Case study of mElements
Merchant panel and development platform for PSD2-ready integration with banking services
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01 Challenge
mElements, a part of one of the biggest banking groups in the CEE region, is providing solutions for the eCommerce market. They needed to create a development platform, allowing third-party providers to easily integrate with banking services – using a PSD2-ready API. It had to include full API documentation and a panel for developers to manage their API clients. The second part of our cooperation was a dedicated merchant panel and a system to manage multiple POS (points of sales).

The Software House was chosen to help with developing the platform, thanks to our experience in the fintech market. The main challenge was the fact that we had to recreate existing components and make sure that the new platform will integrate seamlessly with existing online banking systems and accounts. Moreover, we had to connect with the backend part of the system, developed by mElements in-house team, without actually seeing it. Our responsibility was to build the frontend and link it to the existing core of the system.
Scope of work
Business analysis Web development Quality Assurance
mElements development platform for banking services case study
02 Solution
The development platform for mElements was a project that required extensive technological know-how. We formed a Scrum team of 4 JavaScript developers, a Quality Assurance engineer and a Project Manager. The team decided to use React and a modern, headless CMS – Strapi. One of our responsibilities was to prepare the so-called Story Book – a source of reusable components with full documentation, making it easier for fellow software developers to work with the mElements platform.

We also designed a private npm library, which allowed to share components between the platform’s numerous services. To make deployment to Azure as seamless as it’s possible, we made use of Docker. And, last but not least, we performed thorough QA and QAA tests using the TestCafe framework. During the whole development process we had to integrate the new solutions with the existing online banking systems for corporate clients. It was a pretty demanding task, but we managed to satisfy mElements expectations – thanks to the use of aforementioned technologies and the experience of our developers.
mElements development platform for banking services case study
Used technologies
JavaScript app case study React app case study Docker app case study
03 Effect
Despite a short deadline and strict guidelines (due to the safety reasons and the upcoming PSD2 directive), we were able to deliver both the development platform for integration with PSD2 API and a the fully-functional merchant panel – everything within just a few months.

The initial feedback was very positive and the development platform, as well as the merchant panel, are now available for the potential partners of the bank as test-drive versions, allowing third-party developers and eCommerces to test out the mElements API environment.

This way, they can be one step ahead of the competition in terms of providing solutions for eCommerce.
mElements development platform for banking services case study

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