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Developers study other people’s code to fast-track learning. The product community can study this podcast to find insights and shortcuts from veterans.

Adam Polak

VP of Technology at The Software House


Our past projects had big results

The Software House built over 160 digital products in 9 years. We like to talk about what worked and what didn’t.

Educating technology professionals is what we do to feel alive. As our guest speaker, you can expect great treatment, insightful content we’ll create together, and a solid promotion process for Works Fine For Me.


We share proven expertise

Pair developers as without a sense of belonging they will go after bigger money.

Clients ask us to build & scale

Encourage experiments in technology to make the team feel they have decision power.

Sharing is caring

Product teams are motivated by overcoming technical problems with their solutions.


To educate product professionals about strategies and techniques
that work well for fast-growing technology companies

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