How to build an API? A Developer’s Guide to API Platform 1/2

In the article, I’ll present how to build an API in a swift and simple way, using Symfony and API Platform. This library provides a fully-working CRUD, pagination, validation, HATEOAS and documentation. It supports XML, JSON and JSON-LD formats. Thanks to the use of markers – it also supports SEO. Moreover, it enables using GraphQL. Below, I’ll show you how API Platform works on an example of a simple... Read more

Women in Tech Summit: Be the change you want to see in tech

End of November brought another conference in Warsaw. It was focused on the presence of women in tech industry. The event gathered a lot of participants and was a perfect... Read more

How to prepare for a penetration test in 9 simple steps

Internet is a useful source of information. Unfortunately, it also stores plenty of our personal data, making us a tasty morsel for potential e-thieves. I decided to write an article... Read more

The Software House among the global IT industry leaders according to Clutch

I'm more than happy to announce that The Software House has received an amazing award from Clutch. We were named one of the IT Industry Leaders in the Clutch 1000... Read more

Fogger: Open-source tool for GDPR-friendly data masking

As a software developer, you like to focus on software development. Unfortunately, nowadays, you also need to struggle with a bunch of data privacy-related stuff – even in the staging... Read more

Time of transition: What are the Google Maps API alternatives?

Recently, Google brought some modifications to one of their most popular products. The Californian company introduced a significant change in Maps API pricing. It still starts with a free plan... Read more

Git subtree or how I stopped worrying and learned to love external dependencies

What is Git subtree? When should you use it? How to split, merge and remove external repositories using subtree? Who would win the “subtree vs submodules” battle? I’m glad you... Read more

7 reasons to use functional programming on frontend 2/2

In the first part of “7 reasons to use functional programming on frontend”, we’ve focused on some basics. I’ve mentioned immutability, pure functions and referential transparency. Now, it’s time to... Read more

7 reasons to use functional programming on frontend 1/2

Functional programming has recently become a big thing in the frontend development domain. Why so? Is it an example of hype-driven development or are there any reasonable arguments to use... Read more

Wolves Summit 2018: How I joined the wolfpack

Another month, another great conference. This time, we’ve visited Wolves Summit 2018 in Warsaw. Check out what the capital city in Poland offers in terms of networking and running a... Read more

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