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The Software House among the global IT industry leaders according to Clutch

I’m more than happy to announce that The Software House has received an amazing award from Clutch. We were named one of the IT Industry Leaders in the Clutch 1000 ranking – a prestigious list of the global top agencies, IT consultants, software, web and mobile app development companies in the world. But wait for it… There’s more!

The best software developers in the world

After being named one of the top B2B software developers in Poland in July, we reached for the international title. It came sooner than we expected! Just a few months later, The Software House has been included on a list of IT outsourcing companies from all over the world – the Clutch 1000 ranking. Even a mention would be great, but our position exceeded our wildest dreams.

We were named the world’s 150th best software development company – not that bad, right? It gets even better though.

The main strength of The Software House is our team of experienced software developers. Every day, they make sure that our solutions work flawlessly and clients are happy with their choice to cooperate with us. That’s why it’s a great pleasure to announce that The Software House was also recognized for being one of the IT market leaders with the best PHP developers. Hard work pays off and we’ll never lower our standards in providing the best IT software out there.

Which brings us to the last, but certainly not least, achievement. The Software House’s recent profile was mentioned on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister website, as the 30th best global web and software development company – for “transforming data into an organized structure for a product such as a mobile app or website.”

Three cheers for this overwhelming success!

The Software House's Clutch 1000 badge naming us one of the top B2B companies in the software development outsourcing industry
Our well-deserved badge of honour!

IT outsourcing at its finest

IT outsourcing is alive and well. In fact, there are more and more reasons for companies to outsource software development. Due to insufficient resources, it’s really hard to find the right expert on site. But even when you succeed, the whole recruitment process is going to cost you a pretty penny.

That’s why outsourcing became the perfect alternative to hiring in-house employees. But how do you make the right choice?

Clutch to the rescue! They are a Washington D.C.-based research firm that rates and reviews the IT industry and picks the top companies by analyzing their ability to deliver (based on verified client opinions, past projects, market presence) and their focus (specialization in a given field). Clutch’s ranking system and thorough market research help the organizations looking for a software house to pick the right IT partner and get more oriented about the outsourcing possibilities out there.

From The Software House with love

It was no other than Clutch that named The Software House one of the best IT outsourcing companies in the world by inducting us into the Clutch 1000 “hall of fame”. We’ve watched enough award shows to know who should we thank the most. We wouldn’t be able to achieve any of aforementioned honours, if it wasn’t for our awesome team. And for our clients who, by writing us awesome reviews and positively rating our cooperation, got us a perfect overall score of 5 stars. We couldn’t be more happy with their feedback – it simply means that we do our job pretty well.

In their testimonials, clients describe us as “very intelligent, with rock-solid skills and understanding of goals” (Torchlight Software), “an extension of our company” (Frisco), and “very responsive, caring about us as their client” (Argos Multilingual).

We’re delighted and proud of every review, since we constantly strive to perfection in developing the best custom software and ensuring that all of our clients have properly operating solutions.

We are the best because we work with and for the best. If you want to be a part of another success story, contact us to hire the best web and mobile developers and start your software development journey now!

The Software House named one of the top development companies in Poland by Clutch

Software development market in Central Europe is on the rise. The companies are popping up everywhere and it’s getting more and more difficult to identify the best ones. Fortunately, there are independent companies researching the market – just like Clutch who has just selected the top development companies in Poland. And, of course, we’re on the list!

The best software developers in Poland

Always on the lookout for high-performing companies, Clutch is a B2B ratings and review firm based in Washington, D.C. They amalgamate client reviews, case studies, and extensive quantitative data, making transactions more transparent and efficient via market insights.

Recently, Clutch named us top B2B software developers in Poland! Although the award goes to us, honestly, we would like to thank our clients for the achievement. Without their fantastic cooperation and strong, candid responses to Clutch analysts, we couldn’t have made it to such a well-recognized position. That being said, we are no strangers to being leaders in our field. In fact, this year, we were also hand-selected as one of the top web development companies in Poland on The Manifest – Clutch’s sister website that guides buyers through the buying journey.

The Software House is among the top software developers in Eastern Europe
We must admit that we’re very proud of the awards. And those are only the latest ones!

Client testimonials

Our clients commentary was celebratory and revealing. “The Software House is the complete package”, said Masood Arai, CEO of Arantio Oy, “I have a hard time finding any area where they can improve. Professional and intuitive, the team quickly grasped our project’s function and intent and delivered a full turnkey solution.” And Daniel Miles from Smartum praised our ability to develop bug-free software:

“The project team communicates effectively, requires minimal supervision, and consistently produces clean code.”

We employ over 100 professionals in Gilwice and Krakow. The Software House is excellent for enterprises that want to automate their processes or startups that require custom-made applications. We are also PHP Symfony and JavaScript experts – constantly ranking among the best PHP developers. And now, with additional reviews from Clutch, we’ll be able to connect with our clients even better.

Are you thinking about outsourcing? Why not work with the best? We’re available for new projects!