Serverless in Node.js: Beginner’s guide

Serverless computing is definitely becoming a hot topic. Developers using various languages want to take advantage of its features and you certainly don’t want to fall behind with the trends. So, if your weapon of choice is JavaScript and you want to find out how to implement serverless in Node.js, this article was written for you. Is “serverless” yet another buzzword? Geeks and engineers love to describe technology using fancy... Read more

Creating an API with Apiary: How to boost the collaboration in your team

Register for the webinar Being a backend developer in a software development team isn’t a piece of cake. Frontend and mobile developers often cannot proceed with their own job unless... Read more

5 secrets of a Project Manager to improve your work with developers

Being a team leader in the software business ain’t easy. You’re having a hard time with your new team or you’ve reached a hopeless stagnation in a project? The solution... Read more

The Software House with the best office for software developers

On October 3, CBRE announced the most beautiful office designs in Poland, presenting Office Superstar 2018 awards. The Software House's headquarter in the Old Post Office in Gliwice was chosen... Read more

Making the world beautiful with ARCore Android

If you’re unsatisfied with the world as it is, you may feel tempted to enhance it. To make it more beautiful. And, in 2018, Google and their ARCore Android can... Read more

How to make 50% more profit with A/B testing

When you’re developing a product or service, you want it to appeal to as many users as possible. But not everyone has the same values and taste as you do.... Read more

Swoole: Is it Node in PHP or am I wrong?

Many PHP developers are green with envy when thinking about their colleagues who use Node. Asynchronous Node systems are sharing the codebase between protocols and serving them right out of... Read more

Test automation: Free video tutorial

Automated software tests are the hottest trend of this season. But before you jump on the hype train, take a minute and ask yourself: do you really need test automation... Read more

Fear of the unknown: How to avoid the risks of outsourcing?

We’re living in a rapidly changing world where all the markets are evolving every day. It’s caused by a variety of factors, such as tech trends, legal restrictions or money. Software... Read more

Simple OCR implementation on Android with Google’s ML Kit

New technologies are evolving rapidly. Some of the newest solutions are gaining popularity every day. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is nothing new, but perfecting it with machine learning may shed... Read more

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