Anatomy of an enquiry: How to write a RFP/RPQ which every software house will understand

You probably know this scenario very well: you prepare an enquiry (inquiry, RFP, RFQ), send it to a few companies, start receiving responses and… Every project quote is totally different! In one software house, they claim that the application can be done for €20,000, while others believe that €100,000 may not be enough. Someone has clearly not understood your vision! Can you then prepare an enquiry which will be clear-cut... Read more

API Platform webinar: Symfony APIs done quick and right

API Platform is a versatile framework for building API-driven projects.  If you want to know if it's the right tool for your team, make sure to come and see the... Read more

UP#26 meetup: Code Node!

We're back with Uszanowanko Programowanko – one of the biggest software development meetups in Poland! This month we're gonna talk about the best Node.js practices. Heated discussions, hot pizza and... Read more

Tower of Babel, Tower of Google: The ultimate hack for managing translations

When you develop software for the global market, you quite often end up working with the languages you don’t understand. Sometimes, you cannot even tell the difference between two words... Read more

Delivering food as easy as pie: Choosing the right software for food delivery management

Food delivery is one of the hottest topics on the today software development market — in The Software House, we are receiving many enquiries from food delivery companies asking about an... Read more

QAA DIY: How to introduce automated tests and not lose your mind during the process

In the recent years, test automation have become sort of a big thing. All software houses suddenly want their QA (Quality Assurance) specialists to turn into QAA (Quality Assurance Automation)... Read more

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