State of Microservices 2020

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What’s our goal?

When organising webinars on microservice architecture, we’ve realised how popular this subject is getting. Hundreds of software developers attended the events – and everybody had their own opinion on microservices, their favourite tools and design patterns.

This is why we've decided to let your voice be heard. We all know the theory – but how the reality of working with microservices looks like? How do you make use of this technology? How do you compare with other developers across the world? It’s time to describe the true State of Microservices in 2020.

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When the report is ready, you’ll get the chance to compare yourself with other software developers like yourself.


You’ll definitely find inspiration in what people think, getting to know new tools and patterns – ready to use in your own work.

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Who’s behind the study?

The Software House

Custom software development company from Poland, organising free webinars and workshops on how to get the most from service-oriented architecture.

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The mission of ZEIT is to make cloud computing accessible to everyone. They build products for developers and designers, including ZEIT Now – the platform for serverless deployment.

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Keeping developers informed since 2011, Cooperpress publishes weekly email newsletters to an audience of over 485,000 software engineers around the world.

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Richard Rodger

The founder and CEO of Voxgig, coder, speaker, the host of Microservices Meet-Up and the author of "The Tao of Microservices".

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