Season 1: MVP myth busters

Episode 04

25 April 2023 35 min

When is the weather good for a product launch?

• What are your criteria for deciding if a product is market-ready?

• What external factors should you take into consideration when launching a product?

• Is the “launch and fix in post” approach even worth your while?

Listen to this audio story and find out!

Our guests include experienced technology managers from companies that successfully launched top-priority products used by brands like BMW, Kappa, or Coca-Cola.

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This episode features


Chris Kobylecki

COO at Innovation Nest

Meet the man who’ll speak your language. Chris is a business enabler from an investment company with a $40M portfolio. He’s curious about how startups and their teams mature, analyzing nearly 200 companies per year and coaching many C-levels on strategy. In some multiverse, Chris is a competitive beard grower and a pro cook.

Anna Skawińska

Node.js Team Manager at The Software House

Leverages her experience as backend developer and agile team member to support her team and customers. Focused on effective communication.

Michał Czapracki

Founder & CEO at Scramjet

Michał Czapracki is the CEO and founder of Scramjet – a deep tech startup that offers a real-time data integration platform that breaks barriers between the local, the edge and the cloud.

Remco Magielse

Head of Product at

Bridging the gap between interactive technology and people. Product development and management skills, able to scope fuzzy projects to concrete implementations and deliver those. Love to work on front end innovation.

Anders Kravis

VP of Product at Finimize

Anders is a product designer turned strategist from Toronto. With a decade in the industry, he’s experienced the ups and downs of both startups and scale-ups, and leads Product at Finimize to empower people to be their own financial advisors. He cares deeply about crafting products that aren’t just functional but that brighten people’s lives.

Martin Woywod

Software strategist at Reservix

Martin is a Software strategist at Reservix – a leading online ticket provider in Germany that sells an average of 20M tickets per year.

Andreas Reichert

Managing Director at MOBIKO

Andreas likes to predict markets, is passionate for mobility tech & SaaS Business models. He has worked as an innovation consultant and Venture director for almost a decade in the past and is now responsible as Managing Director for Strategy, Vision & Finance at MOBIKO

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When is it reasonable to wait before the next software release?

When is it reasonable to wait before the next software release?

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