We’re the right company for you

Why? Because we create challenging, innovative and fun applications for customers from all over the world!

Company HQ in Gliwice, Poland
+ second office in Cracow
Stable Polish company
Customers and projects from all over the world
60+ veteran developers
Over 80 successful projects
Lots of pizza, zero boredom

What are we driven by?

We value experience and we like to work with people who have already chosen their career path. Our employees’ satisfaction and happiness at work are most important to us.

We want to work in a kind and friendly atmosphere, where everyone is on a first name basis, where you can have a beer with the CEO during a company BBQ, and where the management's doors are always open.
We only commit to a project if we can do it right. We stick to best practices of craftsmanship and we never take on a project on an impossible deadline or ad hoc basis.
We like challenges. That's why we take on interesting projects, usually ones developed from scratch. You can finally forget working on neverending support of your previous company's legacy codebase.
We want everyone at TSH to improve every day. That's why we do things according to the very best practices. We follow the latest trends by regularly attending conferences and by providing books and language trainings. What’s more, we exchange our knowledge at internal meetings where we focus on broadening our skills.

What do we offer?

... apart from working with awesome people.

The best hardware
We love Apple hardware – even the Linux guys got convinced. That's why everyone gets a Macbook Pro, but if someone just can't live without Linux or Windows, other hardware is not a problem. We provide two external monitors.
Lots of food and beverages
Tasty coffee, lots of beverages, fresh fruit, and weekly events like Pizza Day or Ice Cream Tuesday. Not to mention spacious and comfy kitchen area with a huge BBQ.
Free MultiSport Plus pass
Everyone gets a free MultiSport pass. All you need to do is make good use of it.
Spacious and comfortable office
Located in the very center of Gliwice in a beautiful town house, our office is equipped with large desks and very comfortable armchairs.
Social space to chill out
A big part of our office is dedicated to social space. We have a spacious dining room where we have our meals. And for the grill fans – a terrace with a big barbecue.
Conferences and meetups
We often attend various conferences. We want to share our knowledge as well, so we organise the best tech meetup in Gliwice – Uszanowanko Programowanko.
Integration events and dinners
We like to socialize after hours as well. We often organize events at the office (with board games, for example) and dinners in the best restaurants in Gliwice and Silesia.
Other stuff
Parking can be a nightmare in the city, but not at TSH, since we have a parking lot for every employee. We also provide English courses at the office.

How we work

Developing software in the best possible way is extremely important to us. That's why we use:

Peer code review
Mutual code verification by team members is the best way to prevent errors and to learn new tricks of the trade.

Agile and Scrum
We use tried and trusted methods of managing projects. We know it's impossible to define the whole project before we start, so we use an iterative and agile process - Scrum.
Best tools available
Speaking of tools, we never save on these. PHPStorm, RubyMine, WebStorm, CodeClimate, GitHub, ...? All available. Need something else? No worries, we’ll get you that as well.
We use *DD, because we know code developed this way is most solid and least prone to errors, which in turn leads to happy customers, and even happier developers!

Our recruitment process

During recruitment we'll make sure you're the suitable candidate for us. You’ll know that we're the right company for you.

Phone interview
During the call you'll present your experience, skills and find out about our expectations. You can also ask away about anything!
Task to solve at home
Further on, you'll receive a task to do at home. This will allow us to verify your skills. You'll set the deadline for this with the recruiter.
In-person interview
Once your task has been evaluated, we'll invite you for an interview at our office. If that doesn't happen, we'll let you know what you need to work on to try again.
Response 200
You should expect our reply and an offer within a couple of days (sometimes that even happens during the interview).

See current job offers

If currently there are no offers matching your interest or skills, e-mail us your CV at [email protected] anyway.
iOS Developer
Location: Gliwice


Our initiatives:

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