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Symfony, an open-source PHP framework, has been on the market for more than 10 years now. Supported by over 500 000 devoted developers around the world, it can guarantee that your application will be future-proof.
JavaScriptReact & Angular
It seems that a new JavaScript framework is released almost everyday but we prefer to use the most reliable ones. Both Angular and React are proven technologies – used by big companies and with a huge community of developers.
Mobile nativeiOS & Android
By developing native mobile apps, we make sure that your product’s performance will be flawless. Our experienced iOS and Android teams are ready to create applications for both systems, allowing you to cover 99% of the market.
In The Software House, we have a few real DevOps virtuosos. Using tools like Docker, Kubernetes and Vagrant, they make sure that your application is easily scalable, smooth-working and – last but not least – perfectly secure.

Our teams

Tailored to your exact needs

You decide who exactly will be joining your team – maybe you need only a few developers or maybe a full-stack squad with designers and testers on board. Nevertheless, we always ensure that the team is:

Our professionals have been working together for a good while. That is why they know how to work closely as a team and, because of that, are very productive.
Easily scalable
If you decide that you need even more manpower, we can expand the team almost instantly. We are very good at finding new talents – all in all, we have grown to over 90 people in just 5 years.
Skilled & experienced
Our developers have years of experience under their belt. Capable of thinking out of the box, they know when to use the latest tech tools and when to stick to the conventional stuff. Apart from that, we use test-driven development to make sure that the software is future-proof.
Easy to manage
We follow the principles of agile software development and all of our developers speak English, so you are welcome to talk to anybody working on your app. But if you prefer otherwise, we have experienced project managers who can oversee the team for you.
Adaptable & agile
We love new challenges and this is why we can get into your project quickly, adapt to your practices and follow your guidelines. But if there is something we can improve, we will let you know for sure. We use Scrum in our daily processes.

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Our projects

Business-changing experience

We believe that for every business question there is a software answer. Read the success stories of our clients and find out about the great projects which we have done together.

Complete delivery system with mobile apps
Porter Express is a Kuwaiti company delivering parcels and food. After a while, they started thinking about expanding their business and decided to introduce a new brand, Deliveryy, which would integrate all existing courier services in Kuwait. The Software House developed a whole system for the new brand. Now clients can order a parcel delivery in just a few clicks, using native iOS and Android apps with an eye-catching and intuitive interface. The order is immediately presented to multiple delivery companies and the one which volunteers first, takes the job, which significantly speeds up the whole process. We have also developed a special app for drivers, integrated with the Onfleet route optimisation system. Deliveryy proved to be a big success, so The Software House and Porter Express decided to look for new business opportunities by adding new features – now the app is also a complete food-ordering platform presenting an offer of a few dozen restaurants in Kuwait.
Winning customer loyalty with mobile apps
Boostcom Media, headquartered in Norway, provides customer loyalty tools for shopping centres in the whole Scandinavia, digitalising their offer to make it more competitive in the times of online shopping. The Software House was invited to develop mobile apps which could be offered by the shopping centres to their clients. Each app developed by TSH is fully bespoke and not only presents shops located in the centre but also an up-to-date list of sales, discounts and loyalty programs. What is more, finding a specific store is easier thanks to an interactive map implemented in the app. We have developed custom apps for a few shopping centres in Finland and Sweden, as well as a more robust solution for a Norwegian savings bank – an aggregator presenting information on dozens of shopping centres in the whole country. The Software House became Boostcom’s technological partner and we continue the collaboration, working on bespoke apps for new clients.
trommsdorff + drüner
Effective marketing thanks to big data
trommsdorff + drüner is an international agency offering innovative data-driven services. Their portfolio includes brands like The Coca-Cola Company, Volkswagen and Lufthansa. The most important product offered by TD is called Smart Data Platforms. It collects data from social media, press, TV, expert blogs etc., forming a huge dataset. The data is then processed and presented to clients via bespoke and intuitive dashboards which were developed by The Software House. Every panel is tailored to the needs of a specific company, with custom-made tools included, and the info is highly useful for C-level marketers, allowing them to control present marketing activities and plan effective future campaigns. TD was pleased with the development of Smart Data Platforms and we have been working together on a few other data-driven platforms since then.
Native mobile apps for video editing management
Broadcasting companies all over the world – including such brands as BBC, Sky and Hulu – are provided with services offered by TVT. The offer includes outsourced video editing and preparing the material for broadcasting in various world regions. The TVT team approached The Software House, because they were in need of a long-term technological partner experienced in both web and mobile development. We upgrade TVT systems, develop add-ons to their existing software and craft bespoke products to make their workflow more smooth. Among the solutions are: a native Android app which allows TVT’s clients to oversee and manage the whole process of video editing, an iOS application for an easy upload of video files and a custom Adobe Premiere plugin which lets TVT to tag the video files before editing them.

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