State of Frontend 2020

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What’s our goal?

When we were organising webinars on frontend development trends and good practices, we realised how complicated the world of web development is getting. Hundreds of frontend developers attended the events and everybody had their own opinion on the future of frontend, their favourite frameworks and tools. What’s more, quite often these opinions were very different from the popular views on frontend development.

This is why we decided to let your voice be heard. We all know the theory, we all know the memes about new JavaScript frameworks being released every single day... But what does the everyday job of a frontend developer really look like? Which solutions do you really use? And which would you like to use but the employer won’t let you? It’s time to describe the real State of Frontend 2020.

Why should you take part in the survey?


You’ll co-create a report that’ll be available for everyone across the world, shedding more light on the state of frontend development.


When the report is ready, you’ll get the chance to compare yourself with other web developers like yourself.


You’ll definitely find inspiration in what other people think, getting to know new tools and solutions – ready to use in your own work.


Which frontend development trends will be dead in a few months and which you should start learning now? We’ll try to predict it together.

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Who’s behind the study?

The Software House

Custom software development company from Poland, organising free webinars and workshops on how to get the most from modern, real-time frontend development.

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Luca Mezzalira

VP of Architecture at DAZN, Google Developer Expert on web technologies, manager of London JavaScript Community and author of “Building Micro-Frontends”.

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