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To reach 1000 technology executives and make the podcast their favorite source of inspiration


Say “hi” to us today if you have created and launched digital products.
Product Owners / Leads / Managers, CPOs or Product VPs are welcome!

Recording your episode will be fun and stress-free. You’ll have support from a team of 6 pro marketers and our podcast agency.

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The Software House built over 160 digital products in 9 years. We like to share what worked and what didn’t.

Educating technology professionals is what we do to feel alive. As our guest speaker, you can expect great treatment, insightful content we’ll create together, and a solid promotion process for Works Fine For Me.

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Let our listeners know your best practices for product development. The more we do it, the better digital products become. The recording part will be fun — promise.

What the guests talk about

MVP Mythbusters

  • MVP teams
  • Product ideation
  • Work prioritization
  • Product launch
  • Best practices for MVPs
  • Product analytics

Recording your part is easy

Step 1


Send us a simple email: who you are, what you do, plus your LinkedIn profile. We might have a mini-call to discuss your topics.

Step 2

Interview time

You record with with Chris, our host, for up to 1 hour. Our podcast agency will help you test your gear to make the recording crisp.

Step 3

Review and publishing

The studio sends you thew recording which you approve 🙂 You’ll sound the best — promise. Once it’s published in an episode, you get a link.

Frequently asked questions

No. TL;DR: it’s like a documentary. The podcast will be pre-recorded, so creating it with us will be comfortable for you. This also lets us shape more interesting stories

Aaah, you have that entrepreneurial mindset that we like!


The goal is to deliver “Works Fine For Me” to 1000 C-Level Product Executives in the first couple of weeks.


You can surely help by sharing your episode like it’s a new and hot single from Beyonce. And you’ll get help with reaching fame from us.


Our promotion strategy includes organic and paid marketing ran by a team of up to 6 employees here — including Marek Gajda, our CTO of 10 years!

Chris Kobylecki, COO at Innovation Nest — an European VC with a portfolio of 54 companies that funds B2B startups with millions needed for rapid growth.

Look at how accomplished you are as a professional. You can do it!


As a guest speaker, you’re invited to create the questions with us so that you can speak them with confidence. Worry not —  we accept all answers.


We suggest an initial area of discussion. But in the end, our guest speakers and their stories are the most important part of the podcast. 


You will receive a brief before the call that will help you prepare.

You might be asked to talk with the host for 5 or 30-minutes or answer one question on the record

We want to hear it already, too! 


We’ll inform all guests about the date ahead of time. When all 6 episodes are ready, we will publish them week by week. Grab that popcorn 🙂

No, since the podcast will be free to listen to, and we don’t plan to monetize it.


Let’s do this for the community you’re a part of — professionals who want to be better at their game but can’t find real authority in their circles. 


We became who we are in part thanks to the unconditional help of our peers. Consider your contribution a gift of gratitude to them.

Join the talented guests who record with us

Season 1 features 13 guests from product-based companies of 30 to sometimes 800 employees. Help them channel big ideas into the podcast and be an inspiration to your team.

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