Case study of Worldwide101
A single web platform for controlling remote staff
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01 Challenge
Worldwide101 is an international company offering remote employees for businesses. Virtual assistants service is a special form of outsourcing - organisations requiring help are paired with required specialists (project managers, marketers, writers, etc.) omitting the lengthy recruitment process. In 2015 Worldwide101 reached a turnover of £1 million, and in order to develop further, they decided to abandon a mix of time-consuming and insufficient commercial systems for a single, customised solution.
Scope of work
In-depth analysis Web application development
Worldwide101 remote assistants platform case study
02 Solution
We developed The Dash, custom-made and CRM-based platform to manage time tracking, client dashboards, and invoicing. The advanced customer service centre is integrated with third-party payment systems and automates the whole process: signing in new clients, assigning virtual assistants, communication in virtual rooms, work time logs and periodic settlements of client subscriptions.
Worldwide101 remote assistants platform case study
Used technologies
Ruby on Rails logo Haml logo
03 Effect
In just six months from implementation, thanks to the new system Worldwide101 achieved measurable and quick profit. The company doubled its turnover and the number of team members grew by 50%. The Dash increased the professionalism of the client dashboard, reduced the amount of manual processing and brought in new, world famous clients.
Worldwide101 remote assistants platform case study
6 months

time it took Worldwide101 to double the turnover

the increase of team members 50%

the increase of team members

5 out of 5 project's score on Clutch 5 out of 5

project's score on Clutch

The system is worth at least triple what it cost to build, and we believe that its value will continue to grow even as its costs are amortized. The system, which we call ‘The Dash’, has played a key role and has been the underlying foundation for [our] success. The Software House demonstrated flexibility […] and were extremely good at staying on time and budget. Both their account management team and their project and development teams are accessible, friendly, and a pleasure to work with in addition to the technical skills.

Matthew Criticos
Matthew Criticos


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