proper software development, The Software House team made in-depth business analysis of the online booking process. Thanks to understanding the essence of eSky’s business, we offered our client the best technical solutions, addressing business challenges of the new platform.
Comfortable airport shuttle in Oslo region
Flyo is an airport shuttle company operating in Oslo and offering transportation for passengers from the specified destination to the airport and back. With web and mobile apps made by The Software House team, Flyo clients can conveniently calculate, book, and pay online for a journey. Additionally, we built an advanced system for route planning and CRM module for Flyo. Solutions provided by our developers helped Flyo to successfully enter a new market and rapidly expand its business. The company also increased the efficiency of route planning and reduced costs of vehicle mileage.
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WorldWide 101 Ltd.
Virtual assistants CRM
Worldwide101 is an international company that offers hiring virtual assistants specialising in marketing, accounting, administration, design, simple programming, and other services. We began with business analysis and, through our collaboration, we have proposed solutions for improving internal processes at Worldwide101. The Software House team created a platform that fully automates the process of selecting, cooperation, and billing of virtual assistants. The platform is equipped with time tracking, appointments setting, calendar management, monitoring of orders implementation, invoicing, international online payments (along with the principles of PCI compliant), and debt collection modules. The system made it possible to scale services and automate management process and doubled the company’s turnover in the first 6 months after its implementation.
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Fast delivery service via mobile app
Deliveryy is a mobile application with a web-based administration panel, used for same day delivery services in Kuwait. Our client decided to expand their operations by consolidating under the Deliveryy brand all existing courier services in Kuwait. The main goal of the project was to turn our client’s business idea into a mobile application. To meet the challenge, the team of The Software House carried out a complete analysis of business and technical goals of the client and built the first version for iOS devices. We came up with the complete solution, made from scratch. We designed the whole technical architecture, created wireframes of the app's screens, which were then turned into beautiful designs, and built an administrative panel including an advanced reporting module. Eventually, we supported our client with submitting the application to the Apple App Store. The application made by The Software House received over 1,500 downloads within the first two weeks. The result was obtained - worth to mention - without any marketing support! Thanks to this success, we are currently working on extending functionalities of iOS app and preparing a new app for Android phones.
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"It is rare to find a company that not only gives you an end product that is beyond your expectations, but delivers it with an experience and service above and beyond any company I have ever dealt with. It was truly a pleasure working with TSH and I would recommend them above any other development company." - Yousef Dashti, Co-Owner at PorterEx
VPS cloud management
CloudOx is a cloud hosting company offering their clients virtual private servers (VPS). In this project our goal was to build a platform for CloudOx users to independently create, modify, and manage their own VPS servers. As part of the development, we delivered a fully self-managed Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allowed CloudOx to significantly increase sales and number of users. The Software House team helped to automate the services offered by CloudOx, contributing to an increase in product performance and intensive development of our client’s business.
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Controlling Online
Complete financial management and advisory services for startups
Controlling-Online specializes in the fundraising, financial consulting, accounting, human resources, controlling, and other administrative services for startups. Our task was to deliver Job.B - a portal that fully supports business processes of the customers of Controlling-Online. In this project we built an advanced application to manage and create processes, document flows, expenses, investment processes, as well as many other issues related to the efficient functioning of a company. The system we created allows flexible building and full management of personal workflows. Adjusting to the budget assumptions and schedule of the client, The Software House team has become the main advisor of the project, proposing the most effective business solutions and choosing the right technology for them.
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Close Collaboratione
Financial task planning and management
Close-Collaboration - delivered by The Software House - is a SaaS platform to manage financial tasks, including statuses and notifications, in BPO companies. The aim of the project was to significantly improve the regular activities performed by the financial centers in large corporations, e.g. accounting source documents and preparing financial statements. Besides completing the main goal of the project, we improved the flow of information among departments located in different places of the world. The project we delivered eventually turned the client’s idea into a functioning system. At every stage of the cooperation, The Software House team proposed effective business and technical solutions that contributed to the growth of Close-Collaboration.
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Graph Story Console
Complex graph databases in the cloud
Graph Story offers a simple and affordable access to graph databases in real time. Our team was responsible for the implementation of Graph Story Console, a platform that big-data compilations management. Thanks to the Neo4j technology, Graph Story offers access to safe, reliable, and scalable options of complex and highly structured data management in the cloud. The project was demanding technically, but through a careful analysis of our client’s idea and area of activity we automated the service that Graph Story so far performed manually. We designed a portal that contributes to significant improvements in the functioning of our client's business and growth in the number of users of the service.
PHPSlim FrameworkjQuery
Secure mobile payments
PAAY is a startup from New York offering mobile wallet and payment services through an application for iOS and Android mobile devices. PAAY application allows secure and easy online shopping, without having to constantly login and submit information necessary to purchase, based only on a telephone number and a pin. The Software House team is the author of technical solutions used by PAAY. In the course of the development, we provided the best business solutions, choosing the right technology for the client. The team has already built web panels and API, and now is engaged in the development of mobile applications, making a significant contribution to the business development of the project. Our business and technical approach to the application development made us the main technology partner of PAAY.
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Marketing mobile app
For Citroën dealer in Poland, we built a web form to communicate with potential customers. The whole project was part of the Citroën promotional campaign in which test drives of new models in DS range where one of the main attractions. The Software House team made the application through which customers of our partner could participate smoothly and easily in Citroën promotional events.
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