Season 1: MVP myth busters

Episode 01

28 February 2023 34 min

Creating a digital product doesn’t start with an idea

To launch a winning MVP, you must overcome your own biases and faulty logic. How do you know if your vision is 20/20?

• What should be the actual trigger for your product journey?

• How to verify if your product is worth developing?

• What could happen if you put ideas first?

Listen to this audio story and find out!

Our guests include senior technology Managers from companies that grew their MVP into high-rated digital products — some used by brands like BMW, Kappa, or Coca-Cola.

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This episode features


Chris Kobylecki

COO at Innovation Nest

Meet the man who’ll speak your language. Chris is a business enabler from an investment company with a $40M portfolio. He’s curious about how startups and their teams mature, analyzing nearly 200 companies per year and coaching many C-levels on strategy. In some multiverse, Chris is a competitive beard grower and a pro cook.

Daniel Killenberger

CTO at Obligate

Building the future way of raising debt using on-chain bonds for regulated DeFi with Obsessed with building system solutions and learning from failures, quickly.

Andreas Reichert

Managing Director at MOBIKO

Andreas likes to predict markets, is passionate for mobility tech & SaaS Business models. He has worked as an innovation consultant and Venture director for almost a decade in the past and is now responsible as Managing Director for Strategy, Vision & Finance at MOBIKO

Andre Neubauer

CTO at Trusted Shops

André is shaping tech environments for more than 15 years, bringing technology and business together. During that time, he worked for startup’s, scaleup’s, up to big corporations. He has profound experience in software engineering and even more experience on the leadership side. He is an advocate of modern leadership and progressive organizational design. In this role, he’s transforming organizations into sustainable technology powerhouses. In recent years he was primarily working as a Chief Technology Officer.

Nikolaj Borg-Hass

Head of Development at Hello Retail

Nikolaj is a technology leader primarily within the SaaS space where he has been part of several product lead companies ranging from MarTech to eCommerce. Nikolaj has been part of companies where pivots were needed to reach product-market fit and companies where product-market fit was established but continuous product innovation and optimization were required. Nikolaj is dedicated to creating a culture of continuous improvement, employee development, and delivering value to customers through innovative and scalable products.

Remco Magielse

Head of Product at

Bridging the gap between interactive technology and people. Product development and management skills, able to scope fuzzy projects to concrete implementations and deliver those. Love to work on front end innovation.

Joel Albert

CTO at MCD Partners

Technology principal with the ability to guide teams from inception to launch. A team leader with a career spanning core development, system architect, project / product manager, and stake holder service. Extensive experience in almost every industry including consulting, agency, start up, corporate, B2C and B2B.

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